Xian Ni: Chapter 96 – Furnace

With that voice, it instantly formed into a storm. The fireballs on the stone pillars all around instantly darkened. The huge echo resonated back and forth in the cave, giving a false feeling of the might of the heavens.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, cupped his hands together and said respectfully, “I pay my respects.”

The person’s shadow slowly condensed and became a middle-aged man who was around 40 years old. This person had a handsome appearance, brows like the Cang Mountains, eyes like a coiling star, and a white face like jade. He was looking at Wang Lin with an expressionless face. He spoke,

“Murong, you can leave.”

The Murong who was kneeling on the ground quickly said yes, cleanly rose up and quickly left in one of the tunnel entrances. In an instant, he disappeared.

Ye Zizai waved his right hand, and instantly, a thin screen of light spread everywhere. He lightly sighed, somewhat depressed, and slowly said, “Wang Lin. you are not the disciple of my Corpse Yin Sect so you don’t need to restrain yourself. My junior Wuyu must have been met with trouble. There are no other people here so you can freely speak.”

Wang Lin stuck out his chest. He already thought of everything about Wuyu, and there was no way he could conceal anything in front of this Yuanying stage expert so he might as well speak the truth.

After thinking for a while, Wang Lin narrated everything that he saw and heard in the forest.

Ye Zizai kept on silently listening and said nothing. He waited until Wang Lin finished everything before sighing and closing his eyes to think for a while. He thought: “What this Wang Lin said should be the truth. Before leaving, Wuyu did say that his corpse puppet was going to rank up soon. Also, his description matches Wuyu’s attitude. Corpse puppet rebeling…Sigh. How would the corpse puppet rebeling be as easy as you said? Even I cannot win against the corpse puppet who’s in the middle stages of Yuanying.”

“You let this Wang Lin give me a message, I’m afraid that there’s a deeper meaning…” Thinking to that point, Ye Zizai scanned with his soul, then suddenly sighed. From what he could tell, the cultivating methods that Wang Lin used were extremely similar to the Corpse Yin Sect as they were both of the cold Yin type. After some thinking, he understood Wuyu’s meanings.

As Wuyu was asking for help, he also accepted a disciple for the Corpse Yin Sect. Ye Zizai scanned over Wang Lin with his soul and he was staring at the strange person, Adai. After a while, he completely understood Wuyu’s thoughts. Adai’s body system was naturally suitable for the Corpse Yin Sect’s refining methods.

Ye Zizai retracted his gaze and slowly spoke, “Wang Lin, he is the person who accompanied Wuyu for several years, Adai, right?”

Wang Lin nodded.

Ye Zizai took a deep breath and said firmly, “Wang Lin, after looking at your spiritual power in your body, it belongs to a slightly cold type. It could be said to be from a common origin from my Corpse Yin Sect. If you cultivate here, you will do half the work with twice the effect. Are you willing to be a disciple of my Corpse Yin Sect?”

On the road here, Wang Lin already guessed all the things that would happen. Ye Zizai’s recruiting was also within expectations. So, without any questions, he said respectfully, “I am willing.”

Ye Zizai nodded and said, “Whatever. Since you coincidentally met with Wuyu, then I’ll take it that you’re really his disciple. From now on, you are the secondary disciple of our Corpse Yin Sect.”

After that, he pointed at the strange person, Adai, and said, “I need to bring this Adai away.” Seeing that Wang Lin had some hesitations, he smiled and said, “This Adai has a deep relationship with Wuyu so I won’t harm him. I am going to take him as my own disciple.”

After saying that, he flicked his right hand and threw out a dark-blue jade strip. Wang Lin grabbed it, and as he did that Ye Zizai grabbed Adai. With Adai’s cry of surprise, they disappeared in the cave.

Wang Lin accepted the jade strip, scanned with his soul and his expression instantly became strange.

In the jade strip, there were only some simple spells, some cultivating methods about the Corpse Yin Sect and nothing else. Wang Lin pondered over it and then he understood. This was them being worried, but Wang Lin didn’t mind.

As he was scanning it, Murong was walking out from a tunnel entrance while scratching his head. When he found out that Ye Zizai left, he immediately went next to Wang Lin. As he was going to speak, he suddenly noticed the colour of the jade strip that Wang Lin was holding. Instantly, he was shocked, backed off a few steps and said respectfully, “Wurong pays his respect to ancestor Wang.”

Wang Lin had a blank look, and after looking at the jade strip in his hand, he smiled and said, “Mu bro, no need for that. What does the colour of this jade strip mean?”

Murong looked at Wang Lin’s jade strip in his hand with admiration and bitterly smiled as he took out a light-blue jade strip from his storage bag then said, “Just now you didn’t have the jade strip so it didn’t matter if I called you like that. But now you have the jade strip, and as the rules of the sect are strict, how do I dare to continue calling you Wang bro…”

“Look at the colour of my jade strip. The jade strip is the only identification in the Corpse Yin Sect. The jade strip for founders are green, ancestors are dark-blue, elders are light-blue, and the rest of the disciples are white.”

Wang Lin put away the jade strip, and just as he was going to speak, suddenly, the fireballs on the stone pillars all around flickered a few times. A few thin smoke curled together and formed into green smoke.

Murong’s expression changed slightly, and with some hand seals, he spit out, “Back.”

