MGA: Chapters 664–667

I might release a Synopsis Sunday later, though not sure if I can finish it in time or not

EDIT: Yeah, no teaser today, maybe next week x)

EDIT 2: Actually, maybe I can make it in time. I’ll try my best, but have no expectations~

EDIT 3: Actually, it seems like the teaser I had planned to do has already been picked up, so imma just read some novel instead


4 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 664–667

    1. hi
      I wanted to suggest some changes in the terms you are using
      i think it is better to use strange and martial king armaments than the ones you are using
      especially the Martial King armament as it is in relation with martial king energy when Imperial have nothing to do with it and is closer to emperor terminology and later we will have Emperor armament as well so keeping the same terminology is better in my opinion especially as it is more intuitive
      I suggest that semi-complete Imperial Armament should be incomplete Martial King armament
      and same for the protector of Misty Peak Mountain as PiaoMao is probably her position not her name(I am not a chinese speaking person and i only read the MT raws but i think it is best to call her Misty Fairy)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hahaha bro, I’m just a reader more … I have no say in that… but thank you for your wish to improve the legibility of the reading.


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