MGA: Chapter 65 – Breaking Through with a Sky-High Price

“Where did you go? Why did you return so late…” Sumei raised her head, pursed her lips and said with a bit of complaint.

“Mm, I was met with a little bit of trouble.” Seeing the watery-eyed Sumei, Chufeng felt a wave of warmth in his heart. He couldn’t help but spread his arms and take Sumei’s soft little waist into his arms tightly embraced the little beauty.

“Bastard.” Feeling Chufeng’s restless hands and looking at Baitong and the others behind her, only then did Sumei feel that her and Chufeng’s movements were a bit indecent. So, she quickly threw Chufeng off and her little face was as red as an apple.

“Heh.” Seeing the completely red Sumei, Chufeng licked his lips while pondering. Her feeling was quite nice.

After that, Sumei and the others did not ask Chufeng anything. Naturally, Chufeng would not say anything about him getting the Imperial Sky Technique, being chased by the head of the Thousand Wind School, and to avoid being caught he looped around he spent 3 whole days to return to the Ancient City.

But, Chufeng got the news about the sudden ocean of fire in the tomb and also the heavy casualties of the Thousand Wind School. When even the location of the head of the school was unknown, Chufeng was quite shocked.

That affair was too strange. An ocean of flames with the circumference of 10 miles appearing in the middle of the desert and it was so coincidentally at the same location of the tomb.Also when the ocean of fire dissipated, there was still the extremely high temperature that was unpassable by even Profound realm experts. It became a forbidden area and it was truly a bit scary.

About that, some people said it was the trap laid by the Imperial Sky sage so that people who dared to enter his tomb and dared to disturb his rest would be buried along with him.

But even more people felt that even if it was the Imperial Sky sage, he could not have such methods when he was alive. How could he create such a trap after he died? There must have been some other reason and some people even felt that it was a disaster from the heavens.

But no matter what people guessed, Chufeng knew that if the head of the Thousand Wind School disappeared just like that and was buried within the ocean of fire, the Thousand Wind School could very well be dropped to a 3rd-rate school and no longer be able to struggle against the Green Dragon School.

On that day, Chufeng and the others hurried back to the Green Dragon School. In a few days, the day of the core disciple exam would arrive. Originally, Baitong and Sumei were definitely going to join. But, this time, they knew that there was going to be an extra person from the Wings Alliance and that would be Chufeng.

“Huu, 600 Spiritual Beads. I wonder which point I can break through to.”

After returning back to the Green Dragon School, Chufeng impatiently opened his HE sack and took out the 600 Spiritual Beads. Looking at the golden and dazzling Spiritual Beads, his heart was quite satisfactory.

600 Spiritual Beads. The current Chufeng could certainly be counted as a real rich person. As for how rich, it was probably equivalent to the entire Chu family property. And the so-called entire family property, naturally, it included the Chu family’s industries as well.


Chufeng grabbed a handful of Spiritual Beads and threw it into his mouth. To him that had the godly lighting, he was not worried in the slightest that he would be unable to digest the Spiritual Beads. He was only worried that it would not be enough.

As Chufeng predicted, when the Spiritual Beads entered his body, almost instantly, they were attracted and refined by the godly lightning. The boundless spiritual energy rushed into his dantian and it felt a bit full. But, that feeling only lasted for a split moment. As for why it disappeared, of course, it was because all of the spiritual energy was eaten by the godly lightning.

One handful contained 50 Spiritual Beads. According to his estimations, 50 Spiritual Beads were more than enough to break through into the 7th level of the Spirit realm. After all, from the 5th level to the 6th, he did not even use 4 Spiritual Beads. But, Chufeng still clearly underestimated the greedy godly lightning.

After the 50 Spiritual Beads entered his body, the spiritual energy within Chufeng’s dantian did indeed fill up several times. But, there was no feeling of breaking through.

“I do not believe that I cannot feed you full!” Chufeng grabbed another handful of Spiritual Beads, coincidentally also being 50, and when it entered his stomach, the long awaited change finally arrived at Chufeng’s dantian.

The 9 Thunder Beasts made eye-piercing roars, and although the outer world could not hear a single ripple, it constantly lingered in Chufeng’s ears. The feeling got stronger and stronger as if the 9 Thunder Beasts got closer and closer to him, and also as if they were gradually merging into one.

Broke through. Finally, he broke through. The 7th level of the Spirit realm. From aura of the changed nature of the spiritual energy, it was certainly the 7th level. But, the price for it was a full 100 Spiritual Beads. If it was any other person, it was unimaginable.

What was the Spiritual Bead? It was a top-quality spiritual medicine and many people would only be willing to use it when they reached the peak of the 9th level of the Spirit realm. They would use it to gain a strong amount of spiritual energy and break through into the Origin realm.

But, for Chufeng to go from the 6th level of the Spirit realm to the 7th, he used 100 beads. If that got spread out, it would even scare a person to death. Using 100 Spiritual Beads just to breakthrough one layer. It was too wasteful.

Of course, Chufeng’s 7th level was not comparable to the normal person’s 7th level. Especially after cultivating in the Mysterious Technique, even if he faced an expert of the 9th level of the Spirit realm, he would not have any trace of fear. He even didn’t put them in his eyes.

Unless the opponent was the same as him, also having an overpowering ability, there would be no one able to fight against Chufeng within the Spirit realm. The people worthy of attacking him could only be in the Origin realm. But that power was even more shocking.

“Ahh, if this goes on, how can I even feed you?” Chufeng had a face of helplessness on. He looked at the 500 Spiritual Beads in front of him and did not continue refining it. Instead, he put them away in his HE sack.

He knew that the demands of the godly lighting would get more and more terrifying. Perhaps even if it consumed the 500 Spiritual Beads, at most his dantian would be half full and he would be unable to breakthrough.

If that was so, he had no need to refine it. Why not keep the Spiritual Beads for the future? After all, he did not want to borrow money from other people when he needed it. As a man, that was not something good.

“Knock knock, Chufeng…Are you here?” Just at that time, suddenly, Chuyue’s voice came from outside of the residence.

Hearing that, Chufeng immediately ran over and opened the door. Indeed, he saw that Chuyue was standing in front of the door and Chuxue was also behind her.

“Chufeng, you’ve finally returned. Speak honestly. Where did you go in the past few days?” Seeing Chufeng, Chuyue felt that it was unexpected at first but then she became extremely happy.

“I didn’t go anywhere, I just did some random missions.” Chufeng smiled and said half-heartedly.

“Missions? Just missions? I’ve heard that you went out with the #1 beauty in the inner court, Sumei.” A smear of a spoiled smile was on the corner of Chuyue’s mouth.

“Ehh…” When Chuyue said that, Chufeng was a bit speechless and didn’t know how to explain it at that moment.

“Haha, okay, I won’t tease you anymore. Actually, this time, we were just passing by. Since you’re here, come with us and join in the liveliness.”

“Liveliness? What liveliness?”

“Chufeng, have you heard of the Cultivation Formation? ”

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