Synopsis Sunday: Starting from the Very Bottom to Become President

Synopsis (Unofficial)

Li Ke Lin (also Li Colin), a Chinese office worker, woke up to find himself suddenly no longer Li Ke Lin but instead Colin Lee, son of multi-billionaire in America. Having taken over the body of Colin Lee and carefully imitated his manners and bearings, his next goal is to inherit his father’s wealth. However, when his father lists the condition of marrying a woman who feels repulsed by Colin Lee’s (not Li Colin’s) dalliances, and whose very nature is the complete opposite of Colin Lee (not Li Colin), what must he do to gain her affection?!

Chapter 1 – I Can See Affection

During the month of August, in the west coast of California, there would always be bikini goddesses flaunting their brilliant figures and plump cheeks beneath the bright, shining sun. Today was no exception. However, if there were any who wished to look at such dazzling sights, their eyes must first bear through the scorching ravage. If a wise man were to describe this, he would say, “One must suffer hardships before they can reach their goal.”

But actually, there was an even better method: copying our titular protagonist, Li Ke Lin, who had put on sunglasses.

However, Li Ke Lin was in no mood to appreciate this beautiful scenery. He stood in Santa Monica Beach, yet his eyes weren’t the slightest bit drawn by those charming young maidens. He faced instead the front of a modern, pure-white villa, fighting the most difficult battle of not only one but two lifetimes.

Two years ago, Li Ke Lin, a typical Chinese office worker, woke up to discover himself lying within a mansion in Los Angeles. He had become the womanizer Colin Lee, whose father was a media superstar known across America, but he was notorious for his frequent divorces.

After the initial shock, Colin began adapting to the lifestyle of his body’s former owner. With great care, he imitated the bearings and speech manners of this “prince” to avoid any suspicions from arising. His sole remaining objective was to wait out the death of Old Man Lee, whose assets surpassed billions of dollars—all of which would be inherited by him, Colin. He aimed to just rid himself of all the shares and stocks as soon as possible, then, with literal tons of American dollars, he would go tour the world.

And now, the chance to complete that objective stood right before his eyes: Old Man Lee, seventy years of age, revealed his intentions of allowing Colin to inherit his assets. However, he knew Colin was a brainless playboy and also that the only thing that could save his son was a righteous, kind-hearted fiancée.

Old Man Lee’s ideal daughter-in-law was in the mansion before Colin’s very eyes. Jenny Roberts: the face of the California Charitable Foundation; the person with the perfect appearance and the perfect positive energy. She was the only one who could influence Colin for the better!

Old Man Lee just told his son the following: “If you can make the woman in this mansion your wife, then I will give you everything I own!”

Hmm, it’s truly a wonder how he created this media empire of his!

In front of the iron gates that led to a courtyard, Colin took a deep breath of air, then pressed the doorbell.

A brief moment later, a slightly arrogant voice came from the loudspeaker—

“How many times do I have to repeat myself?! Stop coming here!”

“Jenny, I’ve reformed,” Colin tried explaining. “Today marks two years since I first abstained.”

“Abstained? You’re practicing Buddhism?”

“I’ve just stopped going to brothels.”

“Who cares!”

In this moment of stalemate, a distant old man’s voice rang from the background—Jenny’s father. It seemed that he was convincing Jenny to, at the very least, head out and meet Colin. This was not only for Colin’s sake, it was also for his own. Without the assistance of Colin’s father, it was quite likely that the newspaper agency Jenny’s family ran would have closed down years ago.

She could not just ignore the son of the person who saved her entire family business, so she pushed the door open and stepped out with her palm slapped onto her forehead in exasperation. Underneath the scathing sun, she walked towards the courtyard’s gate in a while one-piece dress. Unlike Colin’s slightly brown hair, hers did not even have a single tinge of impurity—it was pure golden. As the rays of the August sun shone on her entire being, her fair skin seemed as if they were radiating a holy light. In fact, she intentionally made her bangs look cute, and one could even look at nothing but them for an entire day, but Colin’s mind was much more concerned with Old Man Lee’s multi-billion-dollar assets and paid no heed to her appearance.

“Hai.” Colin waved his arms around absent-mindedly.

Jenny walked through the courtyard and came up to the steel gates. Slapping her right palm to her forehead, she complained with a frown, “Alright! Are you satisfied?! Can you leave now!”

But in reality, Colin was the one who wanted to complain. Though Jenny’s looks and body belonged to the category of supermodels, for someone like him of such wealth and power, he could easily hook up with a supermodel. If it weren’t for Old Man Lee’s distasteful request, Colin would never waste his time here.

