JMG: Chapter 35 – Confrontation of the Officials

Morning on the next day.

Qin Lang woke up from bed, and yelled at the jailers guarding, “Officer, I want to call someone.”

“No.” The jailer refused Qin Lang’s request.

“If you guys must do that, then when I have the chance, I will tell my family, friends, media about how I got attacked by a person with knife and poison. I’m sure you don’t want trouble right?” Qin Lang proposed a small trade with the jailer.

The two jailers discussed for a bit, and one of them handed a cellphone to Qin Lang. But, they required Qin Lang to use the phone in front of them so that way they could know whether Qin Lang’s conversation will bring them trouble or not.

Qin Lang accepted the compromise, since he only needed to give Zhaokan a call.

Zhaokan’s phone number had 4 consecutive numbers, so it was very easy to remember. After Qin Lang called Zhaokan, he told him his identity, only to hear Zhaokan curse loudly, “Damn Qin Lang! You killed Zhou Ling Ling! …I will kill you…I…”

Qin Lang knew that Zhaokan was only venting the anger and sadness in his heart. But, he didn’t have time to listen to Zhaokan go on, so he interrupted him, “I didn’t harm Zhou Ling Ling and you should know this! I need you to help me a bit right now. Log on to my online cellphone address book, and there should be a person called ‘Bald Male Attendant’. Contact him and let him bring you to see me.”

“Who is this guy?” Zhaokan was confused, “And where are you?”

“Remember the bald male that jumped down the building with us two days ago?” Qin Lang said, “Tell him that we know who he is. He will undoubtedly bring you to see me.”

“Okay.” Zhaokan replied to Qin Lang, then apologized, “Qin Lang, I’m sorry! Just now I——”

“Time is precious, and I look at you as a bro.” Qin Lang said.

“Okay, bro!” Zhaokan hung up, and immediately followed Qin Lang’s instructions.

After that, Qin Lang accepted the further inspection from the hospital, and even ate a splendid breakfast.

Qin Lang thought that staying in the hospital wasn’t that bad. But, he also knew that Sankun and Anderson wouldn’t let him continue staying here.

Indeed, before long, under the escort of several jailers, a big-bellied official that was wearing a police uniform walked into Qin Lang’s hospital room. He shot a glance at the Qin Lang who was sitting in the hospital bed, then said, “It seems that he doesn’t have any more problems, so let’s hurry and bring him back to the detention house.”

“Yes sir, Director Zhou.” One of the jailers immediately said and nodded.

“Oi——The inspection report hasn’t come out yet.” Qin Lang coldly snorted at the Director called Zhou.

Zhou Siming used a strict gaze to stare at Qin Lang, and coldly humphed, “What. You’re talking about human rights to me? Inside my detention house, I am the law! I have the final say to whether you have human rights or not!”

As he was saying that, Zhou Siming’s tyrant nature was completely revealed. It couldn’t be helped. Although this guy was a little director, but in the Little Zangou detention house, for the good or bad, he was still the highest in command, so it couldn’t be helped that he was a bit proud and arrogant.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

But just at that time, some untimely claps came from outside the hospital room.

The claps were from Zhaokan, and he finally appeared.

Next to Zhaokan was a young man dressed in a suit, and he was around 20 years old or so.

“Who are you? This is a separate hospital room for prisoners, and outsiders cannot enter as they wish!” Zhou Siming coldly snorted. The two jailers next to him quickly started to move. They prepared to drive Zhaokan and the young man out and put up a display in front of their leader.

“Such a huge might, Director Zhou!” The young man next to Zhaokan coldly humphed, “I am the city hall secretary, Chen Jinyong.”

After saying that, the young man gave his identification to Zhou Siming.

Although Zhou Siming was the highest in command and “emperor” of Little Zangou, in the entire Summer Sun City government he was barely anything. And the opponent’s job position was the city hall secretary! Zhou Siming knew what that meant, even if he was just a little secretary, he cannot offend him because the city hall secretary worked for the head of the city’s government!

