JMG: Chapter 42 – Circle Water Bar

[TN: Forgot to mention what a “water bar” actually is, so I’ll just translate the definition from “Baidu”:
A water bar is a resting area provided for young people. All sorts of fashionable beverages are provided such as coffee, tea, etc. There is a warm environment, and for rest there are sofas, tables, and also entertainment equipment, books, and magazines. The purpose is to provide young people with an environment to relax the mind and also some personal space.]

“What are you doing?” Tauro strongly hit Qin Lang’s hand away.

“Please, Aunt Tau, can’t you cooperate a bit?” Qin Lang said with deadpan seriousness, “Can’t you see that the males and females from the arts school are holding hands together, hooking their arms together, and some even are leaning their shoulders on one another and supporting themselves while going in? If we enter so ‘cleanly’, then without a doubt we would attract suspicions. Tch, I thought that you said you were specialized in detective work, but how did you not notice these small little things?”

Tauro was hating this in her heart. She already knew that this guy was taking advantage of her, but the hateful thing was that Qin Lang was absolutely correct. So, she firmly pulled Qin Lang’s wrist, and as Qin Lang was startled, they walked in big strides towards the Circle Water Bar.

There were a lot of people inside, but when Qin Lang and Tauro appeared, it still attracted many people’s attention.

To be precise, it was the appearance of Tauro that attracted the attention of many male students and males. There was no doubt of Tauro’s killing power, but the art female students that had heavy makeup on were very displeased and casted endless gazes of envy and hate.

Tauro dragged Qin Lang straight to the 2nd floor of the water bar. On the 2nd floor, there were elegant separate rooms, so the fees consumed would obviously be a bit higher. But, Tauro and Qin Lang understood that if this water bar had anything fishy, it would undoubtedly be on the 2nd floor.

The water bar’s servers should also be students from the art school because their ages were still a bit young, not passing 17 or 18 years old. The servers all had heavy makeup on while wearing a maid’s dress, and it looked pretty “kawaii”.

“Anything to drink?” One server went in front to Qin Lang and Tauro.

“Two cups of milk tea and also some dried fruits.” Qin Lang randomly ordered a few things since their goal here wasn’t to eat.

Of course, Tauro knew that too, so when the milk tea came she didn’t even take a sip. But the thing that made her speechless was that Qin Lang actually drank a good half cup of the milk tea and ate the dried drinks that came.

“Oi, Qin Lang, are you crazy?!” Tauro reminded Qin Lang in a low voice, “Did you forget what this place is?”

Qin Lang knew that Tauro was thinking for him, but he also knew that the milk tea and fruits in front of him had no problems in them. Even there was something wrong, for example some poison, then they wouldn’t even do anything to Qin Lang. But, Qin Lang joked with Tauro, “Don’t worry, I am a man! They will only put drugs in if they want a handsome male like me in this place.”

Tauro was completely speechless against Qin Lang, so she could only remind him quietly, “You need to be careful yourself, and notice the abnormal movements of the students all around us.”

At that time, business was at its peak. Qin Lang and Tauro observed for a while and they instantly found a problem. Quite a few of the male and female art students that came here liked a special soda called “7-Coloured Bubbles”, but after drinking this soda, those male and female students would feel very high.

“Server, I want a cup of the bubble soda as well.” Qin Lang put on a face of curiosity and wanted a cup of the soda. The soda’s cost was actually 50 dollars!

“Put the things in there as well.” After the soda arrived, Tauro took a test tube out and secretly took a bit of the soda.

Qin Lang smelt it, licked it with his tongue then shook his head, “There’s a bit of problem, but it isn’t the things that we are trying to find. If I’m not mistaken, then there are only a little bit of drugs in it.”

“You’re that sure? You’ve tried it before?” Tauro tightly stared at Qin Lang and asked.

“Don’t forget that I study in the Chinese medical science. I’m very professional.” Qin Lang could only use that reason to dodge the question. He realized once again that following smart females around was not a simple thing to do, and under the scan of their “Eye of Truth”, Qin Lang’s secrets would all be exposed one day.

Although the soda was not the things that Qin Lang wanted to find, but it could be said to be an unexpected harvest. If the soda had things like this, then it meant the boss of the bar——that “Sister Circle” must not be any kind citizen, so by continuing in there, they will certainly have even more harvests.

There were more and more people in the water bar, and there was a group of female students that were wearing long skirts and school uniforms that entered the water bar. Looking at them, it was obvious that the female students just finished practicing dancing lessons. They went straight up the 2nd floor into a small separate room. The separated rooms on the 2nd floor were not completely closed off, they were just slightly separating themselves from each other. From the gap in the entrance, Qin Lang could pretty much see what was happening inside.

The bodies of the female students of the art school were pretty good. Their body and face were above average compare to other schools, but within the crowd, a female student was especially attracting. Although she wasn’t high, her body was fine and slender, giving a feeling of “a crane in a crowd of chickens”. The other female students instantly became in a supporting role for her.

But for some reason, in Qin Lang’s eyes, when other female students wore the long skirts, it seemed fairly good, but looking in more detail, they were inharmonious. On the other hand, when these female students wore the skirts, they gave people a very close-fitting feeling while complementing each other.

“Whatever. You guys continue playing here, I need to return first for studying.” That female student said to the other female students and she planned to leave that place.

“Xueqing (Jiang’Xue’Qing), you’re not fun enough… Although you aren’t from our school, we are already looking at you as a student and as a sister. You don’t give any face to me, Fuying (Fu’Ying’Xiao), for a drink of water?” Another female student said. Qin Lang could feel that she was especially careful because she had quite a few drugs left on her body.

Seeing that Qin Lang was so focused, Tauro couldn’t help but coldly snort in her heart: “This guy is such a pervert! His soul just wanders around when he sees a pretty female student!”

But instantly, Tauro felt that something was strange: “Why am I angry at him staring at females?”

At that moment, the female student called Xueqing didn’t feel right to refuse, so she said with difficulty, “Fuying, why wouldn’t I give you face? But after drinking the water, I need to go back to Seven Mid to study. You should know this.”

“Fine, we know that you love learning and you want to get into a good university. Don’t worry, after drinking this cup of water I’ll let you go.” The one called Fuying smiled and then casted a gaze at the server, “Give us some strong 7-Colored Bubbles, and give her a cup of ice water so it wouldn’t disturb the study of our gifted student here.”

“I’m not a gifted student…” Xueying replied with a bit of embarrassment.

Very quickly, a server gave the water and beverages to Xueying, Fuying, and the female students.

Xueying wanted to take care of the current situation, so seeing the iced water that the server brought, she wanted to finish it all in one go.

Just at that time, Qin Lang suddenly leaped, and took away that iced water from that server’s tray. He drank half of it in one go then said to the server, “Really! The iced water I wanted for long only came now!”

After saying that, and not caring about the server and the group of female students, he returned to his seat with half a cup of the iced water.

TN: And that marks the end of my translations for JMG. After posting the extra MGA chapters later today, I will start reading ahead in JMG and start creating a summary for the remaining chapters. If there are any translation groups that wish to take over this project, feel free. I will include the links to your translations in my ToC if I see them, so put a comment here or post it on reddit. Reason for dropping & Very horrible summary


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  1. Going to miss this.
    Thank you for all your hard work in raising awareness about this one and in bringing it to the masses.
    Hoping we luck out and you’ve inspired someone into picking up where you left off.


    1. if you haven’t paid attention, hes immune to poisons, aphrodisiac is a poison. Even regular medicine is a poison(to him poison is probably the best medicine anyways)


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