Xian Ni: Chapter 84 – Seizing Foundation (4)

The colourful light defense layer cracked at an extremely quick rate like a bamboo snapping. Under the ripple attacks, it was just like a thin piece of paper trying to block a sharp sword.

As for Wang Lin, he was not affected too greatly because he was farther away and also the main target of the Corpse Demon was Teng Li. The instant that the ripples came, he calmly took out a jade talisman out from his storage bag and threw it into the air. The jade talisman instantly cracked mid-air and a yellow-coloured gas surged out and quickly wrapped around of Wang Lin.

Through the yellow gas, his gaze was tightly staring at Teng Li.

The ripples caused by the explosion of the Green Dan slowly weakened, but Teng Li’s defense layers outside of his body was almost completely shattered. In the instant that the last defense layer shattered, Lengli pointed with his left hand and the huge sword in the air slashed in front of the Corpse Demon, trying to block the attack of it. At the same time, his body quickly retreated and in a blink of the eye he backed off for over 50 meters.

He was already deeply terrified towards the Corpse Demon that suddenly appeared. If it wasn’t because he had many treasures on him and if it was another person, they would have already lost their lives.

It should be known that the Green Dan’s self destruction wasn’t as strong as the full power strike of a Jiedan stage person, but there was at least half of the force. Teng Li could barely hold on with his late stage Foundation Building and the large amounts of treasure.

His heart jumped and thought that he would certainly die if that Corpse Demon threw another strange Green Dan. At that moment, he already lost interest in chasing Wang Lin. His only thought was to keep his life to escape.

Wang Lin always had his eyes on Teng Li. At that moment, he coldly smiled and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He slightly raised his right hand, and with two fingers together, he waved in front of his body.

Instantly, a green light flashed. The Teng Li who was backing away in panic felt pain from the back of his heart. Being overwhelmed, he didn’t look carefully and he escaped with even quicker speed.

Wang Lin frowned. Just now, the heavily damaged armor only slightly resisted it and prevented the flying sword from stabbing through. His gaze flickered, bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed out a mist of blood. The green sword flashed and it appeared within the mist of blood. After the huge cry of the sword, it flashed again and stabbed towards Teng Li with an extremely quick speed.

In mid-air, in a flash, the green sword stabbed behind Teng Li’s heart. Teng Li suddenly looked back. Both his eyes were red, revealing a trace of severeness. A few jade talisman instantly flew out from the storage bag. With the appearance of the talismans, they instantly became walls of defense layers.

At the same time, he pointed with his left hand. The huge sword trembled, rose into the air, and chopped towards Wang Lin’s direction. Also at the same time, several lightning spheres appeared all around the huge sword. The moment the lightning spheres appeared they immediately floated away and smashed towards the Corpse Demon.

He was wagering. Wagering that either Wang Lin’s flying sword stabbed him first or his own huge sword chopped him down first. If Wang Lin used the instant shifting to escape, then obviously he could not control the flying sword as he did that. Teng Li planned to use that chance to escape. In his current state, he was near the end of the oil lamp. If he continued staying in this area, without a doubt, he would be looking for his own road of death.

Situnan roared and said, “Crazy. Brat, you are crazy.” After saying that, while ignoring Wang Lin’s objections, he was going to use the instant shifting to dodge the huge sword. But just as the blue light appeared on Wang Lin’s chest, Wang Lin immediately said extremely quickly, “The time hasn’t come yet. Stop!”

A trace of fierceness surged onto his face. Without even looking at the huge sword that was chopping down on his head, he controlled the flash of the green sword. It avoid the defense layers and appeared in front of Teng Li.

A wave of panic was on Teng Li’s face. At that time, the huge sword wasn’t even half a meter away from Wang Lin’s head. A thread of blood flowed down from Wang Lin’s forehead. Without even blinking, Wang Lin laughed maliciously and said in a low voice, “Die!”

The sword flashed and the green little sword pierced through the armor. It shot out from Teng Li’s back, bringing a stream of blood.

At the same time, Situnan activated the instant shifting. In the flash of the blue light, Wang Lin’s body disappeared from under the huge sword and appeared next to the bloody Teng Li.

The huge sword continued chopping down, and loudly, a deep crack appeared on the ground.

Not caring about the blood on his forehead, Wang Lin crouched down and put his right hand on Teng Li’s body. Situnan knew what Wang Lin was thinking about, so without saying anything a blue light penetrated out from the bead, went along Wang Lin’s right hand and flowed into Teng Li’s body. Instantly, with a speed visible by the naked eye, Teng Li quickly became a blue-coloured ice sculpture. His expression within the ice sculpture was frozen on his face of overwhelming shock.

All of that happened within an extremely short amount of time. It was so fast that the Corpse Demon almost wasn’t able to react to it. In the instant that Teng Li got frozen, the demon was slightly at a lost, but it immediately stared at Wang Lin with alert.

The lightning sphere that was smashing towards the Corpse Demon mid-air all disappeared at that time. The huge sword also instantly shrunk and became a small silver-coloured sword. It fell from the sky and into the crack in the ground.

Wang Lin grabbed the ice sculpture, said nothing and quickly retreated. The green sword flickered coldly, and the point of the sword was facing towards the Corpse Demon.

The Corpse Demon stared at Wang Lin while baring its teeth and growling. It was going to rush up, but as it looked at the crack in the ground, it hesitated for a while. Wang Lin already backed 300 meters away, then with an instant shifting, he disappeared.

