Synopsis Sunday: Returning from the Immortal World

Hey! As I said, a teaser prepared. I might do another one tonight before touching MGA if I can find one that I like.

On that topic, no work done the past few days, so no releases (sadly). I am aiming for a small release on Tuesday and maybe a bigger one on Wednesday, then the rest of the week should be somewhat normal. Trying to get into a consistent habit here but man, it’s difficult to not be lazy xP

Anyhow, here’s the teaser!

ED: I completely reorganized the teaser pages. Made a new index for them, and made all of the previous teasers which are posts into pages, so the URL will look kinda better. However, I can’t transfer the comments so the pages will just be pretty much empty. I deleted nothing though so if you want, you can always google and look back.


4 thoughts on “Synopsis Sunday: Returning from the Immortal World

    1. All Synopsis Sunday teasers are only teasers; I don’t plan on continuing any of them. So, no worries, I am not translating this novel! But do make sure that others haven’t picked this up yet. Do a google or novelupdates search to be certain!


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