Xian Ni: Chapter 70: Returning Home

Three days later, Wang Lin’s entire body was full of sweat, and with a numb expression, he walked out of the cave. Behind him, Zhoupeng who had a perplexed expression also walked out.

“Zhoupeng. When you return to the Xuan Dao sect, follow my instructions. Secretly kill all the people that wish to harm me and also protect my parents.” Wang Lin’s tone was icy cold with hidden airs of blood.

Zhoupeng respectfully nodded his head, and with a leap, he went towards the direction of the Heng Yue Peaks.

Wang Lin looked at Zhoupeng’s back, and after thinking for a while he suddenly said, “Senior Situ, the first step wasn’t needed for this Puppet Technique right?”

Situnan had a blank look, but he instantly said, “Who said that? The first step was absolutely necessary. Without the first step you cannot start the second step.”

After personally creating a puppet, in his heart, Wang Lin felt that something was a bit wrong but he didn’t say any more about that and asked, “Will Punanzi find anything strange about Zhoupeng?”

Situnan hesitated for a bit then said, “When you were creating the puppet I also included some of my own Yuanying essence. Although it wasn’t much, if a Yuanying stage person doesn’t carefully observe then it would be unlikely that he finds out about it. Also, that Punanzi would obviously be training behind closed doors for the entire year, so the chances of him seeing through it is a lot smaller.”

Wang Lin went silent for a bit. His body moved, and a rainbow hung on the sky but instantly disappeared. Before long, he returned back to the village. He did not stop his footsteps and went straight to the door.

Before even entering, Wang Lin heard familiar voices inside.

“Little brat, which carpenter does things like this? Looking at your little toys, it’s really…not even half of my son’s!”

“Master, Tiezhu bro is a Saint. How can I even compare to him? I’m already satisfied by matching up with his half.”

Listening to that, Wang Lin hesitated. He scanned with soul, then a smile instantly formed on his mouth. He had impressions of the person talking. It was a friend that always wanted Wang Lin’s father to teach him about carpenting.

He lightly opened the door, and looking at the aged back and shadow inside the court, Wang Lin said lightly, “Father, I’m back.”

The back trembled, and the carpenting tools in his hands fell on the ground. He turned around blankly as he looked at that youth who was 20 years old or so, and he could almost see his own young face in it.

“Tiezhu?” Wang Lin’s father rubbed his eyes, and the tears unknowingly started flowing down.

Wang Lin went up and hugged his father while wiping away the tears on his face. He looked at his father’s face that was full of wrinkles, and after walking back a few steps, he kneeled on the ground and said lightly, “Dad, I have been unfilial by not returning for 5 years.”

“It’s really Tiezhu! Our son is back!” Tiezhu’s father emotionally helped Wang Lin up, and after looking up and down on his body, he revealed a very happy smile on his face.

“Tiezhu, you’ve become tall and you’ve almost caught up to me. You are also very strong. Good, this is my son!” Tiezhu’s father was very happy.

At that time, an lady with an obviously aged face walked out. She blankly looked at Wang Lin and the tears also started flowing down.

Wang Lin went up and kneeled in front of the old lady, revealed a longing expression and said in a low voice, “Mom, I’ve come back to see you.”

“You…How could you have the heart to not even come back in 5 years? Do you even have your father and mother in your heart? These 5 years, we’ve always been thinking of you everyday…” As she talked, Tiezhu’s mother embraced Tiezhu and started sobbing.

“Look, he is a saint, so obviously he has more important things to do. If people see you like this, you’ll get laughed by. Little Six, you go back and you don’t need to come by in these few days. When Teizhu leaves then I’ll find you.” Teizhu’s father stared at his wife, then turned around and spoke to his disciple.

Six smiled and after looking at Wang Lin admirably, he left.

On that day, Wang Lin’s mother cooked up a table of good dishes which were the food that Wang Lin liked to eat, then the 3 of them talked about the change in these 5 years.

In the past few years, Wang Lin did not eat the food of common mortals, but he felt that the dishes that his own mother made were especially appetizing.

Within the conversations, Wang Lin’s parents asked about the huge peak appearing on top of the Heng Yue Sect one year ago. Wang Lin hesitated a bit, then lied and said that the Heng Yue Sect was moving, so he couldn’t return that often anymore. His parents did not ask too much and just reminded him to take care of his body.

In these 5 years, there was a lot of change in the family. Relatives frequently visited, and because of the 4th uncle’s help, Wang Lin’s father got back the family property that belong to him, so the days passed fairly prosperously.

His father did not carve many wood sculptures anymore. He accepted a few disciples and passed his skill down.

Six was the smartest one within all the disciples, and basically he learned 50% or 60% of the skill.

When Wang Lin heard that, he smiled and said, “Dad, I just saw little Six’s wood sculptures, and it seems pretty good! It’s not even as bad as you say it is.”

His father snorted and said, “There’s too much difference. None of these people can match you. When you were only 8 years old, the wood sculpturing that I taught you were a lot better than theirs!”

Tiezhu’s mother looked at her son with affection and continued, “That’s right, our Tiezhu is smarter than them. Say, Tiezhu, you aren’t young anymore, and in these few years quite a few people found a matchmaker for you. I hear that saints can have a family as well, and since you came back then don’t go yet. Go with me and take a look, if there’s a good one, then you can sleep together…”

Wang Lin hesitated but smiled bitterly and said, “Mom, I am only so old, so don’t worry about these things.”

“Little brat, the people in the village that are as old as you have children running all over.” Tiezhu’s mother was instantly dissatisfied and she glared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin touched his nose and said, “Mom, marriage is a huge thing. Give it a few years and I’ll bring one back for you. No need to rush right?”

Tiezhu’s father looked at his wife that still wanted to say something more so he lightly coughed and said, “I say, why are you worrying so blindly? Our Tiezhu is a saint, and what do you know about saints? Can the wife be an ordinary person? Tiezhu’s meaning is that he’s going to find a wife who’s a saint back home.”

Tiezhu’s mother’s tone was sluggish and she muttered, “What’s so good about a saint? You can’t return home in 5 years since you’re a saint. If my son has a saint as a wife, then they won’t even return in 10 years.”

Wang Lin bitterly smiled, but just as he was going to speak, his mother glared at him and said, “Fine, I’ll listen to your father. Your eyes are probably too high so you can’t find any good ones in the village. I’ll wait and see what kind of person you’ll bring back.”

Wang Lin saw that his mother was angry so he immediately smiled and said, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ll bring a good wife back for you.”

After eating, Wang Lin’s parents still seemed to have endless of things that they wanted to say. They kept on asking him left and right, and at the end, he slept when it was deep into the night.


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  1. Thanks!
    ah, a few sweet moments!
    also, hm, i wonder what wang lin meant when he said the first step was not necessary…?


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