There were many ways to leave a good impression on a woman, yet only the one in front of him cared not for any of them.

So, Colin turned to harassment! Perhaps Jenny was a flawless egg, but so long as a housefly tried sufficiently hard, it could eventually break open a hole!

“I can leave.” Colin reached for his sunglasses and slowly took them off, revealing eyes filled with sincerity and… infatuation. “However, you must first tell me which part you don’t like about me. I will change, and I will return. I will keep doing that until you invite me in.”

Jenny rubbed her forehead in annoyance. “Colin, we were friends before, and I hope that we remain friends in the future. I have no right to stop you from sleeping with actors, singers, and even boxers, nor do I plan to change you.”

Colin wanted to cry but no tears came out. He could blame no one but the former owner of this body for being so irresponsible. The marks he left were too deep; it was way too difficult to clear his name.

“She wasn’t a boxer, just a fitness coach whose muscles were a bit more developed.”

“That’s not important!” Jenny stared at the “infatuated male” in front of her and really didn’t know what words to use. “There’s no need for you to put on a facade. Every single person in Los Angeles knows who you are!”

Colin could give up women, but he could not give up money!

“But I have really turned over a new leaf! Even if you don’t believe me, at least tell me what your ideal husband is.”

“Hah…” Jenny let out a sigh. “Linda once told me there’s a saying in her family: Matters relating to relationships cannot be forced.”


Are we in some porn episode? What’s with that cheesy line? Does that mean you’re going to…

Colin held himself back from bursting that out and continued, “What person do you consider to be not forceful?”

“…” After a moment’s hesitation, Jenny showed an affectionate expression of a young lady and asked a bit shyly, “Maybe someone like Matthew…”

With widened eyes and a furious tone, Colin said, “I believe I remember saying that he’s an idiot, and also a homo.”

Jenny, who appeared a bit shy just now, immediately swapped her expressions with one filled with anger and said, “See?! Colin! This is the real you! There’s nothing in your mind but spiteful mockery and slander!”

“But he really is an idiot.”

“Is that how you talk about your brother?!”

“Alright, maybe I’m a bit off that he’s an idiot, but I’m certain he’s homo.”

“Is that how you talk about a member of congress?”

“Okay, okay, let’s put this aside.” Colin raised his hands in defeat to stop the argument from perpetuating out of hand. He came here not to have a quarrel but to see what he could do to get on the good side of Jenny. “No matter what Matthew does, I can do as well. Just give me a goal.”

“You don’t understand! You never will!” This time, instead of annoyance, Jenny’s words were filled with enmity. “He works hard for a tremendous objective and perseveres through challenges! He’s the youngest member of congress! His political views are open and pragmatic! And you? You’ve been on this earth for over twenty years but you don’t even know the meaning of hard work and challenges!”

“He’s going to change America? What, change it into an idiotic country full of homos?”

Well, even so, that wouldn’t be too bad.

“Hmph. I give up.” Jenny shook her head. She had never carried any hope towards Colin; it was like asking a dung beetle to not roll dung. While she would typically just allow this behavior, she instead said, quite firmly, “Even if Matthew can’t become president, he still tries his best to improve. As for you, you’re just someone who’s drunk with wine and women, someone who doesn’t even know how to walk forward in life.”

Colin chuckled. “If that idiot can become president, then I would have already been president for a hundred continuous terms.”

As she stamped her feet, she furiously said, “My god! You don’t even know the constitution! You can’t hold a hundred consecutive presidential terms!”

“It was just a joke! I just mean I can easily become president when compared to him!”

“Haha, that’s the real joke!” Jenny said as she burst in laughter.

Colin was just about to say something in return when his cellphone rang. The caller was unknown, and even though he would typically just hang up, this time, he wouldn’t.

“Sorry, I need to take this call. It might be from the company. As you know, I’m a hardworking man who really cares about my occupation.”

“You can go to Hollywood with these acting skills!”

An excited voice rang out immediately when Colin received the call, one very similar to a male host on a TV infomercial. “Mr. Lee! I heard you’re planning to enter the presidential election! The Affection Indicator will certain assist you!”

“How did you know? Can’t people have just a bit of privacy in their lives?” Colin exclaimed.

“You require that? If you do, you can get it in an instant.”

“Contact my assistant.” Colin did not plan to refuse, since he wanted to know how that person was listening in. However, he first needed to deal with the matters in hand before he could manage anything else.

The salesman insisted, “Does that means you want the Affection Indicator?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Alright! The product has been sent! In a week, I will call again to get feedback. Thank you for your service!”


