Xian Ni: Chapter 116

Teng Hua Yuan did not hurry to attack. His heart was surprised and suspicious as he argued within his heart. He did not believe that Wang Lin reached the Yuanying stage yet the scene in front of his eyes did not allow him to not believe it. His aura and soul was no different than the normal Yuanying stage expert. In addition, he used the teleportation that only Yuanying stage experts could use. There was not a single indication that was showing that he was not a Yuanying stage expert.

It didn’t matter too much if he was at the early stage of Yuanying since Teng Hua Yuan would dare to give it a try. But, the cultivation that he showed was the middle stage of Yuanying so Teng Yuan Hua had to be cautious.

At that moment, everyone outside of the Sicklepod Valley put their attention on the body of the young man in the air. No one found out that the formation in the Sicklepod tunnel suddenly quickly lit up. A young person walked out and immediately hid in a dark spot in the tunnel. He stared at Teng Hua Yuan who was in mid-air. He especially looked at the black little flag in his right hand a few more times.

Teng Hua Yuan focused his full attention on the young man. Although he felt that there was a bit of fluctuation from the curse, he did not care about it. He was only staring. He extracted a soul out from the little flag in his right hand. Teng Hua Yuan coldly smiled and pinched. Instantly, the soul scattered. After that, the black flag flashed and it returned to his storage bag.

Just at that time, the entire sky darkened. The intense pressure from 3 months ago arrived once again. The entire sky was instantly covered by a black cloud and the black pressure sank down.

Following that, a pair of huge hands came down from the clouds. Pushing them aside, a huge head suddenly suck out. The giant was the same as the person from 3 months ago.

After he appeared, he saw the young man in mid-air. His face instantly became strange, and after muttering a bit he ignored him. He howled towards the Zhao country cultivators on the ground, “Three months has passed. The tunnel to the foreign battle field now opens.”

After saying that, two thick black rays shot out from his eyes. The two black rays were like two dragons and the intertwined with each other and formed a huge circle shape in the air.

The instant that the circle appeared, the world seemingly lost all light and became dark. All the light was absorbed by the pair of dragons. At that instant, the only bright thing was the circle hung in the air.

The giant waved his hands and threw a stone out. When the stone appeared, it instantly exploded and formed into an old symbol. It quickly marked itself within the circle, and following that, all the spiritual energy in the entire Zhao country gathered towards there.

For the first time, spiritual energy was able to be seen by the naked eye. They only saw a dense spiritual mist coming endlessly from all directions and they were all absorbed by the circle.

Following the absorption, the symbol on the circle started to get brighter. At the end, a film-like thing appeared. The film was almost transparent and one could clearly see, within it, it was a space of nothingness. Countless of shattered corpses, broken treasures, useless materials were slowly floating past on the other side of the film.

The current Wang Lin was standing within the darkness in the tunnel of the Sicklepod Valley and he didn’t look at the strange changes in the sky. He only stared at Teng Hua Yuan’s waist. On there, a black storage bag was hung.

The strange changes in the sky exceeded his expectations and it threw his plans before into disorder. But quickly, Wang Lin’s gaze flashed and he quickly calculated in his brain. Slowly, a smile formed on his face.

At that time, the right hand of the giant suddenly turned. He broke open the tip of his index finger and flung a drop of blood out. The single drop of blood, in the eyes of the Zhao country cultivators, was like a shooting star as it quickly shot onto the film in the circle.

Like hot water being thrown at snow, the film was quickly melting with speed visible by the naked eye.

Wang Lin’s gaze became cold. He clenched his right hand and his spiritual power instantly rushed from his palm to the treasure given by the strange person Adai. He said in his heart, “Attack!”

Wang Lin studied the treasure in the two months that he closed himself in. He discovered that the appearances of the the people that was created by the illusion could change as he wished. After it absorbed his spiritual power, a string of the curse also got taken out.

The young man in mid-air instantly waved his hands. A purple dragon suddenly drilled out from his body. Looking at it, it was like he transformed into that dragon. Following the roar of the dragon, instantly, waves of sounds instantly spread everywhere.

Teng Hua Yuan’s face finally changed greatly. He completely believed that he was an expert of the middle Yuanying stage or else there would be no way for him to display such a powerful aura.

At that moment, the huge dragon flipped its body and it rushed towards Teng Hua Yuan like lightning. Its teeth were already revealed and its bloody teeth brought a wave of wind as it threw itself towards him.

Teng Hua Yuan quickly retreated and he bit the tip of his tongue at the same time to spray a mist of blood. When that mist of blood appeared, it became a huge mosquito. It flew towards the dragon and attempted to stop the attack of it.

After doing that, Teng Hua Yuan quickly patted his storage bag and a 7-inch flag appeared instantly in his hand. At the moment the flag appeared, cold wind was blew and hundreds or thousands of faces appeared on the flag. All of them had painful expressions on their faces as they crazily yelled.

Teng Hua Yuan waved the flag with his right hand. Instantly, the faces in the flag were flung out from it. Roaming Souls that only had their head rushed towards the dragon with no hesitation. In their eyes, they revealed gazes of wanting to die.

Linyi touched his shin, looked at the flag, shook his head and said, “This Soul Banner is not mature enough. It only has 30 thousand souls and it hasn’t even reached a fraction of completion.”

Punanzi on the side heard that. He nodded and said, “Lord emissary you are extremely correct. Back in the days when I was in the foreign battlefield, I saw banners that had tens of millions of souls gathered. That might…was really quite scary.”

Linyi lightly smiled and shook his head, “That’s just a little banner from a rank 4 country. The Soul Refine Sect in the rank 5 country, Pilu, had a soul banner called the Treasure of the Sect Suppression. According to rumours, the souls contained in it exceeded over 1 billion. It was formed from several thousand years of history.”

Teng Hua Yuan waved his banner and 30 thousand souls rushed towards the huge dragon. Before he knew it, in a blink, the souls densely surrounded the huge dragon and insanely burrowed themselves in the dragon. At that moment, the strange thing happened.

The souls were like they didn’t meet any resistance and they extremely easily entered the body of the dragon as if entering through air. Going through this way, coming through that way.


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