Synopsis Sunday: A Scout in the War of Resistance


Scout Gaoquan arrived in the year 1933 at the Luowen Valley near the Great Wall, where the brave 29th army were in a blood-soaked battle with the Japanese invaders. Relying on the outstanding skills trained from the modern army, he threw himself into the hot-blooded and intense War of Resistance against Japan. One cruel battle after the other. One huge battle after the other that would decide the destiny of China. One butcher, war criminal, executioner after the other that were infamous and had both of their hands covered in the blood of our people. And one wise, brave commanders after the other that dauntlessly resisted against the Japanese invaders, leaving their brilliant glory in the history of the War of Resistance.

From soldiers to generals, going through hundreds of battles were not for any other reason. Only to kill a few more Japanese in battle. Only to protect a few more Chinese people. Only to stop suffering from humiliation and deep sorrow, and also only to let our homeland endure less torment from now on.

Chapter 1 – Accidentally Entering the Battlefield

The sky was completely dark, and Gaoquan’s steps forward were more and more careful. Compared to before, it was a lot better. At least when he raised his head he could see the shining stars in the sky. With the guide of the starlight, the Gaoquan who was honored with being the champion of the martial arts competition for scouts 5 years straight had absolutely no problem finding the way out.

It was just that the current Gaoquan raised his carefulness by 120%. Gaoquan walked out of the foggy area just 5 minutes ago, and he already felt that this area was different. It was like traces of the smell of blood floated in the air everywhere, and there was even a heavy killing intent! In the modern military area for the scout group which had as many experts as the clouds, once Gaoquan sat on the throne of the champion he never got off, so his senses towards danger naturally exceeded a normal person’s sharpness. Gaoquan subconsciously felt that the area which his body was in right now was filled with huge dangers, and after raising his head to glance at the stars in the sky, the hairs all over his body stood up.

Through the weak starlight, Gaoquan felt that there was a small road over here. He walked forward along this mountain path which was as twisty as a sheep’s intestine. In the middle of the road, there seemed to be a long-shaped rock laid horizontally. Gaoquan was thinking of stepping over with a step, but the tip of his foot accidentally bumped into that rock.

The feeling was wrong! Gaoquan’s first thoughts were that the thing was not a rock! He extended his hand to touch it, and indeed, it was a person! The smell of blood was even denser, but Gaoquan heart was less worried, and perhaps the traces of the smell of blood earlier was produced from this guy.

Taking out lighter for a shine, but this guy! The guy lying on the ground was wearing a World War Two Japanese army uniform, and on his neck there was a huge panting hole. The neck was almost snapped off, and the blood was already drained dry.

You asked what did you do wrong? Don’t dress up as a Japanese. But now you’ve done it, so the retribution was well deserved? As a soldier, or as an elite within the soldiers, Gaoquan naturally had no good thoughts towards Japanese.

As an elite within the scouts, Gaoquan had carried out some special mission before, so he didn’t any fear towards dead people. After doing a simple corpse inspection, he immediately continued walking forward. He faintly heard the sound of people in front, and it seemed like some night bonfire was being held. There were people yelling loudly, and hiddenly, there was even some flickering lights. Since there were people here then it was time to handle some business. As for this chap, since you were willing to dress up as a Japanese, then continue lying down here for a while. After all, dead men won’t mind the cold floor.

There was a chunk of level ground down the hill, and it was a huge camp with tents and campfires. There were a good few hundred people yelling and randomly dancing in the camp, and it seemed like they were filming a movie about some war topic. Looking at both sides of the battle, you could immediately distinguish both sides. One side wore blue, the other wide wore yellow, similar to the army uniforms of Japanese. So that corpse that he just bumped into wasn’t an actor here?

Gaoquan walked in large strides towards the “filming” scene. Now, he didn’t care whether or not he would disturb their filming. Someone died, so the the show should temporarily stop right?

“Where’s the director? Who’s responsible here?”

Gaoquan’s way of thinking was if he yelled like that, then the workers on scene would come and stop him. That way, he could explain that someone died over there. But after a dozen steps or so, Gaoquan stopped. He scene in front of him didn’t seem like a movie film. The yelling and killing sounds were a bit too real right? Gaoquan pinched his nose. Why was the smell of blood even heavier than before? His scalp tightened a bit.

The sound of quick steps rang behind him, and an icy feeling suddenly attacked from behind. The many years of training had some use right now, and with the quickest speed possible with his body, he dashed to the side. With a whoosh, the shiny edge of a blade  slashed near his arm!

