Change in the posting way of Xian Ni

Slight change in how I’m going to do the Xian Ni chapters.

I’ll be honest. At times, I really lack the motivation for some reason to translate Xian Ni. Perhaps it’s because MGA gets more and more intense while Xian Ni is like ~slowly moving along~ and when I compare the two, my hands are itching for MGA more than Xian Ni, and yeah, you get the idea.

I don’t have any plans to drop Xian Ni, so they’ll still come out. But, instead it will be kindof a more “relaxed” release.

Right now, my schedule for Xian Ni is a chapter every other day. Well, it is no more.

Instead of having a pre-determined amount of chapters, what I will do instead is put it more as a “side project” in a way I suppose, but I’ll still translate a half-decent amount.

Instead of going back and forth with void on the chapters, what I will do is register the chapters further away, say around at chap. 135.

Right now, the chapters are almost at 120. When void translates up to 134 (just as an example), I will post everything I have when he releases that chapter.

That way, I won’t be pressured by the releases as much since I don’t have a pre-determined amount. However, I will still try my best to translate roughly 2-3 chapters every week.

Given that I can still stick to the 2-3 chapters a week, the speed is technically the same although it may seem slower until the wave of chapters arrive.

Well, that’s that. It really isn’t much of a slowing down in chapters (void is posting plenty anyways) but just a change in how I post and translate it. I don’t think there should be many problems, but yeah, that’s about it. Questions below as usual and I’ll try my best to answer them if I can.


82 thoughts on “Change in the posting way of Xian Ni

  1. Hello man, thanks for your time and work.
    I do like more MGA if you ask, sometimes the Xian Ni story is just too confuse for me.
    Anyway, good lucky, I hope people dont complain a lot.


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