The call was cut, and Colin was left dazed, his head facing down at his cellphone. There was no caller ID, so he could not make a call back.

Jenny had her hand over her mouth, smiling as she said, “Is this how you work hard? Handing it over to your assistant?”

“You don’t understand, he was saying…” Colin prepared to give an explanation to Jenny, but it was then that he realized a red thing resembling a heart above her head. Imbedded within that heart was a number.

[Jenny Roberts]

[Affection: 26]

[She would rather spend the day watching Where Are We Going, Dad? than listen to you speak!]

Struck with astonishment, Colin rubbed his eyes. California’s August sun no longer seemed to burn his eyes when his full focus was on that thing.

Why Where Are We Going, Dad?! Does that terrifying show have an American version!

“What’s wrong?” Jenny pressed down on her head. “Is my hair messy?”

“No, you’re pretty even without any dress up.” Colin gulped and carefully stowed away this secret.

Jenny was a bit taken aback after hearing those words and also felt a bit proud. Yet, she had to suppress her true feelings and couldn’t reveal any affection. “Even… even if you flatter me, I will not have any feelings for you!”

[Affection rises!]

[Affection: 28]

[If she receives your birthday card, she will throw it right into the trash!]

Colin, once again, rubbed his eyes. For the sake of science, he continued, “However, women aged fairly quickly. Soon, you will look like your mother…”

[Affection plummets!]

[Affection: 19]

[She will leave you out from her circle of friends!]

Why did it drop so much! What do women even think about! Did she have to do that after just that?!

“I simply can’t reason with you!” Jenny stamped her feet in anger.

In this critical moment, a handsome, golden-haired old man appeared behind Jenny and, with a light smile, patted her shoulders. “Arguing again?”

“I really don’t want to see him again!” Jenny no longer faced Colin. She turned her head around and looked to return inside.

The man held Jenny in place and softly urged, “My darling, let’s make things clear this time.”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Roberts,” greeted Colin, quite politely. This person was none other than Jenny’s father. He was the one who privately showed he would help getting him and Jenny together. He was an upright and perfect gentleman…


[Roger Roberts]

[Affection: 3]

[If police did not exist, he wouldn’t hesitate a single moment to kill you!]

Making a very sharp contrast to the words above were Roger’s charming smile and affable, extended hand. “Colin, you know that I never interfere with the matters of you young ones.”

“That’s how you’ve always been…” In a bit of a daze, Colin extended his hand as well and took Roger’s hand. He just wanted to know what the man in front of him, the one who held murderous intents, wanted to say.

As they shook hands, Roger revealed a very troubling expression. “However, you’ve been coming here every week and it’s been disturbing Jenny a lot. If she really is unwilling to meet you, then… please just leave her alone.”

A thunderbolt in a clear sky!

His initial unwavering ally suddenly switched sides! The reason Colin was able to so forcefully meet Jenny was all because of Roger. He needed Old Man Lee’s financial support, and Colin himself needed his daughter. This was a win-win situation!

“This is great!” Jenny was so happy she even jumped and hugged Roger’s arm. Simultaneously, she met Colin’s eyes with a furious expression. “If you dare to come here again, my father will sue you for harassment!”

“Is that how it will be?” Colin looked up towards Roger.

Jenny, you’re too naive! He not only will sue me, he will kill me!

With a bit of embarrassment, Roger said, “I’m not ruling out the possibility of the law, but I just hope that we will never come to that.”

Still in a daze, Colin asked, “What did I do wrong?”

Roger maintained his charming smile and replied, “You’ve done nothing wrong, but I just think you should consider Jenny’s own feelings.”

“Understand? Mr. Future President?” Jenny immediately jumped at the chance to rid herself of this annoying fly. “So, can you leave now?”

Roger, still with a smile, added, “Colin, if you truly become president, then we will welcome you as a guest.”

“Same here, Mr. President-elect,” Jenny said, copying her father’s smile.

However, in reality, in Colin’s personal perspective of the world, marrying Jenny was a task much more difficult than becoming president. At least there were conditions and processes that made sense in a presidential election, but a person like Jenny was unimaginably more complex than any country’s politics.

Moreover, this mysterious Affection Indicator seemed to be a bit useful. And, as a person who literally became a new person for some reason in his sleep, he had no problem accepting this new addition to his life!

Also, one should never underestimate the perseverance of someone from the east, nor underestimate the strength of billions of American dollars!

Still, with a tone void of any discouragement, Colin asked, “Jenny, can I interpret your words like this: If I become president, you will marry me?”

