Synopsis Sunday: My Weapon is a Loli


Oi oi! We already said that it would be a Demonic Blade!

Why is my weapon a loli! Oi!

Also! You guys, your “special main characters” are so annoying!

As the grand [Meat Shield Halo of the Main Character], we are very busy!

Our mission is to protect the peace of a story’s world!

Chapter 1 – Why! Why is my weapon a Loli!

On the long street, streetlights, advertisements, and all types of lamps cause the night to be shone into brightness. The pedestrians on the road come and go ceaselessly, the shops on both sides fill the eyes with dazzle, the populousness, the noisiness… The flourishing everything gave birth to sharp contrast to the faint stench emitted by the dirty garbages in the corner of the street.

On the prosperous and lively street, a lonely and depressed figure walked forward with his head looking down…

“It isn’t that easy, to be able to find it…”

Mm, I subconsciously sung it out again.

Two years ago, Reynolds officially became a student.

Since he was not a normal student, of course, the school was also not a normal school. It was a place titled as [Traveller’s School].

[TN: Travel in terms of time &/ space, aka reincarnation/transportation.]

The so-called [Traveller’s School], like its name, was related to travelling.

The students in that place were burdened with important missions——to protect the balance of every single “story world”.

For example, if a certain male MC and a young girl gets drugged by an evil person, and when the young girl passionately climbs wildly on the body of the male MC while being influenced!

One must stand out!

Silently help the girl! Protect the MC from any forced actions and injuries!

Of course, these are only small things.

Other than those, why does the enemy tremble in front of impressive might? Why does the observing crowd gasp?

Why can the MC run through a rain of arrows that fills the sky, yet be completely injured? Why can the MC tear people apart with his bare hands?

If it wasn’t for the students who hiddenly helped, hoho…

Anyway, this was a magical school. If one could graduate from this place…

Hehe, before long, he could sweep through another world, battle through the heavens, martially shake the universe, become the great ruler, get hooked up with young females, walk on the peak of one’s life… Hehe, when I think about it, I even get a bit excited.

[TN: Italicized names are novel names.]

However, it was never to be expected that…

Reynolds was denied graduation.

It was said that the cat Lord Principal bred died from obstructed labour because it saw Reynolds’ report card.

Damn! What the hell! What does that have to do with me?

Even Meow Aliens know how to read my big Earth’s words?

Anyway, because of that, my life has become gloomy.

Reynolds and Lord Principal had a heart-to-heart chat, and Lord Principal said…

“You speak yourself. It has been three full years, yet you haven’t even successfully finished a ‘Diamond Level’ mission. It pains my heart!”

“Mm? On Earth, there are several billions of people. In total, only one hundred people are chosen! Four students in the same year as you are already Travellers in the ‘Strongest King’ level! You… You are actually still in the Bronze Level. It pains my heart!”

Lord Principal makes a lot of sense. It also pains Reynolds’ heart as well!

So, Reynolds made the most important decision in his life.

To become strong!

To become a “Traveller” in the Strongest King level! It was said that after the graduation decision of reaching the “Strongest King”, that person could create a story world that belong to themself.

“Create your own story world that belongs to yourself”. That was the reason that attracted Traveller students to enter the school and to endlessly become strong.

However, after many students reached the level of the “Strongest King”, they would conceal themselves in their own “Story World”. Very rarely do they get involved with the story missions that the [Traveller’s School] issue out. So, the school needed to keep on recruiting new students to fill in flesh blood, or in other words, fill in the free labour force…

Reynolds sighed. In order to become stronger, he almost used up all his “Traveller’s Points” to exchange them for a “Demonic blade”.

Indeed, it was a “Demonic Blade”…

However, it was a “succubus”-like demon…

The streetlights gave off faint yellow radiance and the signboard of a family’s sweets shop flashed with light: “Newest dessert——[Strawberry Milk Ball]!”

“Little Reynolds! I want to eat this! Strawberry Milk Ball!”

A little loli with twin ponytails leaned forward in front of the counter. She wasn’t tall, as she didn’t reach the height of the counter of goods. Her entire body was obstructed under the tabletop and only a small finger stuck out and pointed at the counter of goods…

“Wa! These looks really yummy as well! And this! This! This!”

Little Loli’s face was stuck on the glass counter and her cute big eyes were widely open. As she looked at the colourful interweaving attracting sweets while being filled with craving, her bottom stuck out, and revealed the little panties under her skirt…

Stra…Strawberry pattern…

Reynolds’ face instantly reddened…

Bastard! This indescribable feeling of being attracted by Little Loli truly wasn’t good!

After paying in a rush, Reynolds pulled Little Loli and hurriedly left.

“Ah?” Little Loli’s face was completely harmless, “Little Reynolds, why is your face unhappy?”

