Xian Ni: Chapter 85 – Seizing Foundation (5)

Teng Li suddenly opened both his eyes. His eyeballs were lifeless and filled with strings of blood. His lips were trembling and he was tightly biting his teeth.

Wang Lin drew a complicated symbol with his right hand and shot out a drop of blood after biting his fingertips. When the blood met the symbol, it instantly instantly shined red and it marked itself on Teng Li’s forehead.

At that instant, Teng Li groaned in a low voice and his body shook even more violently. All the muscles in his body wiggled strangely and it gathered to his stomach.

Before long, Teng Li’s body was quickly withering away which was seeable by the naked eye. All the muscles formed into a huge meatball as they gathered around his stomach.

Wang Lin’s gaze flashed and he flipped his right hand again to hit a spell. The meatball made a bang sound as it separated from Teng Li’s body. It hovered in mid-air, and the Teng Li at that time only had skin and bones, just like a human skeleton.

Wang Lin inhaled deeply and sprayed out a breath of spiritual energy. It entered the meatball and the meatball quickly shrunk. After a while, it was as large as the sphere of blood.

Fatigue was shown on the face of Wang Lin. He flipped his hand and got a spiritual gourd out. He drank a mouthful, closed his eyes and did some breathing techniques. Before long, he opened both his eyes and pointed at Teng Li’s body.

Instantly, it exploded with a boom. Every bone in Teng Li’s body broke by the inch and became bone powder. It seeped out from the skin, gathered, and it formed into a sphere of bone.

Blood, flesh, and bone. Those small spheres that were as big as a fist and they were arranged like finished goods while emitting a strange light.

“This seizing foundation. It requires the removal of the blood, fresh, bone, soul, roots, and the process of the blood, flesh, and bones had to be done as they were alive. This is too cruel.” Wang Lin sighed and muttered to himself.

“This is nothing. The devil mediators back in my country even have seizing Dan. That thing is called cruel. Not only does the victim suffer, the performer needs to also endure unimaginable pain. The reducing of life span would be the price, but even then, the success rate wasn’t even 1%.” Situnan said unhurriedly.

Wang Lin went silent for a bit and tightened up his soul. He pointed at Teng Li with his right hand and chanted. Gradually, his chanting speed got faster and faster. The hand seals in his hand changed accordingly as threads of white gas spread out from Teng Li’s mud-like body and it got denser and denser.

After who knew how long, the white gas already reached its densest state. It gathered together and formed into a blurry silhouette. Looking carefully, you could vaguely see the little person’s face and his 5 face organs. He was no different from Teng Li.

The little person’s eyes were staring blankly and his entire body was trembling as if it would disappear with the blow of the wind. Slowly, the blankness retreated. He stared at Wang Lin, revealing a face of poisonous anger and he opened his mouth to yell yet no sound came out.

Wang Lin did not even blink. He flipped his right hand and pushed a ray of red light forward. That little person seemed to be extremely afraid of the red light as it turned around and wanted to escape. But, a meter around Teng Li’s body seemed to be an invisible cage. No matter how the little person wanted to escape, he could not rush out of that one meter.

At the end, he saw that he had no way of escaping. So, seriousness flashed onto that little person’s face and he rushed towards the red light.

Wang Lin was expressionless. He waved his right hand and the red light was like a rope as it went around the little person a few times and binded him. After that, the red light shrunk and it slowly pulled him outside.

Wang Lin knew the procedures for drawing out a soul. He could not be careless and he had to guarantee that the soul was drawn out intactly out from the one meter. Only then could he continue onto the next step which was drawing out the spirit root. Although it wouldn’t affect the seizing foundation if he messed up, there would be no way to use his spiritual roots to change his own system.

There was a face of pain on that little person as it got pulled by the red light bit by bit. With a blink, half of him already passed one meter.

Just at that time, there was a yellow flash on his body and the red light rope shattered silently. The little person immediately returned back to one meter around the body. The yellow light on his body was flickering rapidly and the little person also quickly became more solidified from the blurriness.

Wang Lin’s face sank as he stared at the little person. He did hand seals with his right hand and was prepared to do it all again. At that time, the little person revealed a face of terror and opened his mouth to speak.

“If you kill me, my grandfather will not forgive you! He is a Yuanying sage expert. If you kill me, you’re dead as well.”

Coldness flashed into Wang Lin’s eyes, and without saying anything more he sprayed out a breath of spiritual gas. He quickly did hand seals with both his hands and continuously hit the spiritual gas. Slowly, the spiritual gas concentrated into a small string.

The terror on the little person’s face increased greatly and he said weakly, “My grandfather already knows that I’m in danger. He will come immediately, you…”

Before even letting him finish, Wang Lin flicked his left hand and the string went within the one meter range of Teng Li’s body. It binded the little person and fiercely pulled him out.

The little person sharply cried and struggled, “Save me grandfather!” The yellow light on his body instantly started violently flickering and it was hiddenly resisting against Wang Lin.