Jenny’s mind went blank for a moment. But after she met Colin’s eyes, she involuntarily covered her mouth. With a female’s intuition and that alone, Colin’s eyes told her he was not joking.

She should have been laughing, but if it were true, then it was no longer funny.

“Hahaha!” Roger, on the other hand, took those words as no more than a joke. He showed a practiced gentleman smile and said, “Of course, Mr. President-elect. No one would refuse a president’s proposal!”

“Wait…” Jenny subconsciously tugged her father’s sleeve. “Don’t make a promise like this…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Roger moved close to his daughter’s ear and no longer concealed his mockery. “This fool will soon realize how far he is from the White House. From today on, he will no longer come here to be humiliated.”


“Do you agree, Jenny? I want to see your own nod.” Colin looked at Jenny with nothing but seriousness. Of course, he wouldn’t believe the words of this madman.

“Colin, you don’t need to do this…” Jenny was a bit shaken. It wasn’t that she believed Colin would become president, it was just that she felt she shouldn’t make fun of such an earnest person. It was impossible for Colin to have even the slightest thing to do with the president! Judging by his intelligence and reputation, he would incur nothing but ridicule in the election process!

To bully a person who didn’t know the constitution was like encouraging a midget to try for the NBA! It was simply too despicable!

“Jenny.” Roger nudged his daughter and urged, “End this.”

“I…” Jenny wanted to shake her head.

Even though Colin was akin to a mosquito, Jenny was no common person! She was like a child who couldn’t even kill a fly!

Roger, however, was not as kind-hearted as her. He pressed down on his daughter’s head, and that was considered to be a nod.

“Completed.” Roger looked at Colin with a smile, but it seemed more like he wished Colin would scram immediately.

Jenny looked a bit displeased since her head was forced down. However, she only sent a glare in Roger’s direction but said nothing. She had received the most excellent education, so naturally she would not speak anything disrespectful to her father in front of an outsider. Due to that, Jenny could only glance at Colin with sympathy before turning around and heading back into the house.

[Affection soars!]

[Affection: 35]

[If a sex scandal of you becomes known, she will immediately run to a toilet and barf!]

(Ignoring the words underneath the letters.)

Affection had finally been raised! She fell for it!

Before a fly’s unrelenting attacks, a crack finally emerged on the surface of the egg!

“Great. Before the completion of the presidential election, don’t arrange a marriage with anyone else!” Colin waved his hand at Jenny, who was rushing back indoors, and said, “And before that, I won’t return either.”

Of course he wasn’t coming back. Who knew what this madman would do?!

Colin took another glimpse at Rogers. Though the smile remained, Colin could feel the disdain he held behind the kind facade.

[Affection drops.]

[Affection: 2]

[Before killing you, he will hang and whip you from dusk to dawn!]

He was not only a madman, he was a twisted madman!

“I wish you success, Colin.” Roger politely extended his right hand. “And I also ask that you keep your word and leave Jenny alone.”

“You as well, Roger.”

Colin put on his sunglasses and turned around, leaving in an elegant manner.

As expected, perseverance was required to pursue a woman. After two years of hard work, he finally had a breakthrough!

Becoming president? Of course, that was impossible. Even his idiotic and gay brother would come first before him. However, Jenny never did say she had to marry a president. She just said she wanted to marry a man who work hard, persevere through struggles, and aim to improve.

And now, she saw his hard work and determination. With the Affection Indicator, his actions proved effective.

Since Jenny was so ignorant of how the world worked, like a pure-hearted, honest, and cute child, and firmly believed superficial hard work and improvement was a standard to judge a man, then Colin would show her a brilliant act!

Colin aimed to announce his intent to participate in the presidential election, make speeches, gather votes, and work hard for the sake of Americans and for the sake of changing America!

The result was no longer important, as Colin was going to, truly, “turn over a new leaf”. With this Affection Indicator, he, eventually, would open up Jenny’s heart! At that time, he would be able to bring her to a tour around the world! He would be able to spread apart her bangs, and see, once and for all, whether her hair was there for the sake of cuteness, or for the sake of hiding acne! How many times could they go around the world with ten billion dollars? Should he use a private jet, a cruise ship, or, maybe, just an airship? If it would be by airship, then he would make sure to have it made in China and send a few hundred million dollars over. When he would pass his school, he would even drop some money down and change how his former classmates had meals!

Extra Information

Name: Starting from the Very Bottom to Become President (從零開始競選總統, lit. Starting from Zero: Presidential Election)

Author: I’ll Add Some Mushrooms For You (給您添蘑菇啦 Gei Nin Tian Mo Gu La)



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