Synopsis Sunday: Porter of Two Worlds


Using the ability to freely travel between Earth and the fantasy world so he can… become a porter of two worlds…?

Bai Yang’s objective was to establish a production line that would yield hundreds of millions of pills, pellets, and artifacts…

Chapter 1 – Grabbed a Bundle of Grass

August—a month so hot it felt as if one were dying in an oven.

It was half past ten in the morning, a perfect time for the vicious sunrays to shoot through the windows and onto Bai Yang’s skin which he unfortunately left uncovered. He was practically burned awake.

It had been two months since he graduated from university. Without the school’s reins around him, he was like a runaway horse; he’d sleep however long he wished to, and do whatever he wished to. As for working and getting rich and all that, those would only remain in his dreams.

“God damn, is the sun trying to kill me?”

Barely aware of his surroundings, he got himself up and found himself drenched with sweat. He stumbled for the washroom, not forgetting to mumble some complains along the way.

After a flurry of all-important busy tasks—such as brushing his teeth and washing his face—he felt slightly more awake. However, he was simply speechless when he arrived at the dining room. His parents didn’t leave any breakfast for him! What had the world come to?!

“My god… I know I’m an adult already, but you guys don’t need to be so heartless right… At least leave a tiny bit for me! Do you even see me as your child? They say that in a parent’s eyes, their child will always be a little baby that needs to be taken care of…”

Bai Yang walked back to his room, not forgetting to mumble some more complains, and pulled out a cup of instant noodles from his drawer. He seemed to have already anticipated what would occur.

“You think you could starve me by leaving me no food? You two underestimate me too much.”

With immense pride, Bai Yang poured boiling water onto the noodles, placed the cup onto a table in the living room and gave it a moment to soak. Then, with the demeanor of a king, he comfortably lay down on the sofa and mashed the TV controller. But, other than advertisements, there was really not much to watch other than some garbage dramas and plays.

“The fire beacon is ablaze~ All gaze to the north~”

A cellphone tune rang out, forcing Bai Yang to, very unwillingly, make several shuffles towards his cellphone ten or so centimeters away. It couldn’t be helped, after all. In such sweltering weather, moving a tiny bit meant great suffering.

He held it up and looked to see who called—it was his mother.

“Oi, Mom. You still remember you had a son huh?”

“Damn brat, you just woke up right? You might as well stay sleeping forever at this rate. I say, what heinous crime did I do in my past life to give birth to a son like you? Let me guess, you’re eating cup noodles right? I say, when can you finally grow up? I…”

As they say, a mother knows her child best. Even without being there, she knew exactly what he was doing at home.

Bai Yang stayed silent for a moment, letting her to rant for a while, then replied with four blunt words: “Get to the point.”

“Damn brat, watch your tone… Alright, alright, I’ll be straight with you. Two months have passed since you graduated, and you’ve fooled around long enough. I’ll give you two choices: first, go find a job within one month…”

“And the second?” If he had a choice, Bai Yang would certainly want to know both of them.

“Second, if you don’t find a job, then… I have my eyes on a few ladies in our unit… Get me a daughter-in-law and I’ll pay for any fees…”

“Mom, I’ll choose the first one. I’ll head out later and I’ll start working within two days. Ah, my noodles are done. Then that’s all, bye bye…” Bai Yang hung up without any hesitation and wiped away the sweat that soaked his forehead. The mere thought of the second choice was truly too terrifying.

How can I, a twenty-four-year-old youth in his prime, possibly just give myself away? A girlfriend is fine, but a blind date into marriage? Let’s avoid going down that path…

Bai Yang put aside his cellphone and, very unwillingly, got himself up. He reached for the cup noodle on the table, held it to his mouth, grabbed a fork, pulled the noodles up, then went for his seat again. But…


… Bai Yang found himself falling through the air and onto the ground. The sofa was just a  few centimeters away! How did he miss it!

Of course, Bai Yang couldn’t possibly keep a steady hold on the cup noodles having fallen straight to the floor. The soup and noodles splattered all over his shirt and pants, driving a howl out of him. He shot up and started flicking anything hot away from him. But then, in the next moment, he froze and fell quiet, all the pain from the scathing water disappearing from his mind.

His eyes were fixed straight; his pupils grew large.

Just several seconds ago Bai Yang was in the living room, yet now, he was in some sort of overgrown forest. Trees so tall they seemed to be reaching for the skies, vines so thick they looked like dragons, scent so fragrant a whiff could make one drunk, and the air so fresh one would feel they were reborn.

Bare-chested, boxers, flip-flops, some and fell quiet, all the pain from the scathing water disappearing from his mind.

His eyes were fixed; his pupils grew large.

“The hell is this?!”

Just several seconds ago Bai Yang was in the living room, yet now, he appeared in some overgrown forest. Trees so tall they seemed to be reaching for the skies, vines so thick they looked like dragons, scent so fragrant it could make one drunk, and the air so fresh one would feel they were reborn.

Bare-chested, boxers, flip-flops, noodles in his mouth, a fork in one hand, and a half-spilt bowl of noodles in the other. Bai Yang looked quite odd at the moment.

Bai Yang looked around him and subconsciously gulped—but what he gulped was noodles instead of saliva, and so a barrage of coughs followed shortly. But, eventually, he got himself together, though he remained speechless and unsure of his next course of actions.

Rustle rustle rustle rustle…

Three meters away from Bai Yang was a meter-long black centipede that appeared from a small bush… then it disappeared within a crack under several boulders in the next moment.

“Where the hell is this?!”

