Otherworldly Evil Monarch: Chapter 83

Translated by: LittleShanks
Proofread by: Flowerbridgetoo

TL: Thanks to Flowerbridgetoo, OverTheRanbow, Taffygirl13, and the various other translators who helped me with words I didn’t know.

A note from me (FBT): LittleShanks is not continuing this translation. Again, he is not taking over anything. It is only a one-time thing. You can read more in the comments of this reddit post. There’s already a person starting from scratch, and another continuing from the dropped chapter.

Chapter 83 – Feeling at Ease

The Old Gramps calmly and carefreely threw a small fit of anger. He walked out with his hands placed behind his back. As he walked out the door, his originally smiling face became as grim as still water, and anyone who saw this, without exception, would go quiet out of fear. From the Old Man’s perspective, he feared that it was probably the end for the Third Young Master. Even if he wasn’t a wastrel, then wouldn’t he might as well be? Never had anyone seen the old man’s complexion turn this dark. So dark it was akin to a cauldron.

Tang Yuan had returned home to Grandpa Tang to report about the trip. The Old Gramps was sighing endlessly. Never did he expect, in the Jun Family’s long line of generals and military men, their last successor would be forced go down the path of a civil bureaucrat. Truly lamentable, truly too lamentable!

And as for the affair of Grandfather Jun’s sudden anger, Tang Yuan mumbled, trying to explain, but as expected, Grandpa Tang also got angry. “You dunce! Talking drivel about things you have no knowledge about, for what? Back then, it was that old fart, Li Shang, who had his dantian destroyed by none other than Jun Zhantian with a single punch… Now, get out!”

Tang Yuan hadn’t realised that he was kissing ass so hard, he ended up kissing the actual ass. He then quickly ducked his head, and ran away.

Merely a day had passed, yet knowledge of the Third Young Master’s condition had spread throughout the whole capital.

At some point in the recent past, there was a rumour going around. The rumour that widely spread throughout the capital was that the debauchee Jun Moxie, Young Master Jun, in his own residence, was turning over a new leaf, and was strongly determined to succeed. Every family in the capital had heard about this to some extent. However, for this rumour to actually be true would be a bit too astonishing. Even so, some families started investigating in secret. They had investigated a good deal of Jun Moxie’s past movements. Of course Jun Moxie wasn’t to be feared, granted even if he were to be feared, he was merely a weak, feeble youngster; nothing more. What was terrifying was that the Jun family had produced a successor. If he were to become a brilliant young talent, now that would truly be disastrous.

However, at present, after the “serious and sorrowful” news made its way out, many people immediately breathed a sigh of relief. It even became a source of laughter. A topic people would discuss leisurely while drinking tea: a debauchee young master, suddenly becoming a prodigal son. Turning over a new leaf, and walking the correct path. Then right after deciding to train himself for several days, he completely turned that training into a waste by crippling himself. Prior to making such an effort to change, he could at least cultivate Xuan Qi. However now, he was completely crippled… This… now was there anything in the world that was funnier than this situation, right?

As for the authenticity of this news, there was really no one doubting it this time. Because two sources, were both genuine to an authoritative extent—Jun Moxie’s die-hard buddy Tang Yuan had personally witnessed it, and had spread the news himself!

And, the country’s number one imperial doctor reputed as the “death repelling master”, Fang Huisheng, made the diagnosis himself!

Who would dare to suspect a thing? Anyone who suspected anything would simply be making their lives harder. Of these noble families, which didn’t cherish their lives? Fang Huisheng was equivalent to their life support if they were to suffer illnesses or injuries! To befriend Fang Huisheng, that was tantamount to having a second life! If someone dared to say something like: I feel that Doctor Fang’s words are not trustworthy! I’d fear that kind of person wouldn’t last even half a day, and would quickly be drowned in spit…

In fact, to be capable of fooling Doctor Fang in person, let alone Jun Moxie, even Grandfather Jun himself didn’t have the skills to do so!

“Never did I expect that Jun Moxie would unexpectedly go ahead and end up like this. Doesn’t seem right, huh?” Inside the Minister’s Mansion, Li Youran gazed at the three people across from him. Standing tall, and slightly wrinkling his eyebrows together, he said: “Li Feng, are you completely sure, those words were truly what Doctor Fang spoke?”

“I can completely confirm this!” Came a hoarse voice from outside. Minister Li Shang then staggeringly walked in. Looking at his grandson, Minister Li’s face was quite pleased! Jun Zhantian, you old mule, so what if you are powerful? Your Jun Family is destined to decline, at this point, even Immortals can’t change this. Jun Moxie having to take the path of a Civil Servant, not to mention that he was a good for nothing in the first place. Even if he were a Heaven granted talent, don’t tell me you think we’d give him the opportunity to rise up? You ought to know, the imperial civil body is completely within our grasps!  

