MGA: Chapter 33 – Chufeng vs Chuxun

“Damn! What is this situation?”

This time, not to mention the Chu family, even a lot of outsiders that didn’t recognize Chufeng casted their gazes towards him.

“Who is this young man? He actually made continuous opponents to concede.”

“I don’t know, but looking at his clothes he should be the inner court disciple of the Green Dragon School, but I don’t think that he showed up in the past Chu family gatherings.”

“He is not simple. Absolutely not simple. Without even exchanging blows he made the opponent scared. With this kind of deterrence, what would his future be like?”

Some of the observing crowd started focusing on Chufeng, and hiddenly, they felt that Chufeng was quite an impressive fellow.

“Ha! What are you even thinking about. This is the trash of the Chu family.” A Chu family male that extremely loathed Chufeng said that unhappily.

“Oh? You know this young man?” A big person questioned.

“Of course I know. I am from the Chu family so I clearly know that this boy is useless person.”

“Have a look. This boy must have bribed the Cheng Zhen brothers and he is simply bluffing. I guarantee that he will lose in the next round.” That Chu family male said with confidence.

“Ho, you must have already have some opinion on that young man right? No offence, but you are already an adult, so why lower yourself to a child?” That big person smiled and said.

“What? You’re saying that I’m slandering him? I am saying only the truth.” That Chu family male was extremely angry.

“Then how about this, I’ll make a bet with you. If it is as you said, and that young man will lose next round, then these silvers will belong to you. If not, hehe, you understand…” That big person took out a tael of silver.

[TN: Ancient Chinese currency: Wikipedia]

“Why not bet? I was just afraid that you wouldn’t.” Seeing that there was free money, why wouldn’t that Chu family male not take it? Very quickly, he also took out a tael of silver.

“I concede.” But just at that time, another yell came from the middle of the martial arts training ground.

Focusing their gaze, the Chu family male couldn’t help but be shocked. Again, it was Chufeng’s stage, and the one who conceded was Chugao.

“Damn it. This bad luck.” That Chu family male was speechless and his mind was a bit chaotic.

“Hehe, sorry that you lost.” Seeing that, the big person helped himself and took the tael of silver from the male’s hand with a smile.

Looking at his tael of silver that he paid to the rivers, that Chu family male felt a wave of pain and then said, “Do you dare to bet anymore? This time, I’ll bet 3 taels of silvers.”

[TN: Paying to the rivers = throwing money away]

“Why not, just afraid that you wouldn’t.” That big person quickly responded.

“Ahh, count me in as well. I bet on the victory of that young man.”

“Count me too. I also bet on the victory of that young man!” At the same time, some meddling people around also joined in.

“Come come come, everyone come! Who else? I’ll keep you all accompanied!” That Chu family male panicked, and he just straightforwardly took his entire money bag out. Inside, there were dozens of taels of silver and he poured it all out.

Following the continuous conceding of Chucheng, Chuzhen, and Chugao, the observes were all disarrayed.

Not to mention the Chu family, but even the outsiders stared at him blankly. More and more people started to try and guess who that Chufeng was.

They heard of Chuguyu, and they heard of Chu Hongfei. After all, those two were the young geniuses that entered a first-rate school. But where did this Chufeng come from?

As the people could not guess the answer, Chufeng was also helpless. He wanted to use the gathering to show off his moves, but he never would have thought that something like this happened.

Just as Chufeng was depressed, a beautiful person walked up to the stage. After fixing his gaze, he saw that it was Chuxue.

“Chufeng, congratulations on your 4 continuous victories.” Chuxue smiled sweetly and said.

“Chuxue, no need to jest…” Chufeng dryly laughed, but quickly found out that something wasn’t right, “4 times? It was only 3 times. Chuxue, you wouldn’t…”

Chuxue smiled mischievously while looking at Chufeng’s stupefied expression, then she yelled to the old person off the stage, “I also concede.”


At that time, the entire martial arts training ground was completely stunned. Even some younger generations of the Chu family couldn’t help but cast their gaze at Chufeng and their gazes were filled with shock.

They were filled with questions and they could not understand what was happening.

Only those people who were from the Green Dragon School sighed in relief and felt that they were lucky by not meeting Chufeng. Or else they would have done the exact same choices.

“Haha, thank you very much.”

“You do stick to your words.”

“You are the best person that I’ve ever seen!”

Also at the same time, in a certain area in the observing crowd, a huge group of people were surrounding the Chu family male and took away the silvers in his hand without restraint. With a grab, it became empty.

That Chu family male even wanted to cry as he looked at his empty bag. He deeply felt that he was being tricked.

Why did all the Green Dragon School disciples concede when they saw Chufeng? There was definitely something fishy, but he couldn’t think what Chufeng gave them to make them concede so obediently.



On another stage, Chuyue was falling down from the battle stage. If it wasn’t for the Chu family elders who were off stage that caught her just at the right time, she would have certainly been heavily injured.

“Chuyue, there seems to be nothing great about the Green Dragon School’s martial skills.” Chuxun walked down from the stage and a mocking smile was hung on his face.

“Chuxun, your cultivation level is higher than me. If I was also at the 5th level then I wouldn’t necessarily have lost.” Chuyue said with a face of bitterness.

“That is correct, but my cultivation is higher than you and that also relied on my ability.” Chuxun coldly smiled and said.

“You…” Chuyue angrily grinded her teeth and there was an unspeakable grievance in her heart. She already reached the peak of the 4th level of the Spirit realm, and if the gathering was a few days later, she certainly would have broke into the 5th level of the Spirit realm. But since she lost, she lost and she didn’t want to defend anything.

“Chuxun, if I’m not mistaken, then you are one year older than Chuyue. As an elder brother, you won against the younger sister. Is that even worth being proud of?” Suddenly, a voice sounded.

Looking over, Chuyue was delighted. She saw that Chufeng was calmly walking over under the lead of some Chu family seniors.

“Chufeng, you are my next opponent?” Seeing Chufeng, Chuxun was obviously very happy because the person he wanted to give a lesson to the most was Chufeng.

“Scared? You can give up if you’re scared!” Chufeng lightly smiled and said.

“Ha! If I don’t beat the crap out of you, then it just means that you took a clean dump yesterday.” Chuxun coldly snorted and leaped onto the stage. He pointed at Chufeng and said, “Get up here.”

“Chufeng, are you confident?” Chuyue was a bit worried because she felt that Chuxun wanted to harm Chufeng greatly.

“Don’t worry. I only need to attack once against people like him.” Chufeng faintly smiled and was going to walk towards the stage.

But just at that time, Chuyue pulled Chufeng’s hand and asked quietly, “Chufeng, did you get first in the inner court disciple exam?”

Chufeng hesitated a bit, but seeing Chuyue’s gaze that longed for the answer, he couldn’t bear to lie to her. He could only nod his head, and after that he leaped and landed onto the stage.

At that instant, Chuyue’s expressed solidified. Her pair of beautiful eyes constantly flickered and even her heartbeat quickened a lot.

Although she already had the answer in her heart, she still felt that it was inconceivable after receiving the confirmation from Chufeng.

She raised her head and looked at the Chuxun who was determined to win and the corners of her mouth raised to form into a sweet smile. For some reason, she felt a touch of sympathy for Chuxun.

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  1. What are the chances that he meets only disciples from Green Dragon School…. How many people are actually competing in the the competition anyways?
    Thanks for the chapter


    1. the whole Chu, younger generation.. you can just imagine how many families that is lol


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