Synopsis Sunday: Counterfeit Hero

Damn. This one was a hella long teaser (5k+ characters, MGA is typically at ~2k), and it’s only one chapter. Some of the super-extended long descriptions were a pain to translate too, though in English it looks much funner (you’ll know when you see em). As a result, quite late on releasing this, much later than I expected, though much of that is due to distractions and whatnot . . .

As for MGA, as you’ve probably guessed, have not even started on any of that. Will get to work tomorrow after school.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one. I may do another this week, but that is very uncertain. I’ll see, and if you have any recommendations for a teaser (i.e., untranslated novels of course), just leave a comment and tell me. If it looks interesting, I’ll try to TL it, otherwise, I’ll continue going down the qidian novel ranking list until all is done. Enjoy!

Here to read~


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