JMG: Chapter 37 – I’ll Tell You a Secret

Zhaokan was frightened.

But Qin Lang said calmly, “Don’t worry. Allies.”

After going in the car, Qin Lang said to Hansan, “Hansan, this is my bro Zhaokan.”

“Bro, hello.” Hansan greeted as he was driving.

“You…You are Han bro?” Zhaokan recognized Hansan, and after hearing Hansan say “bro” to him, he was a bit excited. But, he quickly realized that he was only giving face to Qin Lang. It was just for politeness. So, he quickly said, “Han bro, it’s better if you just call me Zhaokan.”

“I’ll just call you Zhao bro.” Hansan said, then he started talking to Qin Lang, “Qin bro, you finally got out! That bastard Sankun! He actually bribed the jailers to try to take care of you——But, I heard that you beat Chengang? That guy has a few years of experience in black boxing, and he’s never put anyone in his eyes!”

“Qin Lang, you even know kung fu! Damn! Too cool!” Zhaokan couldn’t help but be surprised.

“That’s not the important part.” Qin Lang said to Hansan, “Quite a few people still don’t know that I got out. But, Sankun and Anderson’s information network is very fast, so before long he will certainly know. Hansan, gather some capable people together.”

“What’s this Qin bro? You’re going to start to mess with Sankun? I’ve been waiting for you to say that! This bastard Sankun, he’s been quite arrogant these past two days!” Hansan said with hate, and he was seemingly very impatient.

“First gather the people.” Qin Lang said, “I will have things for them to do, but it’s not fighting.”

After hearing that, Hansan couldn’t help but be disappointed. But he really put the things that Qin Lang gave him to do to heart. Hansan knew his current situation. If Qin Lang really fell, then Sankun and the others would undoubtedly not let him go.

“Qin Lang, is there anything I can do for you?” Zhaokan asked Qin Lang.

“You’ve already helped me greatly.” Qin Lang said, but then he thought of something, “That’s right, are there any rumours about me in the school?”

“Nonsense. Of course there are!” Zhaokan said, “It’s just like the wind and the rain! When it incident happened to Zhou Ling Ling, there were already rumours——rumours that you were actually Zhou Ling Ling’s hidden boyfriend, and they even said that you liked the new and hated the old. Also that you enjoyed to do ‘it’, and at the end Zhou Ling Ling got infected by…some venereal disease. After that, you abandoned her, so she suicided.”

“Damn! Who would make up a story like that?!” Qin Lang cursed, then said to Zhaokan, “Help me investigate this and find out who started these rumours.”

“Leave it to me! No problem!” Zhaokan’s specialty was poking around and collecting small information, so he should have ways to find out the source of the rumours.

Qin Lang let Hansan drop Zhaokan back at the school, then called Tauro.

When she received Qin Lang’s call, Tauro was in the office. Her first thoughts were that Qin Lang broke out of jail, but she quickly dispelled that thought. Because she thought that if Qin Lang really broke out of jail, then he couldn’t possibly continue using his original phone. After pressing the answer button and listening to Qin Lang’s voice, her state of mind was very complicated. She originally should hate Qin Lang straight to the bone, but for some reason, she had some traces of worry in her heart.

“I’m worrying about a bastard?” Tauro felt that it was unimaginable herself!

“Speak, why did you call me? If you broke out of jail, then I suggest that you surrender yourself!” Tauro let her tone be cold and heartless.

“I am temporary on release for medical reasons.” Qin Lang said calmly, “Ms. Tau, if you have time, then I want to meet with you. We can meet at the ‘Kind Muyuan’ (Liang’Mu’Yuan) coffee shop outside of school. There’s plenty of people there so you no need to be afraid that I would harm you.”

“I think that there’s no reason for that.” Tauro’s tone was still icy, and it seemed that she didn’t want to see Qin Lang.

“There is!” Qin Lang’s tone contained zero doubt, “I am only a suspect right now, not a criminal, so the school has no right to expel me. You are also still my teacher, and you wouldn’t refuse a student that asks for help and some response to this situation right?”

Qin Lang’s reason was reasonable and fair. After some thought, Tauro agreed to his request.

Qin Lang sat in the corner inside the Kind Muyuan coffee shop. This was a street outside of Seven Mid, and students were everywhere, so Qin Lang could not possibly attract too much attention since there wasn’t even that many people that knew him.

Tauro sat with a cold expression directly across from Qin Lang. Not even looking at the coffee that Qin Lang ordered for her, she said serenely, “Speak if you have anything to say. If you are willing to confess or report other partners or criminals, then I will apply for a lighter offense from the police.”

Qin Lang did not immediately reply, because he found out that Tauro became quite a bit thinner and paler in just one night. That made him understand that in Tauro’s heart, perhaps there was still a few thoughts that cared about him.

Qin Lang’s heart that was just injured started to stir again. But he knew that he could not show that, because the current him was still a “bastard” in Tauro’s eyes. Qin Lang said calmly, “Thank you for your words of advice, but I am innocent.”

“Innocent?” Tauro coldly snorted, “Don’t think that you’re good with just the release for medical treatment. When your crime is confirmed, it will be a minimal of life imprisonment for your heavy offense of murder!”

“Ms. Tau, I know that you are proficient in the law knowledge. But, the reason why I asked you here is not to consult about law, nor is it to confess. It’s to hope that you can wash away my crimes and suspicions.” Qin Lang said sincerely.

“In your dreams!” Tauro said coldly, and her tone was very firm.

“Ms. Tau, no need to get agitated. Perhaps you will change your mind after I tell you something important.” Qin Lang lowered his voice, “Zhou Ling Ling is still alive!”

“What!” Tauro was so surprised that she stood up, but she also quickly realised that she lost control of herself. She hurriedly calmed herself, stared at Qin Lang with her eyes, as if she was going to look through Qin Lang’s thoughts in his heart, “Real? Or fake?”

“It’s real!” Qin Lang said honestly under Tauro’s gaze.

“You better not be lying to me!” Tauro lightly snorted, and her tone brought a bit of threatening implication, “You should know that Zhou Ling Ling’s parents already prepared her funeral arrangements.”

“Her parents still don’t know about this.” Qin Lang said honestly, “In any case, you are a psychologist, so how can I even lie to you?”

“You lied to me before.” Tauro said, “It made me think that you were a kind natured yet naughty student. Sadly, who would have knew that these few days would reveal your criminal face.”

“And if I’m not a bad person?”

“I don’t want to answer that question.” Tauro said, “Unless I can see her immediately!”

“I have the same thoughts.” Qin Lang lightly smiled, because he knew that the situation had turned for the better.


10 thoughts on “JMG: Chapter 37 – I’ll Tell You a Secret

  1. “there were already rumours——rumours that you were actually Zhou Ling Ling’s hidden boyfriend, and they even said that you liked the new and hated the old. Also that you enjoyed to do ‘it’, and at the end Zhou Ling Ling got infected by…some venereal disease. After that, you abandoned her, so she suicided.”
    love this part …. ahahahha, cant stop laughing. i wonder who is the new and the hated old… >_<


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