MGA: Chapter 14 – Elder Brother’s Letter

Chufeng smiled, and his smile was very malicious. He raised the dagger up high, and spit out a word very faintly,



Before he even finished speaking, Chufeng’s dagger suddenly descended.

“I was wrong!!”

“I was wrong, Chufeng I was wrong. Please forgive me, please…don’t destroy my cultivation, please don’t…” Chucheng yelled out as if he was crazy, and his sounds carried some sobbing noises.

With that, Chufeng also stopped his movements with a bit of shock, and smiled while looking at the current Chucheng.

He discovered that Chucheng had his eyes closed, 2 rows of tears were rushing out, and his mouth kept on asking for forgiveness.

Not only was his expression painful, his entire body was trembling, and underneath there was even a huge puddle with a nasty smell emitted from it.

Chufeng threw the dagger on the floor, searched around Chucheng and Chuzhen’s body, and finally he found 5 low quality spiritual medicines, “Ground Spirit Grass”.

After doing that, Chufeng went in front of Chucheng, lightly patted his face, and said,

“Look at yourself. Who is the actual garbage? You should now know that clearly in your heart.”

“Haha…” After saying that, Chufeng laughed and left gracefully.

And after Chufeng left, Chucheng and Chuzhen supported themselves and stumbled into the darkness of the night.

But before they left for long, a beautiful face walked out from the darkness, and it was Chuyue.

But Chuyue’s sweet face was already filled with astonishment.

After quite a while, she muttered to herself, “Chufeng, what kind of person are you, and what kind of strength do you have…”

Suddenly, she closed her eyes, and remembered the young Chufeng.

No matter how much people mocked him, he never mocked back.

No matter how much people humiliated him, he never attacked back.

A smile was always on his face, and it made people feel pity, it made people feel sorry for him, and it made people want to protect him.

Finally, Chuyue opened her eyes and she suddenly smiled,

“Perhaps we were wrong by looking at you as a weak person.”

“Perhaps this is the real you. You don’t need the protection of others, because you are strong enough to protect others.”

At that moment, Chufeng already returned to his own residence. He took out the 3 Saint Spirit Grasses and the 5 Ground Spirit Grasses out.

Although the Ground Sprit Grasses were only a low quality spiritual medicine, they were still precious items for cultivation. Chufeng felt that by taking them away, it was enough to make Chucheng and Chuzhen feel pained.

When he thought of the brothers that always humiliated him, but just got a lesson given by him, Chufeng still felt extremely refreshed.

“It seems that there’s a correct saying. Against an evil person you need a grindstone for an evil person. To talk reason to an evil person required for one to use their fists.”

Chufeng smiled, but didn’t rush and start cultivating. He took out his elder brother’s letter.

Opening the letter, rows of familiar characters appeared in front of him. It was Chuguyu’s handwriting.

“Brother, 5 years has passed since you entered the Green Dragon School, and we haven’t met each other in 5 years as well.”

“After some more days, the annual family gathering will arrive, and this year the the head of the family will retire from his position.”

“With his retirement, we need to elect the new head of the family, and father is one of the candidates.”

“To father, this is an extremely important day, so I hope that you can return in this year’s gathering and cheer for father with me.”

Although there were only a few lines of words, but the meaning was passed on. Chufeng thought deeply about the letter’s contents.

Every year, in the family gathering, the young generation of the Chu family will have a martial exchange competition to test the results of their cultivation.

Although it was only test on the surface, in reality it showed the potential of the younger generation, and it also decided the position of the older generation in the family.

This time, Chuyuan was able to get the qualifications as a candidate, because not only did he have strong power, he also had an absolute relationship between Chuguyu.

Chuguyu. From the young generation of the Chu family, and also the only person able to enter the Lingyun School.

He pretty much was able to get first in all the family competitions. His potential was very huge, so naturally it affected Chuyuan’s position.

After some thought, Chufeng found a pen and paper then started to write the reply letter to Chuguyu.

The content was very simple. This year, he would go the family gathering, because Chufeng also wanted to help out in his father’s election.

He wanted to demonstrate his abilities in the family competition, and at least get a decent position. That way, he could let everyone know that both of Chuyuan’s sons were not mediocre.