“These sweets…”

“They are clearly delicious!”

Reynolds couldn’t avoid putting his hand to his forehead. The bitterness in his heart could not be complained. He truly wished to cry yet had no tears!

After shaking his completely empty wallet, Reynolds sighed. It seemed like Lord Wallet was going to be dead for a while.

“Ah? Are you thinking the costs?”

Little Loli clenched her little cute fist and said while being full of confidence, “Don’t worry! I’m a weapon who lasts for a long time without needing maintenance!”

“Oioi, I don’t even know what you are being proud of!” Reynolds couldn’t help but mock, “Please, compared to the expenses used for these past few days of food, why would the maintenance fee even matter?”

“Aii…..?” Little Loli blinked her blue-coloured eyes that were as if they were filled with seawater, then suddenly lifted her skirt and revealed her strawberry panties, “Then can this be counted as repayment?”

Reynolds’ face steamed and two fountain-like pillars of blood sprayed out of his nose, his legs went limp, and he knelt onto the ground…

As her two ponytails swayed and swayed, Little Loli walked in front of Reynolds who laid on the ground and crouched. Her blue-coloured eyes were naive and lacking of any evil, and her pink little tongue kept on licking the white-coloured milk ball in her hand…

Her face was very delicate. A rosy complexion, white and tender skin, eyes that glittered and were blue as if they were filled with seawater, little nose that was cute, and her slightly pouting cherry-like lips were exceptionally attracting…

A black-coloured one piece tightly wrapped around her thin and weak body. Slightly protruding yet clearly immature breasts while still having special beauty of youth. Faint golden hair was tied into two ponytails with black-coloured bows, and with her cute expression, she was looking at the dumbfounded Reynolds…

Although she did not have the alluring, mature, attractive curves, her delicate pitiful appearance caused people to really wish to put her in their embrace.

As an Ability User, Reynolds kept a very low-profile. In order stay fool others…Eh, not to save money of course! The apartment Reynolds lived in was rather desolate, so when passing dark alleys, he would stumble into a few drunkards in the night.

“Heh! What have I found? An extremely cute loli! I haven’t had a tender feeling in a long time! It seems like today’s luck is quite nice!”

“Hmph haha….”

The two other drunkards also stumbled and walked under the pale-white streetlight. Their faces were completely red, their drunk swollen eyelids drooped, and their vulgar gazes truly wished to push the “Little Chihiro” to the ground.

The strong smell of alcohol in addition to the stench on the drunkards’ bodies caused Reynolds to tightly furrow his brows.

There seemed to be trouble.

Reynolds extended his hand, and gestured two times at Little Chihiro.

Little Chihiro pouted her mouth in a tsundere way, “What’s this? What do you want? I don’t have any money!”

Reynolds sweat from embarrassment, “Oioi, please don’t forget your identity? Can you please be a bit more professional? You’re a Demonic Blade! A blade!”

Little Chihiro put her hands on her waist, curled her lips, and turned her head to the side, “Hmph. I don’t want to! Those uncle drunkards are so nasty! I don’t want to be stained with their blood!”

“But I need to kill them! If you don’t become a blade, what do I use?”

Facing the tsundere Little Loli… Eh, she was his weapon. Yet as the master, Reynolds could not do anything about it.

He would speak, but she wouldn’t listen…

He would hit her, but he wouldn’t be able to defeat her…

“Here, use this!” As Chihiro spoke, she threw out a fruit knife.

Reynolds stayed in silence for a moment, then only said two words to himself, “Good! Plan!”

“Oioi, if you still don’t listen to me, I won’t protect…”

Before even finishing, with a bang, a green-coloured blade of light chopped past with a swish, causing Reynolds to be dumbfounded and his jaw was almost pulled to the ground.

The green-coloured blade of light was very wide, and simultaneously cut the groin location of the three drunkards’ pants…

The pain caused the drunkards to suddenly awake from the drunkenness, and after opening their mouths and miserably crying out loud, with a “dong”, they fell, at the same time, on the ground.

Only after being lost for quite a while did he come to his senses…

That this was the “Demonic Blade” from the legends, also Reynolds’ weapon…

Although very strong and very cute…

However, Reynold still couldn’t help but vent…

Oioi, we said that it would be a Demonic Blade!


Why is my weapon a loli!

Extra Information

My Weapon Is A Loli (我的兵器是蘿莉 Wo De Bing Qi Shi Luo Li) is a Chinese web novel by Furious Fire Beacon (憤怒的烽火 Fen Nu De Feng Huo). It is still ongoing with 240+ chapters, and it belongs in the category of “Comedy” and subcategory of “Fantasy Comedy”.

Continuation of translation



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