“Oh, it’s Chief Chen. Hello, hello.” After receiving Chen Jinyong’s identification, Zhou Siming instantly became more respectful. Although he was only a chief, the power behind him was extremely frightening.

“Chief Zhou, I want to chat with Mr. Qin lang here.” Chen Jinyong’s tone was more like a command rather than a request.

The corner of Zhou Siming’s mouth twitched. He felt that his dignity was being looked down upon, so he couldn’t help but say, “I’m sorry Chief Chen. This person is a important suspect, and without the permission of the higher-ups——”

“Oh.” Although Chen Jinyong was young, but he had plenty of experience with battles against officials. He didn’t want until Zhou Siming was finished and interrupted him, “Your meaning is that you’ll go against Deputy Mayor Wu’s words?”

“Deputy Mayor Wu? You mean Deputy Mayor Wuwen? The rumoured person to be mayor soon!”

Zhou Siming was suddenly stunned, but he couldn’t help but curse in his heart: “Damn Chen Jinyong. If it was Deputy Mayor Wu’s words then why not say it earlier? There was no need for all this intimidation.”

But Zhou Siming smiled and said, “If it’s his meaning then of course there’s no problem.”

Chen Jinyong gave a smile of an official, then said, “Then Director Zhou and the others wait outside, I have a few words with Mr. Qin Lang.”

“Qin Lang——You are quite crazy!” Zhaokan went up and patted Qin Lang’s shoulders, “Did you suffer in the detention house?”

“I fought with people, but the one suffering wasn’t me.” Qin Lang smiled. He knew it wasn’t time for greetings, so he said to Chen Jinyong, “Chief Chen is it? I need to speak with Deputy Mayor Wu.”

“He is currently very busy, so I’m afraid that he doesn’t have any time right now. But I already talked to him so just tell me whatever you need.” Chen Jinyong said calmly.

“Old fox.” Qin Lang coldly snorted in his heart. He knew that Wuwen was intentionally avoiding him because he was afraid that Qin Lang and Zhaokan would “extort” him. After all, Wuwen going to Pure Beauty Bay was not a brilliant thing. Sadly, Qin Lang wasn’t a person that was so easy to deal with, so he said dully, “Then please tell Deputy Mayor Wu two things. First, if I’m not wrong, then he can’t solve his issue in the hospital. I can help him out about that. Secondly, I have proof where he went 2 days ago. Okay, report back to him.”

Chen Jinyong did not hesitate, and he pulled out his phone, went next to the windows, and quietly reported what Qin Lang said to Wuwen.

After a moment, Chen Jinyong asked Qin Lang, “What request do you have?”

“Tell him to come here himself, I don’t have time to play around.” Qin Lang said impatiently.

“But Deputy Mayor Wu is really busy——”

“Then so be it.” Qin Lang coldly snorted, “But remember to remind him that after today’s afternoon, his thing cannot be saved!”

With Qin Lang’s words, 10 minutes later, Wuwen appeared in Qin Lang’s room.

Actually, Wuwen was receiving treatment in the People’s Hospital, so he wasn’t at his office “doing thousands of things everyday”. Since that day in which he received his injury, he had always been in the top-class hospital room in the People’s Hospital receiving the treatment of specialists, but the treatment effect wasn’t too ideal. Although the injuries of the affected area already started to recover, but some crucial function had no signs of recovering. Wuwen was quite scared as he thought of Qin Lang’s words.

Although Wuwen was 45 years old or so, but he had very strong desires. If he became a eunuch like that, it would be a huge blow to him. Even if he rose in ranks it would be uncompensatable.

“Little Qin, is your body better now?” Wuwen smile was very genial, and he even personally gave Qin Lang some fresh flowers.

Wuwen’s actions completely shocked the Zhou Siming who was standing outside, and his heart beated outrageously: “Damn! Where did this brat come from? Even Deputy Mayor Wu is so respectful towards him! Damn it, this time we’ve met with bad luck!”


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    1. Different categories this is more like real life you know “City Life” while MGA is Wuxia/XianXia. If you search online maybe others are also translating City Life novels so good luck. Personally i came here for MGA but finding JMG was also equally awesome.


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