Or in other words, Chufeng felt that the time has arrived to prove himself.

After writing the letter, Chufeng completely refined the 3 Saint Spirit Grasses and the 5 Ground Spirit Grasses.

That time, Chufeng finally felt a full feeling in his dantian. With his estimation, after refining another 20 Saint Spirit Grasses, he may be able to breakthrough.

But, those 20 Saint Spirit Grasses would cost an astounding amount. Therefore, he put all his hopes in tomorrow’s Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

The next morning, and the sky just started getting bright. But in the huge plaza at the north of the Green Dragon School, over 10 thousand people were gathered there, and it was one of the entrances to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

Chufeng carried two bags. One was full of food, the other was completely empty. He was looking all around in the crowd and trying to find Chuyue.

“Chufeng, here.”

He heard a familiar sound, and Chuyue was indeed not far. She was happily waving her hands at Chufeng.

But compared to Chufeng’s equipment, Chuyue was a lot simpler. She only brought a waist purse, and it was the same as the clothing as yesterday.

“Chuyue, you’re not bringing food? The Spiritual Medicine Hunt spans for a whole 10 days. What are you going to eat?” Chufeng had a full face of confusion on.

“Idiot. Don’t forget that we have an organization. I’m only responsible for chasing the spiritual medicine. Rough work like carrying food would of course be done by other people.”

As Chuyue said that, she pointed to some place. The members of the Chu Alliance were there, and Chufeng had seen them yesterday.

Indeed, three of them carried a huge bag, and those must have been for food.

“Chufeng, there are different teams for hunting the spiritual medicine. After entering the mountain we split into 3 groups.”

“In every group, some are responsible for carrying food, some are responsible for surrounding the spiritual medicine, and I am responsible for hunting the spiritual medicine.”

“The division of work was determined by strength, and the division of spiritual medicine was also divided like that.” Chuyue explained in detail to Chufeng.

With that, Chufeng had a deeper understanding in spiritual medicine hunting, and he also knew the benefits of group hunting.

Before being picked, the spiritual medicine had their spiritual nature, so they could escape. Without an absolute strength, it was really too hard to try and catch spiritual medicines by yourself.

That was also why a large portion of the disciples would choose to enter an alliance. It was because with strength such as theirs, the group power was indeed stronger than their personal power.

After describing the methods of hunting the spiritual medicine, Chuyue brought Chufeng to the crowd of the Chu Alliance.

After getting near, Chufeng found out that there was one less person than yesterday. That person was precisely Chucheng.

Yesterday, Chucheng was beaten extremely badly by Chufeng. His entire face became a pig head, so he must have had no face to see anyone. That was why he abandoned this rare Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

Other than Chucheng, Chufeng also saw another familiar person, and it was Chuzhen.

But, the current Chuzhen did not have the former arrogance. He lowered his head and said nothing, seemingly having received a huge blow. It was extremely depressing.

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  1. i have a dream, that 1 day most translators as ren, from coiling dragon, ggp from zhanlong, void from xian ni, and flower, if there are others better, compete in who can release more chapters that day.
    just imagine each site releasing 4-6 chapters at the same time

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    1. I’m part of gravity translations in Zhan Long, and you see the slight problem is that i think ren and flower work by themselves such as translation and editing, but ggp has the rest of gravity with him which consists of about 8 or so translators and 15 or so editors which would probably make it unfair. If it were only to be ggp, he is in high school so he would have to focus on school rather than translations and editing etc

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  2. I agree with Jacobpaige. Just leave Chufeng’s name but remove the chu from everyone elses lol. So many chus. Chuzen, Chucheng, Chulolol, Chutrolol, Chubacca… It is easier on us ‘mericans to see Chufeng interacting with Zen, Cheng, etc. Don’t worry, we can remember that they are related :D

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    1. Aren’t they usually written as two words? like Chu Feng, or Chu-Feng, rather than a single one? At least that’s how I’ve seen it in most translations of other stories, but it’s still confusing for muricans anyway lol


  3. does this have manga adaptation just like other LNs?if yes can anybody kind enough reply links here,even if its in raw.just wanna the art work of the characters


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