JMG: Chapter 31 – Who’s Afraid of Who

“Die!” Kui coldly humphed, and two of his people immediately rushed towards Qin Lang with their fists raised.

Bang! Bang!

Qin Lang gave two slaps, and those two people spun around two times on the spot. They were not even able to figure out which direction they were facing.

Kui snorted coldly. He originally underestimated Qin Lang, but now that he saw Qin Lang’s attack, he knew that the high school student was not a simple person, or else Sankun wouldn’t deliberately arranged him here.

“Brat, I will rape you until you wish you were dead!” Kui went into a mixed martial arts position and punched a few times in front of Qin Lang, then raised his right leg and kicked at Qin Lang’s heart. This was Kui’s ultimate attack, called “3 Chained Leg Kicks”. It was his killer move, and it was well-tried.

His men saw that their Kui bro was using the “ultimate attack”, and started getting excited.

But, very quickly, their faces changed from excitement into shock. It was because Qin Lang didn’t even move, and his pillaring was as if he grew roots. The moment that Kui raised his right leg, Qin Lang’s hand became a knife, and he used the “hand knife” to chop towards Kui’s leg.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

When Qin Lang’s “hand knife” heavily chopped on Kui’s legs, it accurately hit the “numbing tendons” on his ankle, calf, thigh, and areas such as that.

It looked like Qin Lang’s “hand knife” didn’t have a lot of power, but every time it chopped Kui’s legs, it was as painful as being chopped by a real knife. This was the power of Qin Lang’s 3 years of pillaring training. Usually, he didn’t attack people, but once he did, his entire body’s strength could be compressed into a small area. Who cares if he was only using his fingers to jab the opponent? The power would not be weaker than a fist.

This was the difference between training in pillaring and not!

If the pillaring was useless, then why would the different schools let their students pillar for several years?

Kui suddenly felt a wave of numbing pain on his stretched leg, and all of his strength disappeared. After kicking out once, he was unable to continue after the 1 of the 3 Chained Leg Kicks. He even had difficulty standing up!


Just when Kui was thwarted from attacking, Qin Lang grasped the chance, and fiercely slapped Kui’s face. That slap was at full power, and that one slap actually made Kui fly through the air, and he heavily slammed on the prison door!

The remaining thugs were completely stunned. They couldn’t even dream that this would happen. The considerably well-known “Iron Fist Kui” in Summer Sun City got flown through the air by Qin Lang’s attack, and it was only from a slap!

Actually, Qin Lang wanted to use a fist because he realised that this was a prison room, so fighting in here was as normal as meals. But, if he handicapped Kui, that would be a different story. The crime for intentionally harming people would undoubtedly lock him in! So, after a bit of consideration, Qin Lang changed his fist into a slap. Since Qin Lang had a martial foundation, that slap was enough to let Kui “calm down”.

Although Kui only received one slap from Qin Lang, his face already started to swell, and the edges of his mouth also got a bit split open, making his head look like a pig’s head.

After a good few minutes, the rumbling in Kui’s brain finally stopped, and at that time his arrogance and his energy was completely gone.

As for the other people. they did not have any courage to fight against Qin Lang.


Qin Lang humphed, and all 6 of Kui’s men instantly kneeled down on the ground together at the same time without any pre-planning.

But, Kui was still decently healthy, so he actually didn’t kneel.

“Kui right?” Qin Lang snorted, “You said you wanted to rape me until I wish I was dead? Since you like doing it so much, then you like it being done to you as well right——You six, take off his pants!”

“What?!” One of them said blankly, and even thought that he heard wrong.


Qin Lang stretched out and slapped him, causing the little thug to fly, then he looked at the other 5 and said, “Are you clear?!”

Although the other 5 were afraid of Kui, they were even more afraid of Qin Lang. His slap was really too powerful, and no one wanted to have that slap in their memory, so the 5 of them pounced towards Kui, and one of them even said, “Kui bro, sorry!”

Although Kui was quite a fierce character, but just now, Qin Lang already made it so that he couldn’t use any strength in one of his leg, and he also received a “Super Slap”. Because of all that, his martial strength and power was no where near normal, and he was surrounded by the 5 little minions, so however he tried to struggle he could not escape.

On the side, Qin Lang was watching this like a drama, and said, “Kui, you need to work hard or else you won’t be able to keep your clothes and pants!”

