JMG: Chapter 41 – Art School

That person was actually Manu.

From the day that he got photos taken by Qin Lang in the hospital, Manu lost all his motivation. Although Sankun kept on inciting him to act against Hansan, Manu only pretended to go along with him because the things that Qin Lang and Hansan had on their hands could completely make him have absolutely zero standing in Summer Sun City. It could even make him go to jail.

Hansan took away Manu’s gun, and on that gun, there were Manu’s fingerprints. It was not complicated to blame a murder case on someone, and as long as Manu used his brain, he should know who to choose.

As a matter of fact, seeing that Qin Lang was in his territory, Manu quickly tried to get on Qin Lang’s good side by helping him out.

The restaurant owner was Manu’s subordinate, so that was why she dared to treat the customers so arrogantly. But, she never would have thought that today she angered the wrong person. After hearing that Manu called Qin Lang “Qin bro”, it made her tremble out of fear. To be able to make Manu call “bro” was certainly that extremely strong person in the Summer Sun City underworld, and it was a person that she could not offend.

“Qin bro, you’re eating? I’ll treat you to this meal——Hurry up and get the chef to make the signature dishes!”

Manu kept on trying to get a more favourable impression, and the owner kept on apologizing non-stop.

Qin Lang smiled but refused the invitation of the meal. He said to Manu, “I still have things to do today, so perhaps another day. I’ll treat you another day.”

“How can I do that?” Manu said as if he was overwhelmed by favour. Although he knew that Qin Lang was just speaking politely, but he also knew it meant that Qin Lang’s mood was fairly good, so his flashy photos wouldn’t be leaked out for now.

“That’s right. Qin bro, if you have any need for me in the future, then please just say it.” Manu showed his loyalty in front of Qin Lang. Recently, he didn’t know how Qin Lang would treat him, so his heart was always alarmed and in fear. Also, today, Manu heard about Qin Lang beating all Sankun’s men in the detention house from the guards, and he even made the “#1 Steel Fist in Summer Sun City” Chengang into a panda, so he respected and feared Qin Lang even more.

“Okay, since you said that, then from what I can tell, I will find you soon.” Qin Lang said while chuckling, then warned Manu, “I am temporary released for medical treatment, but do not spread that information.”

“Of course, of course.” Manu immediately nodded and thought that Qin Lang was pretty awesome. He heard that Qin Lang was a suspect for a murder case, but who would have thought that he was just detained yesterday, yet he got out today. It seemed that there was quite a force supporting him, so following Qin bro was absolutely correct!

After getting rid of Manu, the two of them walked onto the streets. It was the end of the school day, so the streets were very lively and there were streams of people rushing around.

As they walked, Tauro suddenly stretched her arm and squeezed Qin Lang’s shoulder, then lightly snorted, “Qin bro? Not bad, it seems that you have quite a position in the underworld!”

It was obvious that Tauro didn’t like the thugs on the streets, so of course she didn’t like that Qin Lang was a thug as well.

But just now, hearing Manu call Qin Lang “Qi bro”, then without a doubt, it meant that Qin Lang was a member of the underworld. Qin Lang also knew that whatever he said would not make his situation any better. But, he also didn’t want Tauro to have a horrible impression, so he tried to fix the situation by explaining, “Ms. Tau, Aunt Tau, you’ve misunderstood. I may be from the underworld, but the road I’m walking on is only the martial road, not the criminal road. Those people attacked me before, but they were beaten by me so that’s why they’re afraid of me.”

“Qin Lang,  your explanation is horrible.” Tauro lightly snorted, “But, I’ll deal with this later. We have some more important things to do!”

“My thoughts exactly.” Qin Lang smiled and said.

The two of them didn’t even bother eating dinner, and they quickly went towards Summer Sun City’s “Ouhai Art School”.

In the middle of the road, Qin lang called Hansan.

“Qin bro, your call finally came——” Hansan said excitedly, “Are we going all out with Sankun?”

“No!” Qin Lang snorted, “There’s an even more important thing——Find some of your elite bros to go to the Ouhai Art School and the Summer Sun Medical School. Check if there are people that hiddenly drug female students, make them drunk and things like that. When you have news, immediately report back to me.”

“Qin bro, just that?” Hansan’s fiery excitement got extinguished by half, “In any case, those two places aren’t ours.”

“No need for such rubbish, just get someone to check those places! In the future those places would be yours. Isn’t it better to get some people there right now?” Qin Lang snorted, “Hurry up and get to work!”

“Okay Qin bro.” Although Hansan felt that Qin Lang’s arrangements were a bit strange, but he did not dare to oppose it.

After Qin Lang hung up, Tauro said, “I never would have thought that you have relations with the underworld people!”

“I have relations, but that does not mean I am a bad person.” Qin Lang said calmly, “At least the things that I’m doing are good things right?”

Tauro did not deny that. After all, she knew that they had to move quick, or else when the opponent knew that they were hiddenly investigating, they would take measures to obstruct their path and to retaliate. That was why there was nothing wrong with Qin Lang using other people to find clues.

Just as Qin Lang and Tauro got out of the taxi, he got Ponytail’s phone call. Ponytail listened to Hansan’s arrangements and brought some more elite little bros to the outside of the mentioned Ouhai Art School. He immediately started looking for “suspicious targets”. Ponytail was a thug that always stayed outside of schools, so very quickly, they found some tiny clues and because of that he immediately reported back to Qin Lang.

“Qin Lang, I’ve looked into it. Outside of this Ouhai Art School, there are two places that the female art students enjoy going to. One is called the ‘KK Bar’, the other is called the ‘Circles Water Bar’. That ‘Circles Water Bar’ was opened by a female from the art school. The female students in the art school all called her ‘Sister Circle’…”

“Okay, then bring me to this ‘Circle Water Bar’ first.” After listening to Ponytail’s words, Qin Lang felt that this Circle Water Bar had some problems. Especially the boss.

Ponytail already found the place, and after listening to Qin Lang’s orders, he quickly brought Qin Lang and Tauro to the opposite side of the Circle Water Bar.

“Okay, continue watching the other place.” Qin Lang indicated Ponytail to leave, because he felt that Tauro still rejected thugs like Ponytail. After all, the first time she met Ponytail was when Sunbo was being beaten up, and for the good or bad, Sunbo was her associate.

Qin Lang and Tauro stared at the Circle Water Bar for a while, and indeed, there were quite a few male and female students entering and exiting, and the water bar’s decoration was very luxurious. It was divided into two floors, and there were even separate rooms for talking love. The lighting was very dim, vague, and it gave people a feeling of wanting to enter a fantasy.

“There has to be problems here!” Tauro said firmly after observing for a while.

“But there aren’t any obvious problems.” Qin Lang said, “I’m saying, if we’re just standing here and looking, we can’t find where the real problem is.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Tauro nodded and said, “Let’s go in and have a drink?”

“Sure, since I’m thirsty as well.” Qin Lang smiled and said, then extended his hand towards Tauro, and did the action of wanting to hold her hands.


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  1. An apology for a couple chapters being “a few minutes” late? Considering that I (like probably nearly everyone else) does absolutely nothing to help translate / upload / or help compensate for the time spent making this translation any such apology is completely unnecessary. ^^;

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