MGA: Chapters 999–1004

Final release you’ll be getting from me! More in the announcement post linked here.

As stated on the announcement post, I’m dropping MGA. So, there’ll be no more updates posts for MGA on this blog here, and it’s now just for various teasers that I’m still planning to do.


10 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 999–1004

  1. Thank you for all your hard work & dedication in translating MGA and sharing with us. You’re an awesome + translator!✨👏 Wish you all the best with Uni. Look forward to other stories you’ll introduce in your blog. Have fun! Fighting!🍀


  2. Been on this Journey of Awesomeness since your live Live Translation at chapter 20 or so. Only Found out now that you stopped cause, well couldnt read that much (thanks School). Still I want to say Thank you for all the hard work you did. Therefore I give you the face you deserve for I recognize Mount Tai. At last I wish you the best for your University.


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