After hearing that, Kui didn’t even care that those people were his own people. He directly used his fists to welcome them. After all, he didn’t want to have his clothes and pants pulled off, because who knew what Qin Lang would do to him later on!

The other people were originally still a bit fearful of Kui remaining power. But, once he started fiercely punching them, the 6 of them didn’t even care about any nonsense loyalty, and directly started wrestling Kui. With the advantage of numbers, they really pulled away all of Kui’s clothes and pants, and they didn’t even leave the underwear!

“Okay.” Qin Lang indicated the 6 of them to temporary stop.

Only then was Kui able to escape. After getting himself up from the ground, he bellowed, and waved his fist towards Qin Lang again. But, this time, he was like a trapped beast attacking alone, so it was impossible for him to cause any harm to Qin Lang, and Qin Lang slapped Kui once again.

After taking in another slap, Kui calmed down once again. He felt that Qin Lang still had “new plans”, so he subconsciously slipped towards the door of the prison cell, and yelled outside, “Jailer! Police! Help——”

There was no response from the police!

There were only the excited cheers from the other prison cells.

Kui knew that the jailers were intentionally not there at this time. It was to give him time to take care of Qin Lang. But, Kui and the jailers wouldn’t never have known that it was actually Qin Lang taking care of them!

“Kui, it seems like you haven’t understood yet.” Qin Lang coldly laughed, and gave the 6 minions an order, “Drag Kui over there and put him on the bed!”

The 6 thugs were a lot more obedient. They did as they were told, and forced Kui onto the bed.

“Kui, did you say you wanted to rape?” Qin Lang coldly smiled and said, “There’s a saying called ‘The one who rapes must be raped’. Your 6 bros are here waiting for you, which one do you want?”

Only then did Kui completely collapse. He was suddenly aware that Qin Lang was not only good in martial arts, his methods were even more fierce. Sadly, the butt that he painfully defended for 20 or so years would be penetrated through by someone. At this time, Kui really started to have thoughts of dying.

“Since Kui doesn’t want to choose, the 6 of you will rotate.” With that sentence, the 6 thugs were scared thoroughly. Although normally, when they talked, it would include words such as “rape this rape that”, those were just for sake of saying. The 6 thugs’ sexual orientation were always normal, and no one really wanted to rape Kui.

“Qin bro…Please…Please forgive me…” Kui had already completely fallen apart.

Qin Lang acted as if he didn’t hear Kui’s words, and he reached out and patted on one of the thug’s back, “You first.”

“Qin bro, I can’t, I really can’t…I…I am impotent!” The colour of the thug’s face was ashen, and his entire body was trembling.

“How about you?” Qin Lang patted another thug’s shoulder.

“Qin Bro…I…I can’t either…I ejaculate prematurely!”

“Damn! None of you 6 can?” Qin Lang cursed, “Since none of you can, then I’ll let Kui rape you all!”

The 6 thugs were all stunned, and it was just like a thunder through the bright sky!


23 thoughts on “JMG: Chapter 31 – Who’s Afraid of Who

  1. ROFL Omfg I almost choked to death from laughting like a crazy person. Seriously.
    jesus insane chapter.

    Thank you ao much for this chapter. I can honestly say this chapter is the funniest chapter in all of my reading history. Thanks.
    Pheww still trying to calm down from laughting.


  2. you know how people usually type lol while actually just smirking in front of the screen, i know i do, but not today, holy shit this one really made me laugh out loud.
    god, qin lang revenge method are the best. force other people to rape a guy who wants to rape him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. also just finished reading jmg synopsis and different web novel categories pages on this blog.
      so this novel will focus on qin lang cultivation later on? seeing that this novel categorized as fantasy truth cultivation xianxia.


      1. well, it was obvious since that was the standard for wuxia novel. but at least till ch 200 or so, it won’t only focus on his cultivation. many is more about his venture on underground world and his shenanigans with his merry friend and harem candidates, lol. and to be honest, i’m kinda surprised that this novel was keep under the radar. the story was good, with unique premise it and good joke, and it had more of 2000 ch (what a monster, and good luck mr translator. it was one hell of novel).


  3. Omg this is good, this chapter is too good!

    Finally a MC who is not afraid to get his hands dirty and schemes!

    Thanks translator!!!!


    1. first time Kelly and I connected, was over a couple of blog posts we wrote titled Quiet Girls can be fierce, and It’s okay to be an introvert - which had us outting ourselves, not only as consummate


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