Xian Ni: Chapter 57 – Entering the Stage (7)

One after the other, the Xuan Dao disciples were burning with anger, and all of them cursed Wang Lin to be too arrogant, but no one dared to go up. Elder Ouyang and the two others also frowned and glared at Wang Lin with ill eyes.

Wang Lin raised his head and laughed. His current expression and attitude was almost the exact same as how Zhou Peng acted before, and he said, “Xuan Dao Sect, you don’t even dare to all come up at the same time?”

The inner court disciples from the Heng Yue Sect were greatly excited, and started to clamor.

“Trash Xuan Dao Sect, no one even dares to come up? Where’d your arrogance go? Come out!”

“Big Senior Wang Lin is invincible! Punch the Xuan Dao Sect, kick the Xuan Dao Sect, even with spitting it can drown the Xuan Dao Sect!”

“Your first senior couldn’t do it, nor could your second senior. Do you have a third? Go up together!”

“Liufeng, come out and die!”

The curses of the inner court disciples were getting louder and louder, and Huang Long’s smile on his face got more and more huge. Finally, one Xuan Dao disciple couldn’t take it any longer, and yelled out, “Wang Lin you’re too arrogant. Don’t regret letting us all go up! Seniors, let’s go and finish him off!”

“That’s right, let’s all go up! It’s his request, so we’re not breaking the rules. Elder, let us go up and teach him a lesson!”

“Elder, this Wang Lin is too conceited, let us all go up!”

The Xuan Dao disciples requested for battle continuously. Ouyang bit his teeth, then yelled, “Since the Heng Yue Sect is requesting this, then whoever is willing to can go!”

Just as that sentence was finished, 3 disciples jumped onto the stone stage. Quickly following were 7 or 8 more. Except for the several female disciples, a large portion of the Xuan Dao disciples gathered on the stage. Someone yelled out, and they all swarmed up. More and more treasures emerged from them.

Wang Lin didn’t mind, and he used the Gravity Technique to attack. It formed into several formless huge hands, and swept horizontally on the stage. A few people instantly flew off. After that, he backed off a few steps, and he grabbed them as if he was grabbing flies, then threw them far away.

In an instant, cries resounded everywhere. You could only see one Xuan Dao disciple after the other were being thrown off the stone stage, and after crashing onto the ground they didn’t rise back up for a long time.

Wang Lin on the other hand, the more he attacked the more familiar he got. The Gravity Technique was unpredictable, as it was appearing and disappearing randomly. After a short while, there were only 3 people left on the stone stage. One of them was Liufeng.

Wang Lin laughed loudly, and took out the last Thunder Bomb.

Liufeng’s face changed greatly. Ignoring the other 2, he quickly yelled, “Have mercy on me! I give up, give up!” As he said that, he backed off, and immediately jumped down the stage. He was really quite afraid of this Thunder Bomb. Zhoupeng and Yangyi were former examples, and he didn’t want to go on the same path as them.

There were two more people. One was Xumu, one was Li Shan.

Xumu saw that the situation was not good, so he quickly followed what Liufeng did He surrendered, then fiercely jumped down the stone stage.

Li Shan had a face of sadness on, and he bellowed at Wang Lin, “Wang Lin, come! Use the last Thunder Bomb on me!” With his strength, he originally wouldn’t stay as the last person. Just now, when he got on the stage, he immediately laid on the ground and pretended to be dead. Although he did get stepped over by a few people, but for his future safety in the sect, he endured it.

Li Shan planned well. He thought if he was in the same situation as his two seniors and also got hit by the Thunder Bomb, then at least there was a layer of pity because they had similar illnesses, so perhaps he could take less beatings.

Wang Lin looked at him as if he was smiling yet he wasn’t, and he calmly put away the Thunder Bomb then actually smiled, “This is quite the treasure, so I can’t use it randomly. Go down!”

Using the Gravity Technique to grab him, he threw Li Shan off like a small chicken.

Ouyang and the other two elders were furious. They really hoped that they was a crack in the ground so they could burrow themselves in and not lose any more face here.

Huang Long had a pleased expression, and said loudly, “My fellow associate Ouyang. What’s the result of the martial exchange this time?”

Ouyang humphed, and said, “Your Heng Yue Sect has good luck and a good disciple. You win this time! But all the words that I’ve said were all true, and all your Yuanying founders are dead! The thing you want is in this storage bag. I am done talking, and I take my leave!”

After saying that, he flung his sleeve, and a storage bag came out from it. Huang Long grabbed it, then his face revealed a pondering expression.

Ouyang whistled, and instantly a black cloud rushed out from the Heng Yue Peaks to his location.

Wang Lin focused, and it was the Thousand-legged Centipede!

Ouyang said nothing more, and with a stamp of his foot he jumped on. After that, one disciple after another from Xuan Dao had expressions of embarrassment, anger, etc. and they all went on the centipede.

Seeing as they were going to leave, Wang Lin’s gaze flashed, and he made a decision in his heart. He yelled out, “Fellow disciples and elders from Xuan Dao, I have a presumptuous request!”

Saying that, his body started to float, and under the control of the Gravity Technique he easily rose in the air, and stopped in front of the Thousand-legged Centipede.

Ouyang’s face did not change. If it was any other disciple from the Heng Yue Sect, he wouldn’t even respond. But the strength of Wang Lin was simply too frightening, so he suppressed the resentment in his heart and said coldly, “Speak!”

Wang Lin looked at the Thousand-legged Centipede, and said honestly, “I want to use the poison of this Thousand-legged Centipede. Please allow this request!”

Before Ouyang even said anything, the disciples from Xuan Dao were all angered. One of them said sternly, “Wang Lin, don’t be unreasonable!”

“Wang Lin! This Thousand-legged Centipede is one of the Spiritual Beasts of our Xuan Dao Sect. How can we give the poison to you when you say you want it!”

“You’re too arrogant. Elder, this person is disrespecting our Xuan Dao Sect. Please teach him a lesson!”

The other two elders were sneering endlessly.

Ouyang glared at Wang Lin, sinisterly smiled and said, “Boy, get out of here. I won’t bother with you.”

As an elder in the Heng Yue Sect, Huang Long flew up along with the shine of the sword then it dissipated around Wang Lin. Huang Long said clearly, “Isn’t your Xuan Dao Sect a bit too stingy? It’s just some centipede poison, and it’s not like we want the life of the centipede!”

Ouyang had a gloomy face on. He looked around, and at the end he landed his gaze on Huang Long and said, “Taking the poison is a small thing, but a little boy dares to be so arrogant! He doesn’t even put our Xuan Dao Sect in his eyes!”

Huang Long hesitated for a bit. Actually, he didn’t want the Xuan Dao Sect to feel too bad. After all, what they said before was really shocking. If it was true, then later on in the cultivation country of Zhao, everything will be changed.

Wang Lin hesitated for a bit as well, but he had to get the centipede poison, so he said, “I only need a bit of centipede poison. I won’t harm it. If you agree, then I am willing to take something to trade for it!”


62 thoughts on “Xian Ni: Chapter 57 – Entering the Stage (7)

  1. trying to save his brother hao. that must be it, right?

    but seriously, anti-gravitating up… can’t float like those others after all.

    ah, and thanks for translating! would be a real pain to do it myself, with horrible machine translations i’d be tired of it before finishing just one paragraph.


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