Gaoquan stretched his arm and grabbed onto the rifle that stabbed over, leaped sideways, did a textbook prisoner capturing lock, and with a punch he stuck the back of the head of the guy that futilely held a weapon for violence. His movements were very clean, and perfectly displayed the wrestling skills of scouts. The opponent was also very cooperative. Without saying anything he just fell to the ground with a groan.

Gaoquan held onto the rifle, and walked next to the performance scene. Without waiting for him to open his mouth, the tall and big guy who was wearing a blue army uniform already turned around and stared at him. Being looked at by that gaze, Gaoquan’s body quivered, and it was like being stared at by the wild wolves in a zoo which made his heart feel uncomfortable.

“Someone died over there!” Gaoquan loudly yelled to that cool bro.

“I know.” The ominous shine in his eyes instantly disappeared, and after answering indifferently, he turned around and walked in the middle of the battlefield.

This person! Gaoquan’s heart was worried, and he walked over to him with a few steps. He wanted to pull this guy to speak some sense into him, and also to bring him over to the murder scene to take a look. Someone died over there, and the person that died may have been part of their crew. Just now there was even someone holding a real gun to attack him. Because Gaoquan was accomplished in military affairs, with a touch he knew that the gun was a real, old type semi-automatic rifle. Although everyone paid attention to enjoyment to modern movies, but they can’t use the real thing right?


In front, a white-shirted Japanese soldier appeared. He was holding a rifle and stabbing towards the chest. Saying nothing more, the cool bro waved the huge knife in his hands, and slashed horizontally. With a puff, the Japanese soldier’s head rolled on the ground, and the blood squirted out high from his heck. This guy was really killing people!

Gaoquan didn’t even completely recover from that, and from left and right, two more Japanese soldiers rushed out again. One was wearing a yellow uniform, the other was wearing white. The two of them yelled out strangely, and rushed forward while holding on to the rifle. With a fling of his right hand, and with a clear bang, the soldier on the right suddenly stopped his movements along with the sound. After some hesitation, he unwillingly fell onto the side.

The white shirt Japanese on the left already rushed up. Along with the raise of the huge knife in his left hand, the gun in his right hand sounded. The white shirt Japanese staggered, but still put on a attitude of being able to continue fighting. Cool bro was not pleased. Was he doubting his gun skills? He stabbed forward with his huge knife, and quickly retracted it. The Japanese soldier was unable to find a way out of that, and his body twisted, and fell unhappily.

“Yiya!” Along with a shout, another neatly dressed Japanese with both hands clasped into some foolish style rushed towards Gaoquan. Gaoquan raised the bayonet on the rifle, and accurately did a movement with his bayonet. With a bang, he pushed the rifle that was coming towards him to the side, and frowned. This guy didn’t use little strength, and it really seemed that he wanted his life!

“Baka!” The Japanese cursed in a low voice, and he rushed up again. Gaoquan was angered as well. If you were going to attack, then attack. Don’t start cursing people! “Baka! Your whole family are baka!” Gaoquan angrily cursed. He used the bayonet to push his opponent’s rifle aside, and taking advantage of the situation, he waved the butt of his gun and smashed it on the Japanese! With a bang, it solidly pounded on the bones of his shoulder.

The butt of the gun was pure wood, and Gaoquan used full power to slam it down. When it hit the body of the Japanese, Gaoquan could even hear the shattering sounds of the shoulder blade. Everyone on scene was strange, and since he couldn’t figure out what was happening, Gaoquan seeked self-defense which was the most important. At this time, taking care of the enemy who attack him would undoubtedly be the #1 essential factor in defending himself.

“Nice!” The cool bro turned his head around for a word of praise, and he ran over to seize the opportunity and finished off the Japanese who was painfully struggling on the ground. He raised his thumb to Gaoquan, “You’re not bad bro! I am called Wang Dazhu, and I am the temporary 2nd in command for the 29th army. Follow me to kill some Japanese!”

Extra Information

A Scout in the War of Resistance (抗戰偵察兵/抗戰偵察兵 Kang Zhan Zhen Cha Bing) is a web novel by Qian Zhong Cao (千重草). It falls under the category of “Military Affairs” and also under the sub-category of “Unstable Battle History”. It has over 14 million views with over 3 million characters, and it is finished with 1545 chapters.



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