The green smoke instantly coiled, flew next to Murong and entered his forehead. It formed into dust and disappeared.

Murong closed his eyes slightly. After a while he opened them and said to Wang Lin, “Ancestor just now, founder Ye sent a message and he arranged a cultivating room for you. Do you want me to bring you there now?”

Wang Lin was quite amazed by some of the secrets in the Corpse Yin Sect. For example, the messaging just now. It was through smoke! Wang Lin touched his chin, smiled, and nodded.

Murong’s body moved and he flew towards one of the tunnel entrances. Wang Lin’s body floated and followed up.

The speed of the two of them were very quick in the cave. On the road, Murong gave a simple introduction to the Corpse Yin Sect, and in addition, from the words of the young man when he passed through the formation, Wang Lin had a bit of understanding of the Corpse Yin Sect.

The Corpse Yin Sect. One of the four devil method sects. There were around a thousand disciples, and most of them lived underground. All of them had their own cultivating room, and other than the disciples that needed to go out to buy things, most of them concentrated on cultivation.

Actually, saying that it was a sect of devil methods was not too suitable. Compared to the devil flames of the Tian Dao Sect, evilness of the Hehuan Sect, or the the killing intent of the Wufeng Sect. Although it was said that the Corpse Yin Sect had corpse puppets, most of them were insane people who cultivated.

Every single Corpse Yin Sect disciple were always crazily cultivating. The thing that created such a situation was because of a cruel system. Those who do not reach the 10th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage after 10 years, Foundation Stage after 30 years, Jiedan stage after 100 years would all be made into corpse puppets.

The bloody system was like a whip that was always hitting the disciples of the Corpse Yin Sect, forcing them to always cultivate insanely.

Every year, there would be people made into corpse puppets. Every time that happened, all the disciples would be attending as a warning.

Similarly, every year, some disciples would be sent out to search for the exceptionally good people. No matter with which methods, they needed to join the sect to compensate for the loss of disciples.

It was not that the disciple did not want to resist, but before entering the sect, all of the disciples would have a bit of their soul sealed on the jade strip. There were four types of jade strips. The green-coloured founder one could control every single disciple in the sect. Similarly, the dark-blue coloured ancestor one also had that effect, then it was the light-blue jade strip.

Under the layers of control, no one dared to rebel. Murong also hiddenly pointed out that the Corpse Yin Sect was a huge Sect and it was not the only branch within the country of Zhao. He had seen the Corpse Yin Sect from rank 5 countries patrolling around, and the servants of the emissaries had the cultivation of the Yuanying stage.

As Wang Lin listened, he was more shocked. He could help but think, why did Ye Zizai not take a part of his soul to seal on the jade strip?

The same question came from Ye Zizai’s body within the deepest parts of the cave.

“Why did you not take a part of his soul to seal on the jade strip?” The raspy voice was like two iron ingots grinding against each other.

Ye Zizai patted Adai’s head with his right hand. After sealing his 5 senses, he turned around and sat cross-legged on a black-coloured rock bed in the cave. After some hand seals, he touched his forehead with his right hand, and instantly, his entire body trembled as an illusionary person slowly came out.

The person’s image was very blurry and his face was not clear. After leaving Ye Zizai’s body, he floated in mid-air. After looking at Adai’s body for a while, he suddenly extended his left hand and wanted to grab onto Adai’s head.

Ye Zizai frowned, and with some hand seals, he sprayed out a blue-coloured Ying fire. Just as the fire appeared, it formed into a long rainbow and blocked the person’s hands.

“Luocha, this Adai is the descendant that Wuyu hiddenly indicated. You may not harm him!” Ye Zizai said coldly.

The person cruelly smiled and as his body floated, held both his shoulders and floated on the side while saying in a sharp voice, “Ye Zizai. You and Wuyu are only my furnaces. At first, Wuyu left quite quickly, and before master Zi gained consciousness he left. But now he’s asking for help. He is simply walking into his own trap. Ye Zizai, since you already know his location, why aren’t you helping master Zi so he can consume Wuyu?”

Ye Zizai face was heavy as he stared at the person. He coldly smiled and said, “Before you completely engulf me, don’t think that I will follow any of your orders. As for that master Zi, if I’m not going to help Wuyu, then I’m not going to help him. Whether he can consume Wuyu will depend on his skill.”

The person laughed and didn’t pay attention to that. He said, “Since you are not willing to, I won’t force it. But, the next order of conscious bodies are already prepared from the rank 5 country. This time there’s 10 people so you better prepare the furnace. Remember who you are. You are just a disciple that does foreign affairs with the Corpse Yin Sect. Also, this Adai guy, how are you planning to take care of him?”

Ye Zizai thought for a bit and hidden sighed. 400 years ago, he entered the Corpse Yin Sect. With his good talent, he also used 400 years to reach the Yuanying stage. But just at that time, consciousness was created in his corpse puppet and started to consume him. That consuming was quite long, and also because of that, he knew about some secrets of the Corpse Yin Sect.


38 thoughts on “Xian Ni: Chapter 96 – Furnace

  1. let me get this straight? all the high level corpse puppet gain consciousness at the end. and consume their master. does this mean the sect is really controlled by corpse puppets?


    1. I think that he only joined for learning some techniques and I think he realized that they might attack him if he refused to join. He isn’t really loyal to Heng Yue, only to himself. If he rejoins, it will be to take control of the sect.


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