JMG: Chapter 39 – Investigating with Ms. Tau

“What. Are you looking down on me?” Tauro coldly snorted, “Although I am a teacher, I did learn about detective work before. Solely looking at that angle, I am certainly more capable than you!”

Tauro’s tone showed a huge amount of confidence, and Qin Lang had to admit that Tauro did indeed have some skill. Her observation ability were also very strong, or else she shouldn’t have known Qin Lang’s little secrets.

“If Ms. Tau is willing to help, then of course that’s good!” Qin Lang obviously accepted Tauro’s suggestion, then modestly asked for guidance, “Then, Ms. Tau, where should we start?”

“Against these kinds of people, and to let them to be judged by the law, we need to have evidence first. With Zhou Ling Ling, we have the human evidence, but that isn’t enough. We need more. Also, the other important thing is the physical evidence. We need to find out how they are tricking high school students to do these illegal things. Ling Ling, can you describe the process in which you got tricked in?” Tauro’s analysis was logical in every point, and Qin Lang couldn’t help but nod, also thinking that getting Tauro’s help was the correct decision.

“It was at the time during the winter break. I got invited by a junior high student to join her birthday party, and during the night, we were going to a karaoke to sing. On that day, I did not drink any wine. I only drank some beverages, so my mind was very clear. In the middle of the road, that student introduced a male to me, and said that he was her uncle. For some reason, I had feelings towards that stranger, and it was as if there was something special attracting him to me…”

That memory made Zhou Ling Ling feel very painful, and she seemed to be unable to stand the memories, but she continued, “After singing, he brought me to a hotel. On the next morning, I suddenly felt that the male was very disgusting, and I knew that something happened between us, which made me feel even more disgusted. But, I hated myself as well, and asked myself why I did those things yesterday. After that, when he left, he gave me some money, but I threw those away. I originally thought that the issue was finished, but I never would have thought that it was only the beginning of a nightmare. The next time when I went out with a student, I randomly got addicted to drugs. Then following that, I also randomly did it with another disgusting person. Because of the drug addiction I needed more money…Finally, I became thoroughly corrupted, and became a person that even I hated the most.”

“Zhou Ling Ling, if I’m not mistaken, you said at first, when ‘it’ happened with the stranger, it was under ‘willing’ circumstances?” Tauro instantly grasped onto the crucial problem.

“Yes!” Zhou Ling Ling bit her teeth and nodded, “Ms. Tau, perhaps you also feel that I abandoned myself——”

“It may not be that simple!” Qin Lang interrupted, “If I did not guess wrong, then there should be female students that met the same situations as you right? Also, the junior high student that you went out to play should have also met similar situations like yours right?”

Listening to Qin Lang’s words, Tauro lightly nodded, and thought that the boy’s thinking was quite quick as well.

“Qin Lang, where do you think the problem’s crucial point is?” Tauro was seemingly testing Qin Lang.

“This is obviously criminal activities that included tricking students, and the methods of the criminals are also very cunning. According to my analysis, they must have used some stimulants and let those female students unable to control their desires even under situations when their mind is clear. And from that, they rake in the money. Ms. Tau, that’s my analysis. What do you think?”

“That’s roughly it.” Tauro nodded, then looked towards Zhou Ling Ling, “Ling Ling, I believe that you are a good lady, and you won’t truly abandon yourself. I trust my decision. So, right now, me and Qin Lang will find evidence for those bastards, then we’ll swoop them in one net. But, we still require your help.”

“Ms. Tau, I will do anything to help you two, but I know that I have very little information… That’s right. I know a person, and she should know a lot more information. She is called ‘Wang Yue’, and she is a student in the Summer Sun University of Industry. I’ll give her contact information to you two. Qin Lang, you should know her——Anyways, I hope that she can give you clues.”

Zhou Ling Ling wrote down Wang Yue’s contact information on the paper and pen that Tauro gave her.

Tauro put away the paper, then said to Qin Lang, “Qin Lang, Zhou Ling Ling is currently in the recovery stage, and she needs a better environment for her recovery. I think we should change the location. Don’t worry, I will find a safe, comfortable place for her.”

“Ms. Tau, believe me. There is no safer place than here.” Qin Lang said with confidence.

It was because he knew that this was the place that the Old Poison Guy chose. Since the Old Poison Guy was protecting Zhou Ling Ling’s life, then no one could take it away. Not even her!

“Then…Ling Ling, endure for a few more days. Don’t worry, wait until we tie those criminals with the rope of the law, then very soon you can reunite with your family.” Tauro comforted Zhou Ling Ling.

Zhou Ling Ling forced a smile, “Ms. Tau, no need to worry for me. After these events, my nerves are a lot larger. Qin Lang is correct. I also feel that this place is very safe.”

After that, Qin Lang and Tauro left the house.

After going out, Tauro couldn’t help but say to Qin lang, “I really don’t understand why Zhou Ling Ling has to stay in the wilderness by herself. I don’t feel that this place is safe.”

“If it’s not safe, then why is Zhou Ling Ling’s situation getting better and better?” Qin Lang retorted.

Tauro gave it some thought, and felt that it made sense. But, she still asked suspiciously, “But where’s the so-called safeness?”

“How about this… Stand 10 meters away from me.” Qin Lang said that to Tauro, but seeing that she didn’t react, instead, he walked 10 meters away from her.

Tauro originally doubted Qin Lang’s methods, but very quickly she felt that the atmosphere around her was not right. Slithers came from the thick grass. She looked down into the grass to take a glance, only to see that there were all sorts of poisonous snakes inside the grass, and those snakes quickly came near her.


Tauro yelled in surprise, and her beautiful face lost all colour. When she calmed down, she realised that she was tightly hugging Qin Lang, and that Qin Lang was in a dull state, as if stunned by this sudden hug.

Qin Lang was indeed stunned. He was stunned by Tauro’s astonishing elasticity. As a novice, Qin Lang’s focus was very poor in that situation. Especially when he was tightly hugged by an absolute beauty like Tauro. It was really a heart-warming, soft hug, and Qin Lang could even smell the fragrances from her which made Qin Lang feel light-headed.

“Snake! Snake! Shoo!”

Although Tauro calmed down a bit, she didn’t dare let go of Qin Lang. Because to her, the most terrifying thing in the world were snakes.

“But how do I move?”

Tauro was wrapping around Qin Lang like a vine, and in his current situation it was indeed hard to move. But, with some thinking, Qin Lang couldn’t help but say his real thoughts from his heart, “Then how about I carry you out of here Ms. Tau?”


Although Tauro was scared, she felt that it wasn’t right being carried by her own student. She may have been extremely frightened, but she still rejected Qin Lang’s suggestion. At that time, she looked around, and seeing that the poisonous snakes all around here disappeared, she rubbed her eyes as if not believing it.

After confirming that there was not a single snake around her, Tauro quickly released Qin Lang.

Qin Lang hidden sighed because of his bad luck. His previous sentence was like “Adding feet to a snake painting”, and perhaps it would have been better to act first before thinking about the rest.

[TN: Adding feet to a snake painting means doing something extra that is unnecessary. It’s a Chinese idiom.]

Tauro quickly walked out of the grass, then she turned around and asked Qin Lang, “You said that Zhou Ling Ling would be very safe here because of those snakes? Whatever, don’t mention anything about snakes, let’s go and find Wang Yue.”


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