Xian Ni: Chapter 40 – Arrival of Visitors

“Hmph. Every time, an ostentatious display is put up by Xuan Dao, and it is taunting us Heng Yue because we don’t have any spiritual beasts! Damn, when we have the chance we must get rid of those spiritual beasts. Let’s see them show off then!” Another elder said that under his breath while his gaze flickers as he glared at the centipede.

The Head of Sect coldly snorted, and a purple-coloured blade flash shot out from his body. The sky trembled, and the sword suddenly became larger, and finally it formed into a huge purple dragon. It coiled above Heng Yue, and it roared at the centipede.

The thousand-legged centipede instantly stopped, and didn’t dare go forward. At that time, a burst of laughter came from on top of the centipede.

“Associate Huang Long, I’ve heard that the spirit of a dragon resides in your Purple Peak Saint Sword, and it seems that it was true. My fellow associate, we have reached the 20 year time limit once again. This time, if our Xuan Dao Sect wins, then your Heng Yue Sect would need to keep your promise. Not only do you need to return the 137 magical weapons that you stole from our Xuan Dao Sect back then, you also need to give 200 flying swords as an apology!”

The Head of Sect’s expression was normal, and you couldn’t tell whether he was happy or angry. He said calmly, “Associate Ouyang, if the Xuan Dao Sect wins, then naturally we will comply with the former promises. But, if you lose, then the techniques that the Xuan Dao uses to control spiritual beasts must be given whether you like it or not!”

After saying that, the purple dragon slowly dissipated, changed back into a purple flying sword, and returned back in the hands of the Head of Sect, Huang Long.

Only then did the thousand-legged centipede start slowly moving forward again. After lingering and looping around once in the air, it slowly descended. The inner disciples couldn’t help but back off one after the other, and yielded some land.

The numerous elders that were looking all frowned, and angrily glared at their disciples.

After the centipede descended, it laid there and did not move at all. Dozens of people jumped down from its back. Except for the 3 old men, the age of the rest of them were not too high.

There were both male and females in the Xuan Dao Sect, and who knew whether or not they were intentionally trying to anger the Heng Yue Sect. Knowing that there were very little disciples with purple clothes in the Heng Yue Sect, everyone from Xuan Dao had purple clothes on. Also something else brightened the eyes of the disciples in the Heng Yue Sect. No matter if it was male or female, all of them had very good appearances. The males were handsome, the females were beautiful, and it was very eye provoking.

Especially the male and female in front. The male’s appearance was unusually handsome, and he was even filled with the aura of manliness. His long sleeves were fluttering and dancing in the light wind. With a sword tied on his back, and the tassel rising into the air, it made him seem even more brave and formidable. It instantly enchanted a few of the female disciples.

On the female’s side, she wore purple clothes. She was good-looking beyond compare and had waterfalls of gracefulness. Her eyes were like a phoenix and she had a cherry-like mouth. Within her beautiful eyes, it revealed a moving look. Even if it was Wang Lin, after looking his heart couldn’t help but beat faster. He was secretly shocked, and looked deeply at that female again, then immediately tightened his mind.

Seeing as their disciples exposed their indulgence one after the other, one of the elders couldn’t put up with it any longer, and with anger from the bottom of his heart, he yelled, “When has the Xuan Dao Sect learned such appalling charming techniques? It is really too heinous!”

With that yell, it instantly awakened all the disciples, and they all revealed expressions of surprise.

One of the 3 old men started laughing, and said, “You are Dao Xu right? I am Qin Gu Lei. Look closely. Neither one of my disciples used any charming techniques, and they have a single, innate water root. Looking at your Heng Yue disciples, none of them have such a root, and most of their 5 elements are all disordered. No wonder you couldn’t see the differences.”
[TN: Information about the “roots”.]

It was unknown whether all of the Heng Yue elders’ expression was gloomy or clear. After a while, the Head of Sect Huang Long’s face was as normal as usual, and without leaving any trace of going off topic, he said, “My fellow Xuan Dao associates. First rest for a bit, and 3 days later we officially start exchanging blows. Is that fine?”

The old man Ouyang nodded, smiled, and said, “That’s good. Our Xuan Dao Sect has known your Sect for quite a few years. And these exchanges, although we both have our bets, but no need to be rude to one another because of that.”

Within the many elders of the Heng Yue Sect, one walked out. There were countless wrinkles on his face, and he seemed to be in a low spirits. He lightly smiled, and said to Ouyang, “Associate Ouyang. We haven’t seen each other in 20 years, do you still remember me?”

Ouyang laughed and said, “I just saw you old guy! Associate Song, whatever you say, I still have to drink the wine that you brew. Last time I didn’t drink enough, you were too stingy, and you only took out a jug!”

Elder Song smiled and said, “It’s not me being stingy, it’s just your stomach for wine is too terrifying. It doesn’t matter how many jugs I take out, it won’t be enough!”

As those two were talking, two of the other elders from Xuan Dao also found people they knew, and it was as if they forgot all the unpleasantness from before, and started to chat to each other.

They talked about interesting things in the cultivating world of Zhao, and it allowed disciples of both sects to broaden their horizons.

For example, Wu Feng Gu had a disciple, which seduced the female disciple of the Head of Piao Miao Sect, and she became pregnant. The Head of Piao Miao Sect fought his way to Wu Feng Gu to demand fairness, and at the end they brought back a baby.

Or for example, the Tian Dao Sect had a disciple that betrayed their own sect, and joined in the Hehuan Sect. The Hehuan was more favourable towards their disciples, and one after the other they tasted the benefits, so one disciple after the other betrayed their sect. At the end, the angry elders of the Tian Dao Sect sent out the order to chase and kill.

Or perhaps some genius gem was born. And at the end, they said that several months after a taoist elder of the Piao Miao Sect produced a pill, he hosted a huge celebration, and all sorts of Sects and friends went up to congratulate, etc.

Wang Lin listened for half a day, and very slowly, he started to have a vague impression of the cultivation world of Zhao. At that time, he suddenly felt that someone was paying attention to him. He turned his head, and he saw that the single water root female from Xuan Dao was faintly smiling at him.

Wang Lin nodded, and retracted his gaze. He was alert in his heart, because he knew that he didn’t have that much charm and was able to stand out in so many disciples.

Liu Mei was a very well known figure within the disciples of Xuan Dao, and she had extreme confidence in her natural “charming techniques”. Usually in the Xuan Dao Sect, very little colleagues can resist her. But seeing that seemingly ordinary youth was the first to recover from the trance, it shocked her a little bit. She couldn’t help but look at him a few more times, but no matter what, the opponent was only at the 3rd Concentrating Qi level, and there was nothing unusual about him.

As the elders chatted, the disciples from both sides were also judging each other. It was as preparation for when they start exchanging blows in the future. But, they were unable to see the strength of most of the Xuan Dao disciples, as if there was an invisible mist covering them, hiding their real ability.

Wang Lin felt surprised as well. He had a few extra points of interest to the Xuan Dao Sect. It was obvious that everyone had some sort of hidden technique prepared, but it was clear that it was a bit more superior than the hidden technique.

Most of the Heng Yue disciples put their attention on the most eye-catching male and female on the front, and everyone had their thoughts. But, Wang Lin noticed something strange. Between those people, as he was looking at their eye expression, it seemed that the eyes of the middle-aged male at the back revealed faintly detectable respect.

After looking at that person deeply, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, lowered his head, and said nothing more.


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  1. Thanks!
    his ability to resist the charm, speaks of his soul’s strength! And who’s that middle-aged man? He was looking at wang lin…


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