Some decisions

Okay, I’ve decided on something here after some thinking, but some question answering and information first.

TL;DR at the bottom of the page.

About the live translations.

a) Why didn’t you post the chapters when they were done on the docs?

The reason why I did not post the chapters after I finished them was because mainly because I wanted to edit the work before posting it, but I ran out of time so I didn’t even get to editing it.


Also, if I posted it immediately after I finished them, people on the next day would ask “where’s the chapter” or whatnot so I just decided it might be better to post it at the usual time, but that came with its own problems as well. Anyways, in the future, I’ve decided to post the chapters right after I finished translating and editing them instead of waiting for the next day.

b) What happened to “today’s” chapters?

Technically, nothing was changed. I posted the chapters at the usual time, but because quite a few people already read the chapters from the docs, some expected more chapters. Some thought that the chapters yesterday were for yesterday and there would be even more today.


I can only translate so fast, and the chapters yesterday were meant for today. In any future live translations, the same will apply. In a way, it could be seen that you get 6 chapters on one day and none on the next day. Just as a note for the future, the chapters in the live translations are for the next day and not for the day that you’re reading it on.

c) Any schedule for live translations?

I do not even know if I will have too many more of the live translations, but if I do it will most likely be on Fridays.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, the other more important decision. I am pushing the release of the normal chapters 1 hour later, aka at 21:00 UTC, along with the release of the extra chapters.

Why? Well, quite a few reasons. 1) Easier Reddit posting and more concentrated discussion. (Yes I do check Reddit and any quick announcements I put there as well) 2) People don’t ask left and right if there are extra chapters or not as they’ll all be thrown at you at the same time. 3) Gives more time before the releases of the chapters for me to finish translating or editing. 4) Doesn’t break the expectations of people who spam F5 for minutes waiting for a chapter that never comes.

That’s the gist of it, and there shouldn’t be any problems at all with the change. (I hope) Slap your questions below in comments and I should be able to answer most. cya~

TL;DR: In future live translations that may be on Friday, chapters will be instantly posted when finished. There will be no chapters on the next day of the live translations as they were already posted. Release schedule has been changed to 21:00 UTC


83 thoughts on “Some decisions

  1. My only questions after reading this are:

    Where are these Gdoc chapters?

    Did I leave my oven on?

    Reddit what is that, no what does it taste like?

    Do the Gdocs have comments enabled so readers can point out mistakes?

    Why is this site called flowerbridgetoo?


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