We’re moving to WW people!

On the 2nd “monthiversary” of this wonderful blog (it’s today if you didn’t know), I have decided that MGA shall be moved to wuxiaworld~

There are quite a few reasons for it so I won’t bother listing them all, but generally, I feel that “the more the merrier”, so having a website with a huger collection of novels would be for the best. Naturally, why not wuxiaworld right?

Other than a different website that hosts the translations, there won’t be anything different. I’ll still (try) to do 2 chapters a day and an extra occasionally.

What happens with this blog then? Well, other than the occasional/rare Xian Ni chapter that I’ll post, the only other thing would be the Synopsis Sundays. As for the milestones, I’ll see what I can do, but a few things would be removed (followers, total views) so I may try to do views based on chapters instead. Anyways, I’ll see.

I can see nothing harmful by moving over, so I will do just that. I await the day where WW hosts like 20 different novels :D


So, that is all. Today’s chapter will be posted at wuxiaworld (with more cliffhangers?)! Horrah!

EDIT: The links are up (the old ones). If you go to wuxiaworld.com, “Xianxian and more” tab, you’ll see the MGA index/ToC.

Of course, you could click this link instead :p


77 thoughts on “We’re moving to WW people!

  1. As long as it doesn’t mess with our daily dose of chapters it’s fine. If we don’t get them we’ll just drag you back under the Flowerbridge. XP


  2. Aw, that’s a shame. I liked the nice, clean look of the website–feels user-friendly like Google–as well as the chapters being separated into arcs. Oh well, as long as you keep on chugging, can’t complain too much.


  3. somehow i have a bad feeling about all these light novels ending up on the same site, I hope the more series added to ww the more money they will invest to keep a stable server


  4. to be honest, i do not think that it is a good idea to post the chapter there… if there are more novels that will increase the load too much. the cause are naturaly the readers that will have to move their…

    and i do not like the layout there. flower yours is clean an has a good format. ww is at that point a pain in the ass….

    i have worked in the it and now i am studing it so i have at least more knowlege at that.

    if possible i would like to read it here. it would be nice if we have that choice. if not i have to move there.


  5. What happened to the 10 or so extra milestone chapters that was piling up? I was looking forward to that :(


    1. Well, the 10 or so extra milestone chapters were all exploded in one day so I only have like 3 chapters or so now? But since I moved, I’ll try to think of some new ones (views/chapter?)


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