Xian Ni: Chapter 93 – Corpse Yin Sect (2)

The face of the strange person on the floor changed greatly, and without hesitation, he instantly tore off the 9 yellow papers on his body all at once. As 9-coloured gases emerged, he also quickly rose up and rushed towards Wang Lin’s location. He tore the red circle of light without minding and quickly jumped down as he carried Wang Lin.

Wang Lin awaked in the instant when the other person arrived. He saw the terror in the strange person’s eyes and was also aware of the strange change in the sky. Without saying anything, Wang Lin allowed the strange person to drag him off the statue.

After the two of them landed, the strange person immediately put the seals in his hands onto the statue. A pitch-black spiral appeared on the outer wall of the statue and the strange person pulled Wang Lin to enter it.

At the same time, the 8 pillars of light disappeared and the statue slowly sank into the ground.

At that time, the figure of the male standing mid-air on a coffin started to became denser, revealing a dried up body. His face was cold, and beside him was was the Corpse Demon that was emitting nasty smells. The Corpse Demon’s eyes revealed greed.

The male was staring at the statue which was slowly sinking into the ground. The enormous soul presence instantly covered the entire ruins. After scanning for a moment, at the end, he casted his soul once again at the statue.

As for Wang Lin, the instant that he was pulled into the statue by the strange person, his gaze flashed, scanned with his soul, and on his face, he showed alarm.

The space within the statue was not big. It was as if it was empty while many white crystals were floating. Right in the middle, there was a black-coloured rock man sitting cross-legged.

The rock man’s appearance was exactly the same as the statue outside. Lines of purple light strips were emitted from the rock man and they connected to various locations in the inner wall of the statue.

After that, a screen of light appeared inside the statue. It fluctuated, and at the end it revealed an image. On the image was the situation outside.

Through the screen of light, Wang Lin clearly saw everything outside. He looked at the strange person, and at that time, he was mourning as if he was scared, but there were very strong hatred within his gaze.

The male who stood outside the statue was staring at it. His expression was calm and said neither quickly nor slowly, “Master. 100 years has passed hurriedly. But this time you can’t run away.”

Wang Lin took a deep breath, turned around, staring at the strange person and asked, “You’re his master?”

The strange person stared at Wang Lin with a blank expression. Just that time, Wang Lin’s gaze flashed and he spit out a ray of green light. The green light flashed and fiercely stabbed towards the rock man who was floating above while sitting cross-legged.

A purple gas instantly came out from the rock man. The green sword winked pass it, went through the purple gas, and stabbed into the rock man.

A fierce boom rang and a ball of light quickly flew out from the rock man. Wang Lin’s gaze flickered as he pointed with his right hand, and the flying sword changed directions once again and chased after the ball of light.

At that time, the strange person came back to his senses. He instantly revealed anxious eyes as he stared at Wang Lin. There were hidden anger in his gaze as he pointed at the flying sword and yelled out “walawala” a few times.

Wang Lin hesitated, and at that time, an urgent sound came from the ball of light.

“No need to be rash my friend. I do not have any malicious intents, and I am the master of the male outside…” At the same time, countless dots of lights gathered from everywhere and the lights merged into the ball of light. It slowly became a small person that was a foot high as it appeared in front of Wang Lin.

The little person’s appearance was weak. The light on his body was very faint, and if you looked at him, he was just like a child. As he dodged the flying sword, he repeatedly bowed and his face showed a wall-like colour.

At that time, the strange person angrily bellowed, went up and wanted to stop the flying sword.

The instant Wang Lin was going to speak to the person, he backed off a few steps and waved his right hand. The little sword retreated and floated around his body while pointing at the little person.

The strange person went next to the little person and angrily glared at Wang Lin. After yelling some “walawala”, disappointment showed in his eyes.

The little person bitterly smiled. His body lightly floated and sat on the shoulders of the strange person. He patted the strange person and said, “Adai, be polite to the guests.”

The strange person’s expression instantly eased but it still looked at Wang Lin with alert.

The little person sighed, looked at Wang Lin and said gently, “Friend, there’s no need to attack. I…”

Before even he finished talking, the male outside the statue spit out a strange phonetic symbol. The moment the symbol left the mouth, the entire statue trembled and stopped descending.

The face of the small person changed slightly. He did some hand seals and sprayed out a breath of purple gas. The moment the gas appeared, it merged with the walls of the statue all around.

The eyes of the statue flickered in purple light and continued sinking.

The male coldly snorted. He stretched out and grabbed the air. The statue trembled once again and the trend of descending slowly stopped. After that, he continuously shot out all sorts of handprints and the statue continued to stand tall in the wave of booms.

The little person in the statue breathed a sigh of relief. His expression was obviously more tired as he said to Wang Lin, “Under the attack of Amu, this statue can continue for another hour. That’s enough time to tell you everything from start to end.”

Wang Lin said nothing as he stared to him.