The Corpse Demon roared for a while and bitterly stared at the direction in which Wang Lin disappeared at. After a while, he leaped into the crack in the ground. Before long, it took out Teng Li’s silver sword. It had a face of happiness as it opened its mouth and swallowed it.

Wang Lin was holding onto the ice sculpture with a pale face as he quickly flickered in the forest. After confirming that it was safe, he relaxed and put the ice sculpture on the side. He took out the spiritual gourd and finished the spiritual liquid in one go. After that, he sat cross-legged on the ground and did some breathing techniques.

The forest was completely silent. After a while, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes and Situnan’s displeased voice came.

“Boy, were you crazy just now? Your little life would have been finished if I was one step slower.”

Wang Lin said in a heavy voice, “There was only once chance to kill Teng Li. If I missed that chance and if he recovered his spiritual energy, I would have no more chances. Also, this person chased after me for so many days. If he was ignored and let go, then in the future he would be a huge source of trouble so I might as well make a bet. Other than that, the chopping speed of the huge sword was determined by how much spiritual energy remained in his body. At that time, he was completely exhausted so his speed was certainly no quicker than my flying sword.”

Situnan went silent. He found out that it seemed like he only met Wang Lin for the first time, and after a while he calmly said, “You pass. With an attitude like that, you can really have a footing in the world of cultivation.” Unknowingly, the past arrogance was gone from Situnan’s tone. For the first time ever, he admired Wang Lin. He asked himself that if it was him just now, he would certainly not wager that.

Wang Lin said nothing and he was just staring at the Teng Li ice sculpture. His gaze flickered and he said, “It should be fine if I use him to seize his Foundation Building stage right?”

Hearing Wang Lin’s question, Situnan said, “Of course it’s fine. And since he was in the late stages of the Foundation Building, if you put him in a furnace to seize his Foundation Building, later, your training speed in the Foundation Building realm would be faster than other people, and more or less you would acquire some of his spiritual roots. With that, your innate talent will also change. This little guy must have extremely astonishing talent to have such cultivation at such a young age. Hoho, Wang Lin, the things that you bet your life on to trade was worth it.”

After saying that, Situnan told Wang Lin the chants for the foundation seizing and also the places that he needed to pay attention to. He only finished explaining when the curtains of night fell. Wang Lin thought for a moment, spit out the small green sword out of his mouth, pointed with his right hand, and the small sword instantly stabbed towards an aged huge tree.

After carving a tree hole in the huge tree, Wang Lin grabbed Teng Li and leaped into it.

He did not put away the small green sword and he let it linger around.

The hole wasn’t big and it was very moist but Wang Lin didn’t care about those things. After cleaning his wound on his forehead with some spiritual liquid, he retracted his soul, closed his eyes and sat.

Morning on the next day, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His gaze flashed and he sprayed out a breath of spiritual energy. The spiritual energy formed into fog and floated in mid-air. Wang Lin did not stop there. With some hand seals, he created some blue light.

The blue light instantly dissipated when it entered the spiritual fog. The spiritual fog was as if it was boiling, and it strangely contracted and expanded.

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he kept on making blue lights with both his hands continuously. They all shot into the spiritual fog, and slowly, it boiled more and more violently. The contracting and expanding speed also quickened.

After that, using his right hand, the Teng Li ice sculpture floated. Blue light flashed from Wang Lin’s chest and Situnan instantly melted the ice state without even Wang Lin telling him to.

In at instant, the blue-coloured crystals on Teng Li’s body completely disappeared.

Wang Lin’s gaze flickered, and with the point of his right hand, the spiritual fog instantly floated onto Teng Li’s body. They went into his body from the 7 apertures of the head. Instantly, Teng Li’s body started shaking and twitching. Both of his eyes were closed tight and a painful expression was on his face. After a short while, the spiritual fog all drilled into Teng Li’s body.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and had a serious heavy expression on his face. Without saying anything, he bit his right hand index finger and drew in the air. A strange blood symbol appeared as he did that.

Wang Lin flipped his right hand and hit the symbol. That symbol instantly flew out and marked itself on Teng Li’s chest.

Teng Li’s body violently shook. His hands and feet were twitching while his nose keep bleeding. But the blood that dripped out did not drip down and it all floated and gathered around in one spot.

After that, a clear sound came from Teng Li’s body. His face suddenly reddened, and at the same time, all his exposed skin started to redden as well.

Drops of blood oozed out from his skin.

Wang Lin’s serious face got even more serious. Without even blinking, he drew a blood symbol mid-air and hit it at Teng Li’s chest again.

Suddenly, Teng Li opened his mouth and made some involuntary groaning sounds. After that, all the blood vessels in his body exploded and blood kept on oozing out from his body as it gathered together.

In a blink, a huge blood ball floated above Teng Li’s body. The current Teng Li lost all the redness from before and quickly became pale.

At that time, Wang Lin was sweating from his forehead. He looked at the blood ball and quickly did some hand seals. Occasionally, he would send out a few spiritual light rays, occasionally he would draw some symbols. Gradually, that huge blood ball slowly shrunk, and at the end it became as big as a fist and it emitted a strange dark red colour.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. His entire body was soaked by sweat but he did not stop. He sprayed out some spiritual fog and some blue light. When the spiritual fog was boiling, he pointed it at Teng Li, and the spiritual fog entered through his mouth, nose, and 7 apertures once again.


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