Wang Lin said nothing as he took a spiritual gourd out from his storage bag. The liquid in the gourd instantly flowed out and it merged with the thin string. The string instantly thickened to the size of the finger and he pulled once again.

No matter how fast the yellow light on the little person was flickering, it was no use. He was pulled out by Wang Lin. The instant that the soul was one meter away from the body, the yellow light on the little person dissipated and turned into a yellow mist. The mist rolled around strangely and a vague, blurry body image appeared. The silhouette was in the mist, and although the appearance was unclear, it said, “No need for actions, words will do.”

Wang Lin was surprised but Situnan instantly said, “No need to worry. This is just an empty embodiment of the Yuanying expert and it is different from the real embodiment. This empty body does not have any attack damage. He cannot see you, and of course he doesn’t know where you are so that is why this empty body is so blurry. As for why he appeared, it must be because he really loved this Teng Li and left a trace of his soul in Teng Li’s soul.”

Wang Lin said nothing more as he pointed at the little person who was being binded by the spiritual rope. Instantly, he stopped his struggles and gradually shrunk. At the end, it became a purple ball.

The empty embodiment of the grandfather of the Teng family felt that Teng Li’s soul was being refined by someone. He yelled out, and his tone was filled with anger as he gloomily said, “Those who kill people of my Teng family will be cursed. You are dead. I, Teng Hua Yuan, will find you one day…” After saying that, the yellow light slowly disappeared.

On a peak that was several dozens of thousands miles away, a black gown old man was standing on it. There was a gloomy expression on his face. As his gaze flickered, he clenched his fist and muttered to himself, “Teng-Er, I swear, whether I go around the world or down to Hell, I will avenge you!” After saying that, he patted his chest with his right hand and spit out a lump of black blood. He drew with his right hand and the blood quickly rose up and down. It rippled circles of dark red, formed into countless strange symbols and they lingered between the sky and ground.

After that, a little person that was glowing purple rushed out of the old man. It stopped mid-air and immediately sat cross-legged there.

“Curse, rise!” The little person yelled sternly. Doing hand seals with both his hands, his soul formed into thousands and thousands as it merged into every symbol.

“Curse, endure!” Viewable by the naked eye, the Yuanying old man was dispirited. He obviously shrunk quite a bit, showing that he did not restrain on using large amounts of Yuanying power. The symbols that had souls merged into them flickered with a strange light. One after another, they flew into the air and were arranged into a complicated formation. The formation filled half the sky, and at that instant, the colours of the clouds changed while thunder came in bursts.

“Curse, spin!” The sky seemed to move and it slowly spun. Rays of blood-coloured lightning strikes appeared within the formation and the lightning connected together and formed into a weird rhombus.

“Curse. Combine!” The last yell of the little person shocked the world. At the same time, it spit out a huge breath of Yuanying energy. The formation in the sky spun faster and faster, and there were more and more red coloured lightning. The rhombus pattern got brighter and brighter, and after that, the formation range gradually shrunk with the speed visible by the naked eye. It quickly retracted, and at the end all the red-coloured lightning combined and they all concentrated on the rhombus pattern.

The pattern slowly descended from the sky and it marked the forehead of the little person.

A dark smile appeared from the little person as it said, “Those who kill my Teng family will receive my curse!”

In the tree hole, there were 4 round balls floating in front of Wang Lin. Saying nothing, he hit a few more symbols towards Teng Li’s body. More translucent lights floated out from his body.

Those lights were very dense, and after leaving the body, 1/3 of them disappeared in the air.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He knew that the lights were the so-called spiritual roots. He quickly sprayed a breath of spiritual mist and it wrapped around the lights and quickly engulfed it. The lights strongly rejected it, and in the process of the engulfing, another 1/3 of the original lights disappeared. At the end, only 1/3 successfully merged with the spiritual mist.

Just at that time, Wang Lin’s forehead glowed. A purple rhombus pattern appeared.

Wang Lin instantly found out about it. He raised his hand and touched his forehead with a frozen expression.

Situnan instantly said with surprise, “This person is really skilled! Wang Lin, you are cursed by a Yuanying expert that didn’t care about his lifespan. As long as you enter a certain range, he can instantly appear next to you. This person actually knows such a high skilled curse formation.”

Wang Lin suddenly stood up with a heavy face and said, “Is there anyway to break it?”

Situnan thought for a while and said proudly, “Actually, you don’t need to be too worried about this. According to my analysis on this curse, it doesn’t have any attack damage. It only has the use of instant teleportation. Although this curse is very skillfully created, I’ve researched about the cursing formations that use the waves of the sky and ground’s spiritual power. Although I don’t have my physical body and I can’t show it, I can still show you how to break the effects of the curse.”

“As long as you are not too close to him, with me to conceal you, he will not be able to find out about you no matter what. Don’t worry. Hehe, in reality this is a chance. I got some ancient secret techniques before and it used the bridge of the curse to counter-attack. The requirement was the performer to have cultivation that was over the Jidan stage, and with the help of some spiritual items, if it succeeds, half of the other person’s cultivation can be gained. Hehe, you have quite good luck.”


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