JMG: Chapter 32 – Police, Clean Up

But, Qin Lang was only scaring those people.

His mood today was horrible, and at this time there were even people that dared to anger him, which meant that Qin Lang had to make them feel even worse!

First it was Sankun. Now it was Kui and his little minions. They all tasted the result of angering Qin Lang.

Finally, the jailer started to patrol.

When the jailer arrived at the cell, he saw Kui and his men kneeling in a row at the door. And when he saw Kui was even naked, the jailer was speechless.

“Iron Fist Kui” got beaten up by Qin Lang to this extent!

As for Qin Lang, he was resting by lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Seeing the jailer shine his flashlight on himself, Qin Lang coldly snorted, “Please notify that idiot Sankun, if the people he arranges in here are trash like this, it won’t be enough!”



The jailer worked in Little Zangou for a good few years, but it was the first time he saw such a fierce character. He never would have thought that this guy was only a high school student, and he was a “good student” in one of the well known high schools in the country. Seeing Qin Lang’s attitude, the jailer hated being unable to rush in there to give Qin Lang a lesson, but he didn’t dare to do that. It was because criminals could participate in brawls, but jailers couldn’t, especially when the internet opinions were so strong.

But, seeing that the jailer came, Kui and his men looked as if they were pardoned, and they immediately, and luckily, slipped away.

At that time, they didn’t have any thoughts of revenge, they only wanted to get away from the little demon!

“Oi——Tell Sankun to not send any more human sandbags in here!” Qin Lang said to the jailer. Since he knew that the jailer was bought by Sankun or Anderson, he didn’t mind offending them.

The jailer coldly laughed, “Just you watch!”

It seemed that Sankun already had a plan. 10 minutes later, another temporary “cellmate” was sent into Qin Lang’s prison cell.

That guy was quite a bit stronger than Kui, but under Qin Lang’s “Mantis Fist”, he wasn’t able to endure for long. Very quickly, he got beaten up by Qin Lang to the point that his nose was green and his face was swelled up. He was begging for forgiveness on the ground!

“Oi——Police! Jailer!”

Qin Lang yelled out two times, but the jailer didn’t appear. It was obvious that it was intentional. They even thought that Qin Lang was out of luck. After all, this guy was stronger than Kui, and Qin Lang had already been in a fight, so his strength must have been consumed up quite a bit.

Qin Lang thought for a bit, then yelled his throat out, “Oi! Jailer! Come out and clean up——”

Finally, with that yell, the jailer couldn’t sit tight. When the two jailers saw Kui who got beaten up by Qin Lang, they couldn’t help but be surprised. Although they felt very unhappy towards Qin Lang’s arrogance, and really wanted to personally take care of Qin Lang, they knew that their martial ability was too far off from his. They had the heart but not the strength.

As they saw another thug being dragged out by the jailer, the other prisoners in the cells started getting excited, and hit the jail doors non-stop. They really wanted to personally witness Qin Lang’s fights with others!

“Clean up!”

Someone yelled out, then even more people yelled together, “Clean up! Police clean up——”

Those criminals were really only fearful of the non-chaotic world!

“Damn, you don’t want to sleep?!” The jailer waved his truncheon and bellowed. Normally, the prisoners may have restrained themselves, but tonight, their fierce and violent nature got triggered. They didn’t even care about the jailer’s warning, and continued yelling crazily and banged on the cell doors.

The head of the guards quickly noticed the situation. After receiving the jailer’s report, he immediately called Sankun, “Boss San, what are you doing? The prisoners in here are starting to get rebellious! Really, what are you doing? You can’t even take care of a high school student?!”

Accepting the head guard’s phone, Sankun’s face darkened, and he immediately called another phone number, and said carefully, “Master An, that brat is ‘difficult’ to deal with, is ‘Steel bro’ going to go personally?”

“Mm.” A bored sound came from the phone.

Sankun breathed a sigh of relief. He personally witnessed the power of “Steel bro”, and he knew if “Steel bro” were to personally go, then he could certainly give Qin Lang a harsh lesson, and completely cripple the annoy brat.


Qin Lang was lying on the bed, but he was only resting with his eyes closed, and didn’t really fall asleep.

It was because he clearly knew that tonight was not going to be peaceful. Sankun and Anderson would not let him go just like that.

11 o’clock at night, the prison cells started boiling again, because the jailer brought a new “prisoner” and walked over.

“Steel bro! He’s Steel bro!”

“Steel bro! He’s strong!”

“Battle between the dragon and the tiger, this will be worth watching!”


Within the prison cells, very quickly, people recognized the new “prisoner”. It was obvious that the person called “steel bro” was not ordinary.

The jailer brought “Steel bro” into Qin Lang’s cell, smiled, and said maliciously, “You two should peacefully coexist!”

Qin Lang flipped his body and went off the bed. His gaze landed on the body of “Steel bro”. It seemed like that guy wasn’t as tall and sturdy as Kui, as he was only 1.6 or 1.7 meters tall He was even a few centimeters shorter than Qin Lang. But, violent air was being released all over him, and within his gaze there was a serious killing intent, which clearly meant that it was a violent character who killed viciously and mercilessly.

In the information that Hansan gave Qin Lang, it mentioned information about “Steel bro”. This guy was Anderson’s driver and also his bodyguard, and he had been a “black boxer” in the Guangdong province, having very strong real combat skill. He was called Chengang, and he used his pair of steel fists to shake Summer Sun City’s underworld, so the people from the underworld called him “Steel bro”. Chengang wasn’t even 20 years old this year, yet he was at the time in which he was flourishing as a boxer. He heard about Qin Lang’s martial art skill, and his hands felt itchy.

[TN: The “gang” in Chengang means “steel”.]

After the cell door closed, Chengang took off his outer clothing, and he only wore a tight white sleeveless garment. He was wearing loose track pants and black cloth shoes. With light clothing such as that, it was clear that he came prepared and did the preparation for a huge battle.

“You’re Qin Lang?” Chengang got into position, and waited with rapt attention. He didn’t underestimate his opponent just because he was a high school student.

Qin Lang lightly nodded, and stood still with the Hidden Dragon Pillar. it was as if he grew roots on the ground.

Chengang saw that with standing pose, and it was as if Qin Lang could support the Heavens, so he couldn’t help but secretly be surprised and view Qin Lang with a few more points of impressment. Chengang was a black boxer, and the so-called black boxing was the boxing for life and death. There weren’t many rules, only win or lose, live or death. That was why as a black boxer, Chengang had a lot of experience with fighting, and from Qin Lang’s position, he could tell that Qin Lang was no easy person to go against. Only the real schools that taught martial arts require their disciples to train in pillaring strictly, and when the results showed for pillaring, then the footing would be more stable and the punches would be more fierce.

Although Chengang could tell all that, he didn’t have a single trace of fear. Because as a black boxer, you not only needed to train in the martial arts, you also needed to pay attention to the battle techniques and the methods of killing!

Within the martial arts, it included ways to maintain the heart, maintain good health, and even philosophy as well, but there was only one meaning in black boxing——to kill!

Zizi! ~

After facing each other for a moment, the hallway lights outside of the cell flickered because of the unstable electrical currents, and the amount of light inside the cell started to decrease.

Just at that time, Chengang’s fist came striking out like a lightning bolt!


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      1. well, this cliffhanger killed me, but by spending 500gold i bought a revival pill and came back to life


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