No synopsis tomorrow~

I’m in no mood to translate. Hm. I wonder why..

But yes, as a heads up, there won’t be any SS tomorrow, but I’ll do double next week. That’s all~


12 thoughts on “No synopsis tomorrow~

  1. Then feel free to rest :3 have one of those wonderfully quiet days you never seem to have time for tomorrow. Drink a cup of tea. Read something. ANYTHING o.o… maybe remembering to eat is good too /hmm. And most importantly, relaaaaaaax~ charge those batteries for the next time you need them <.< ^^ /gg


  2. I don’t even care for the synopses 😂 MGA is what I truly care about but u don’t have to do 2 synopse next week because I don’t think many people are really interested in a synopse

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    1. Ummmm….. I am following like 6 of the series that are being tl’d thanks to FlowerBrige Translation God. Without this I can almost guarantee that those new novels that I follow wouldn’t be TL’d. I also love the synopsis sundays the story’s are never bad.


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