Xian Ni: Chapter 111

There was a total of 7 tokens. Up until now, Wang Lin had two of Li Shan’s tokens, one from the Xuan Dao Sect, one from the Piao Miao Sect, and one from He Huan Sect. In total, there were five.

Throwing in the token taken from the Corpse Yin Sect, it meant, out of the 7 tokens, there was only one left.

Wang Lin thought for a moment. He had searched all the sects in the Sicklepod Valley but he did not find the last one. Of course, it was possible that it was hidden away by others. But, Wang Lin did not plan to spend too much power searching for it. Out of the 7 tokens, it was enough if he had 5. That basically guaranteed that he could enter the foreign battlefield.

After thinking about the tokens, Wang Lin instantly thought of the preparations for the battles in 2 months.

The first were the cyan grains. After replenishing the one he used, he had a total of 3. Within the 3, only one was not fused. The other two were a super strong treasure that were fused together.

After cautiously putting away the 3 grains, Wang Lin went silent for a short while. He opened his storage bag and rummaged around. In these days, he killed quite a few people and the amount of things in the storage bag more or less increased. He had quite a few things in his bag right now.

After a while, suddenly, Wang Lin took out a round pearl. It was a lot smaller than the bead and it was only 1/10 of the size of a fist. It had an extremely smooth surface without any designs but there were some tiny cracks.

Holding the pearl, Wang Lin couldn’t help but think of the strange person Adai. The pearl was the first treasure item that he gave to him. After lightly sighing, he retracted his thoughts, looked at pearl and his gaze flashed.

After a while, the corner of the mouth curled up and he revealed a gloomy smile. He put the pearl back, and after doing that, he took a deep breath and spit out a ray of green out from his mouth.

The green flying sword floated in front of him without moving.

These days, Wang Lin felt that, after the spiritual energy within his body changed, there was a sluggish feeling when he controlled the flying sword. It didn’t move as well as before. Although with the change in his spiritual power, the power of the flying sword strengthened many times than before, a sluggish flying sword, to Wang Lin, was not permitable.

So, Wang Lin planned to use this time to refine the flying sword again.

Doing hand seals, Wang Lin put out some spiritual power and surrounded the flying sword. Wang Lin patted his storage bag and a gourd appeared in his hand. Wang Lin was willing to spend on his blood-refined treasure. He bit with his teeth and opened the gourd to pour out around 1/3 of the liquid.

The liquid that was full of dark Yin energy floated in the air with the wave of Wang Lin’s hand. It was formed into a water droplet that was as big as his fist and traces of dark Yin energy spread out from it. A thin layer of old frost appeared on the cave walls that surrounded him.

Wang Lin pointed at the water droplet with his hand and it instantly moved. It collided with the tip of the green flying sword, then it flowed like the water and went down from the top of the sword. Very quickly, the outer layer of the green flying sword was sparkling.

Wang Lin took a deep breath of air and bit open the top of his tongue. He sprayed out mouthful of blood, and the instant that the blood left his mouth, he turned his hand and the liquid that he sprayed out instantly became mist. It densely rushed towards the flying sword which was covered by the liquid.

The mist slowly merged with the liquid, and very quickly, the liquid that surrounded the flying sword became pink.

Wang Lin gasped a few breaths and bit his tongue again. After spitting out the blood, he drew some symbols with his index finger. Every time he finished drawing a symbol, he flung it towards the flying sword and marked it.

Slowly, more and more symbols came. Before long, he finished using the blood. Wang Lin looked at the flying sword, said nothing and patted his chest. Instantly, the spiritual energy within his body moved. Following the pressure in his chest, he spit out some blood essence from his heart.

Wang Lin’s face went pale. Without any hesitation, he immediately used the blood to draw a symbol.

There were more and more symbols. In addition to the use of the blood essence, slowly, the liquid that surrounded the flying sword became dark red. There was even a bit of purple.

When the last symbol made of blood marked itself on the sword, Wang Lin focused his gaze and yelled, “Join!”

With a buzz, the flying sword violently shook. It continued shaking and the frequency became higher and higher. Wang Lin’s did not take his eyes off of it and revealed seriousness within them. He kept on changing his hand seals in mid-air.

As it was surrounded by the spiritual energy liquid, it was like being roasted by a shapeless fire as it made sizzling sounds. Threads of smoke started to appear, and as more and more smoke came out, there were less and less liquid.

At the end, all the liquid disappeared. Looking back at the flying sword, the colour was still green. But, there were many blood-coloured traces on the body of the sword. Other than that, it also shrunk, being only half of the original size.

The thing that shocked Wang Lin was that the sword hilt also completely disappeared. Before, the ratio between the hilt and the body was 1 to 5. But now, it was also 1 to 15. Basically, the sword hilt could be neglected and ignored.

Wang Lin did not know that his blood-refined sword went along the strengthening of his Ji realm. It was slowly in the process of a Ji transformation.

After reaching the realm of Ji with that type of transformation, the attribute of the flying sword would reach a final point in which it would do any sort of evil things.

For example now, Wang Lin tested it and its speed was faster compared to before. If he used his full strength, he could not see the trace of the sword flying with Wang Lin’s current eye power. In addition to the blinking of the flying sword, the scariness of it was not little.

At least, if any cultivator that were at the Jiadan stage and didn’t use a defense treasure, or if they didn’t have armor, if they got attacked by the sword, it was unknown whether they would live or die. That was the power of the Ji realm on the treasures, breaking through the limits of the treasures. It displayed its attributes to the extreme.

But, he was not confident against Yuanying stage cultivators. After all, Wang Lin’s correct cultivation was only at the Foundation Building stage. Even if he had the Ji realm he was too weak.

Ji realm. Only after reaching the Yuanying stage could one bring out the most of it. The scariness of the realm would also start from then.

At that time, the green little sword was even more exquisite. Traces of blue crystals occasionally appeared yet occasionally disappeared. It was quite strange and unpredictable.

After swallowing the flying sword, Wang Lin’s gaze was like lightning. He counted with his fingers. This time, he spent one month closed in for refining the flying sword. In the remaining one month, Wang Lin prepared to cultivate within the Heaven Revolting Bead. He was confident, when he left, his cultivation could break through the early stage and reach the middle stage.


47 thoughts on “Xian Ni: Chapter 111

  1. what i dont understand is i coulda sworn one of these chapters said he had achieved mid foundation stage, but now he isnt even that much into early. but didint he get like 5/9 of the way to shooting straight to yuanying? shouldnt he be late stage foundation at this point? and thanks for the chapter.


    1. Now that you mention it I think that was indeed written somewhere. Maybe it said that he had enough confidence to face mid foundation stage enemies? Also, I think you mean 5/9 of the way to shooting straight to jiedan with that technique (can’t remember the exact name), but I think that’s seperate to his stage in foundation building. Alsom he’d need to find a training place with the right qi to train further with that technique.


  2. Yes in many of the previous chapters it stated that he was at mid Foundation and only recently has it stated that he was in early foundation stage so that needs to be edited.


      1. Did that happen? I never that using cold dan to create the 1000 Ling qi links would cause his cultivation to drop down a level. Until it is stated by the author I think it was just a simple translation error.


  3. That Ji realm is so much more flexible and versatile than expected. So many applications for it. Wonder what tactics he will come up with. Thanks for the chapter!


  4. ♥Thank you for the chapter my wonderful friends♥
    Written by: Ergen (耳根)
    Translated by: Void Translations & Flower Bridge Too
    Translator you are a very amazing!


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