Synopsis Sunday: Chronicles of Primordial Wars

Another teaser! Huzzah~ This one is quite lengthy (~6k characters total), but it was quite enjoyable to translate as well (not too difficult terms, fairly fluent sentences, interesting, at least to me, plot) so hope you guys will enjoy too!

Click here~


3 thoughts on “Synopsis Sunday: Chronicles of Primordial Wars

  1. so im totaly hyped up for the next ffew chapters ;D meaning i cannot find ur next release DATE no matter where i Look the only place i havent checked is .. you BRAIN ur right :D so im gonna ask u to provide me with an answer since i dont wanna take a look at your brain in case i damage something which would be a huge loss .. now im thinking im so bored i just write some more useless stuff to write about so yeah.. while im still typing im thinking what to write… yeah nothing comes to mind :/ stillll nothingggggg oh right when does the next volume end =? :D


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