Xian Ni: Chapter 45 – Low Life

Thinking to that point, both of his eyes started to shine and he began to yell.

“Fellow disciples from the Heng Yue Sect! There’s a good old saying called ‘No need to overkill when murdering’. But I’ll say this to everyone. How would murdering be more refreshing than making them feel disgust to themselves? This disgust, it can make the opponent smell horrible for thousands of years. You can imagine that when you are battling with your arch nemesis, if you suddenly use this, even if you can’t beat them, you can gain an absolute, hard to imagine advantage!”

“Or if you are escaping. With this, the gain is even more magical. Their entire body would be black, and it would emit a huge stink. If you are running towards the areas with high population, how would they have no shame to continue chasing you?”

“Also, if you meet an enemy of love, this would have a greater effect of certain victory. Hehe, whoever dares to take away your women, if you use this, then it is guaranteed that your girl would not even contact the others, because she can’t stand the stench~~”

That Li Shan’s yell, it moved the hearts of quite a few inner court disciples. Especially that sentence which talked about acting against the enemy of love. Quite a few disciples’ hearts were moved by that.

This toy was really a killer weapon in the world of love!

At that time, Li Shan’s gaze moved, and noticed the Wang Lin that was not far. He recognized that he was the trash of Heng Yue Sect. In his eyes, trash like him were a huge customer that would be willing to part with their entire fortune. The trash in Xuan Dao were already squeezed dry by him. Seeing Wang Lin now really made him joyful, and he continued talking:

“Especially for the fellow disciples that have lower levels of cultivation. For you guys, this thunder bomb has the best effect. With this bomb, who would dare to bully you? Just throw one to those who bull you. I, Li Shan, guarantee no one will offend you if you walk around in the sect in the future.” After saying that, Li Shan laughed in his heart, and thought: “Sorry, it’s impossible to have no one offend you. A round of beating from others is unavoidable.”

“This Thunder Bomb is really a good self-defense weapon for the fellow disciples that have poor cultivation. Today I’m having a big sale, buy 2 get 1 free! Take it as a free favour. In the future if we meet up in the world of cultivation, don’t forget to look after each other.” Li Shan saw that many people had their hearts moved, and he quickly sold some more.

Within the inner court disciples that were moved by his extravagant explanation, one of them said, “Is this toy really as magical as you say it is? Take out a few, and let me choose one to test. If it is true, then I’ll buy a few to play around with.”

Li Shan said no more, and took dozens of Thunder Bombs out from his storage back, and lightly placed them on the floor, as if afraid of them exploding, then said, “Remember to lightly hold and lightly place these things. To use them just throw it out, and when there’s resistance it will automatically explode.”

Wang Lin knew the person who talked, he was Sunhao.

Sunhao walked in front, and carefully picked up one of the many Thunder Bombs, and looked at it up and down in his hands.

Li Shan’s face was normal, and mocked in his heart, “Little guy, you think you could find a single clue? Except for the elders in the sect, even the seniors can’t find out the secret of this!”

Sunhao looked for half a day but didn’t even see what was different about the Thunder Bomb. He went silent and threw it at the far away empty space. The bomb drew a curve in mid air, and the instant before it landed, Li Shan said silently, “Explode!”

Boom. The Thunder Bomb exploded. Black dust filled the ground and the nasty stench spread everywhere.

Wang Lin’s gaze flickered. His reached this area with his soul, but no one noticed it. The instant before the Thunder Bomb landed, it clearly felt that spiritual power came from Li Shan’s body.

Before, in the first test, it was the same. Wang Lin closely stared at the Thunder Bomb, and lightly chuckled, but didn’t expose it, and continued watching.

“How is it? My fellow disciple, this Thunder Bomb is quite impressive right? But I am an honest man, so I’ll say the ugly talk right now. This treasure will not explode every single time, there is a special throwing technique. After buying it back, you all can slowly figure it out. Don’t say that I tricked you when it didn’t explode.” Li Shan said while smiling.

Sunhao didn’t say anything else, and walked directly up to Li Shan then whispered a few words in his ear. After that, Sunhao pulled him to the side, and took out quite a few items.

After thinking with difficulty, Li Shan took 10 Thunder Bombs and gave it to him.

He muttered, “You bought 6, which means 3 are free. Whatever, since you are the first to trade with me, I’ll give you one extra.”

Since the first person broke the ice, and tested on scene, a few other inner disciples whispered to Li Shan, and they traded some more.

Every time after Li Shan traded with someone, he always reminded them, saying that he did not guarantee that these things would work every time. If there was no success on the first try, then practice a few more times. If they had questions, then they could find him anytime, and he would teach them the throwing technique.

As he said those words, Li Shan laughed in his heart, and thought: “You won’t be successful by throwing them a few times. When you come to me for advice, you would be “successful” for one or two times. Since we are only here for a few days, by the time suspicions arise I would be long gone.”

But there were still some inner court disciples that had a cautious attitude, and didn’t buy any.

After a while, almost no more Thunder Bombs were left from the dozens, and Li Shan looked at the Heng Yue disciples with triumph, then thought: “A bunch of idiots. Hehe, if even you don’t use it 3 days later it’ll be fine, at most you’ll be tricked by me. But once you use it, then there would be a good show then. These Thunder Bombs are completely under by command. Who cares if you use a pick, it wouldn’t explode! I really look forward to the competition 3 days later!”

He scanned with his gaze, and suddenly noticed that Wang Lin’s expression was like a smile yet not, and he was immediately startled. With a spin of his eyes, he said, “Fellow disciple, why not trade for a few to play around with? I say, with your cultivation, this Thunder Bomb is most suitable for you. Just throw it at whoever offends you.”

Wang Lin looked at Li Shan, and revealed a trace of mocking yet not mocking expression.

Li Shan was shocked. Looking at him, he had a feeling that his secret was exposed. Looking more closely at Wang Lin, he felt that he must have been mistaken as he was only in the 3rd level of the Concentrated Qi, and he even had the title of trash which wouldn’t be false.

“Sure, I’ll trade two. But I have no treasure, only some talisman from our sect.” Wang Lin lightly smiled, and said while nodding.

Li Shan hesitated for the first time, and he looked over Wang Lin for a while more. After confirming that he really was in the 3rd level of Concentrated Qi, he didn’t worry any more. Taking out 3 Thunder Bombs, he smiled and said, “I’ll sell you a favour, and I’ll take the talismen. Buy 2 get 1 free. These 3 Thunder Bombs would certainly give you a brilliant feeling. Haha.”

After saying that, he thought: “It is indeed brilliant, and I didn’t trick you on that. Hehe, as long as you carry these Thunder Bombs around, even if you don’t show up on the stage, if we meet again in the future, I’ll find a chance for you to feel the brilliance! It would certainly be engraved in your memory for your life time. Haha!”


47 thoughts on “Xian Ni: Chapter 45 – Low Life

  1. Same as Magic Stones from Only Sense Online (LOL) :3

    But this really takes me back when stink bombs were all the rager in my school o_o Many bags died that day :(


  2. Thank you for the release XD

    I can’t imagine what kind of face Li Shan’s gonna make when he fight Wang Lin on stage and discovered he wasn’t fooled XD.

    *Can’t wait how he use his Sword(Wealthy).


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