“I am Wuyu. I wonder if you’ve heard of the Corpse Yin Sect?” The little person sighed and said.

Wang Lin’s expression was as usual. The green little sword next to him hummed as he slowly shook his head.

Wuyu bitterly smiled and said, “No need to be so cautious friend. My body is gone, and in addition, for several hundred years, my Yuanying energy has been always wearing down. It’s already extremely weak and it won’t threaten you in any way. On the other hand, your flying sword almost took my life.”

Wang Lin’s gaze flashed, and after thinking for a while, he said, “Who’s the person outside? Are you his master?”

Wuyu showed helplessness in his eyes as he said, “He is my corpse puppet. Ahh… I was originally one of the founders of the Corpse Yin Sect, and the Corpse Yin Sect has a very special cultivating method. All disciples must find a corpse to make it into their own corpse puppet.”

“Along with their own development, the corpse puppet will become stronger as well.”

Wang Lin narrowed his eyes and said, “Your corpse puppet betrayed you.”

Wuyu bitterly smiled, nodded, and said, “That’s right. Originally, there were methods of cultivating which would make the corpse never rebel against the owner. But sadly, 300 years ago, I brought him to this place and wanted to use the cold Yin energy here to breakthrough the Yuanying early stages. But I never would have thought that all my work would be ruined at once. The corpse puppet used the chance to heavily injure me, and when my mind was at shock, he escaped my control.”

The statue trembling frequency got stronger and stronger. The little person showed anxiety in his eyes, quickened his talking speed and continued saying, “At that time, because I needed to cure my injuries in isolation, I did not have the heart to chase. After a hundred years when my injuries got better and when I came out to look for the corpse puppet, on some chance, consciousness was actually created. He was even quicker than me and reached the middle stages of Yuanying.”

“I could not fight it, and my soul left the body as I luckily escaped. My soul also suffered from heavy injuries and since then I have been hiding in this statue, not daring to go outside. The Corpse Demon outside was my physical body back then. I never would have thought with the cold Yin energy in this forest, consciousness was also created for him. Sigh.”

Wang Lin coldly smiled and said, “A bunch of nonsense. If that corpse puppet did have consciousness from what you’ve said, why did it not leave and instead it needed to find you?”

Wuyu painfully smiled, and after some hesitation he said, “Whatever. You don’t know that this involves the secrets of my sect. Even if the corpse puppet leaves my control, I did refine him for hundreds of years, so naturally, our minds would be as one. If he leaves me for over a hundred miles, he would instantly disappear like smoke.”

“The only method to solve this problem is to swallow my soul and seal me within his body. With that, he could truly escape my bindings.”

Wang Lin’s gaze flickered and he said, “So he never found you for the past hundreds of years?”

Wuyu touched the inner walls of the statue and said, “When I was escaping, I unintentionally entered this statue. This statue contains some magical power which could conceal my presence. With the help of this statue, I barely survived.”

“Also, ever since the corpse puppet entered the middle stages of Yuanying by himself, for some reason, everytime after he came out for some activities he needed to sleep for a long time. Every sleep would need a hundred years. This is also one of the reasons why I haven’t got consumed by him yet.”

“Oh? Then why did you not take the chance and escape?” Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he slowly asked.

“I’ve tried countless times to escape, but this forest is always surrounded by the fog. For Yuanying souls, the fog is extremely harmful and even if I touched it a bit I won’t be able to take it. The corpse puppet would not have found me, but I never would have thought that my physical body gained consciousness, and using the reactions of it, he found me here.”

“In addition, Adai opened the statue without my instructions. With that, it attracted the other people. Sigh. This is fate, and it cannot be blamed on others.” Wuyu bitterly smiled, looked at Wang Lin and continued saying,

“Friend, Adai has already told me about him knowing about you. If this was 300 years ago when I was just stranded here, and if I saw you then, I would have used everything to try to get your physical body. But now I already wasted that chance on Adai here. Unless I can reach the middle stages of Yuanying, there will be no way to seize another body.”

Wang Lin did not believe a single word of the little person, but on the surface is expression was normal. He looked at the strange person and said, “He’s called Adai?”

Wuyu nodded and said, “Friend, I found Adai when I was inside this statue. When he was sleeping in here, I wanted to take over his body, but sadly he had a world-breaking power within his body. My seizing failed and a huge half of my Yuanying energy was left inside Adai’s body. Danger after danger, I escaped out, but also because of that, Adai awaked from his slumber and started to have traces of not understandable feelings. From then on we relied on each other.”

“Also from that, I knew that that I may not have any chances to escape in my life anymore. Up until Adai told me that he met you.”

After saying all that, excitement flashed into Wuyu’s eyes.

Wang Lin did not say anything, and he was just silently looking at him while waiting for the rest of the words.

An expression of plea entered Wuyu’s face as he said, “I beg you friend, please help me…”


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