Bai Yang starting talking to himself amid all the terror he felt. By instinct, he took a step back, away from the centipede… right before feeling a sharp jab beneath his foot. He gasped deeply—there was a hole through the flip-flops he was wearing…

As his mind focused on the hole, he felt a twinge to his shoulder. It was so painful he dropped the cup noodles he was holding and instinctively, he slapped the his shoulder—and when he held his hand up, he found blood. He killed a mosquito the size of a baby’s fist!

“Enormous centipede, enormous mosquito… Have I gone through a wormhole and arrived at a jungle in Africa…?!”

Bai Yang surveyed his surroundings, completely dumbfounded by what he saw. Huge trees were everywhere, each of them the circumference of several arm spans. He gazed farther into the distance and spotted many plants, none of which he recognized.

He looked up, and through the gaps of the leaves he saw the sky. Bai Yang was stunned. Was that the sun up there? But the colour! The colour wasn’t right! The sun by daybreak was scarlet, and the sun by noon was golden. Yet, what the hell was the glowing white ball in the sky?!

“I have come to another world? I have come to another world! But I don’t even have anything prepared! At least let me get some stuff together… What am supposed to do with flip-flops and boxers in this damn place?!”

Just a moment ago he didn’t want to move because of the stifling heat, yet now he felt cold all over. If you appeared in this place for some mysterious reason, would you be afraid?!


A chill went down his spine as a deafening roar exploded behind him. Bai Yang felt as if his entire brain were exploding as he personally experienced the definition of the idiom “a tiger’s roar permeates the forests and mountains”.

He spun around; there was a five-meter-long tiger pouncing towards him.

“I’m done for… Wormholes can go to hell! I want to go home…!”

It was then, after an internal scream of despair, that Bai Yang disappeared.

Bang! The tiger leapt through the air, but its claws touched nothing. It looked around, and its head tilted, as if saying, “Where’d he go?”

The tiger, now without a target, wobbled its head and headed deeper into the forest. What remained was a overturned cup of noodles and a single pierced flip-flop.


A sound resembling a whistle tore through the air as a black object flashed past. Thunk. The eye of the mighty tiger was pierced. It slumped onto the ground, and lay still after a few twitches.

Footstep sounds rang out as several people neared the corpse. Three towering men appeared: clothed in beastskin, enormous bows on their backs, and piercing gazes as sharp as blades.

”Haha, brilliant shooting Brother Zhao! It went straight through its eye and didn’t damage the fur at all. This will definitely sell for a good price!” said one of them with admiration as he rubbed the tiger’s fur. He had a scar on his face, and also appeared the most robust; however, it was clear that he was still rather young.

“This really isn’t much. Cub, keep practicing archery and you’ll surpass me eventually,” said the man called Brother Zhao, shaking his head as he spoke. He reached a meter eight in height and had a rather dark and tanned skin tone. His arm resembled those of race horses—there was nothing but muscle there. However, the winkles near his eyes told others that he was a middle-aged man.

The third youth, however, knelt on the ground with furrowed brows. His nose twitched as he pushed aside some leaves and there, he saw the half-spilt cup noodles and the pierced flip-flop.

“Brother Zhao, Cub, come over and look at this thing! It smells delicious! I can’t even stop myself from drooling…”

“Pillar, what did you find?” said the youth named Cub as he strode over.

“Look at this! Doesn’t it smell great?” Pillar said with a hungering expression, pointing at the cup noodles spilt on the ground.

“What’s this? It looks pretty odd, but it really smells good.” Cub gulped.

“Cub, say, you think this is edible? Hm? What’s this… Hey, come look at this! This bowl is pretty beautiful. Eh, there’s even a person on it? I wonder who drew it. It nearly looks like it’s alive! Are those words? I think they are, but I don’t know what they mean. No one in our village knows how to read either…” Pillar was on the ground, and rambled on as his eyes were glued to the bowl.

“What did you guys find?” Brother Zhao walked over, a bit cautious. However, when he smelled the cup noodles, he too couldn’t help but loudly gulp. Then, when he noticed the bowl for the cup noodles, his face, like theirs, was stupefied.

“This bowl… such detail… we can get rich from this alone! I wonder who left it behind here… Cub, Pillar, let’s take this bowl back and take care not to damage it. If done well, we might even be able to trade it for a precious skill book,” said Brother Zhao with incomparable graveness.

Thus, the tiger the three of them hunted no longer mattered as they carefully carried the cup of instant noodles back to their village, giving it the same treatment as they would a piece of treasure. As for the noodles on the ground? The three of them finished it all off. Such a delicious taste just about tempted them to dig up the dirt itself and eat it…

Bai Yang somehow came to this place, and he somehow left this place. If he were to hear the conversation between the three of them, he would most certainly just faint from amazement. But, in reality, that wouldn’t truly happen because he wouldn’t understand what they were saying anyway…


Bai Yang leaned back onto his living room’s sofa. He was completely frozen, as if his soul had left his body. He stayed in that exact position for ten full minutes before he came to his senses.

“Where am I?” Bai Yang’s mind was in disarray, so much he couldn’t even recognize his familiar surroundings—home.

He felt as if he were drunk and lost memory of what happened in his stupor. He had to stop and think before he recalled all the events that had occurred during such a short period of time. He appeared in a forest for some reason and was nearly eaten by a tiger. Even the tigers on television weren’t so huge…

“What the hell is happening? Do I have a stroke? Am I hallucinating?” Bai Yang remained stupefied as he murmured to himself. He raised his arm and was about to wipe away the sweat on his forehead. It was then that he realized he had a bundle of grass in his hand!

A bundle of grass!

“When the tiger lunged forward, I think I grabbed something…” Bai Yang stared at the grass in his hands, his throat dried completely from fright…

Extra Information

Title: 兩界搬運工

Author: 石聞



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