Li Youran cracked a smile, saying: “Since Grandfather is so certain, in the Jun family, there’s no longer any threat for us to speak of.”

Li Shang nodded his head, but warned: “Therefore from now on, do not provoke Jun Zhantian!  Otherwise that old thing, really will start killing people!” With that, he warningly gave Li Youran a look.

Li Youran had been slapped in the face by Jun Zhantian in front of everyone, and then kicked. Minister Li already knew his own grandson could endure, but he also knew that Li Youran had a vengeful nature. Although he wouldn’t show it on his face, in his heart, he definitely wouldn’t simply let this matter drop. If the opportunity were to arise, he would definitely come for revenge! So right now Li Shang’s advice to Li Youran, was that he should perish any thoughts of revenge!

After all, the current Jun Zhantian, at a glance in the whole country, he was a person who no one could afford to provoke. He was already a half-crazed old lion! Especially now when he’s under the Emperor’s protection—a further reason to absolutely not provoke him. In addition, Jun Zhantian revealed his hidden strength in his fury last night. It truly shocked everyone! To confront that strength, it didn’t matter which family it was, if they were to directly go up against it, they’d all be so miserably beaten that there’d be no words to describe it! If it were to be a family with weaker strength, it wouldn’t even have remotely been a hard affair for Jun Zhantian to completely exterminate them!

Li Youran squinted his eyes, and said with a smile: “Grandfather, rest assured. Unwise things such as those, Grandson will definitely not engage in. However as for Jun Moxie, to occasionally play around with him would be no great matter, yes? A person who just lost their cultivation, they would inevitably intoxicate themselves with wine and women. As for the affairs of the younger generation, I presume Grandfather, and Old Man Jun, wouldn’t care too much about it.”

Li Shang smiled, and said: “It’s fine as long as you don’t go too far.”

The four grandsons promised in unison.

Inside the Imperial Palace, the Emperor reclined on his throne, with a cushion to his back, and he slightly squinted his eyes. He had a calm expression on his face. Fang Huisheng respectfully stood across from him, lowering his head in obedience.

“So… that Jun Moxie truly became a cripple… hmm?” The Emperor finally asked such a question after a good while.

“Yes. According to this subject’s diagnosis, it is certainly not false!” Fang Huisheng said with confidence. He habitually stroked his beard, and said: “Jun Moxie was always unruly by nature, and has gotten used to running amok of things. If at this point, he could truly become honest, and well behaved, it could be considered a blessing for the country’s people.”

“A blessing for the people, yes? Hahaha…” The Emperor lightly chuckled a few times, and closed his eyes.

“This old minister will take his leave.” Fang Huisheng in response gestured in salute, and excused himself.

After his exit, His Majesty’s mouth exposed a hidden smile. He then laughed pleasantly, and was feeling quite at ease…

Right now Grandfather Jun basically had three months of vacation. From an outside perspective, it seemed he had a huge change in temperament. After the affair, he seemed to be widely disheartened. A series of events occurred that left people feeling baffled. Even His Majesty had sent a messenger to express his sympathies once.

For example:

Old Man Jun had walked out the door, to abruptly become angry, and start yelling: “When the hell were there so many trees? Let this Old Man have them completely cut down! The weather is turning cold, I can’t even see the sun anymore! What is this shit!?!

As a consequence, there was not a single blade of grass in an area of five miles surrounding the Jun Household! The land was completely barren.

In addition, Grandfather Jun looked at a wall, and once again became furious: “This wall is so short, couldn’t any random thief just walk in unobstructed? Let this Old Man have it be raised higher!” Thereafter, the originally 6 meter tall wall had grown two times taller overnight. Furthermore, who knew where these ideas had come from. The old man gave orders to have the wall completely topped off with a meter and a half of densely packed thorny undergrowth. This time truly, not even a bird would have the courage to perch on top of it…

Then again, Grandfather Jun seemed to be looking at his wastrel grandson more and more unfavourably, or perhaps he felt it was about time to carry out some construction. Unexpectedly in his own courtyard, he separated it into two smaller courtyards, with two equally tall walls enclosing them, and then locking Jun Moxie inside one. As for the other adjacent courtyard, the left side belonged to Jun Wuyi. As for the right side, it belonged to Guan Qinghan.

These two courtyards, those areas were truly needless—fully occupying one half of the Jun Residence. As for the other half, Grandfather Jun lived there alone. From time to time, there would be sounds of things being smashed, and thrown. So, the rest of the Jun Family residence would keep quiet out of fear, not even daring to speak too loudly while walking and chatting together.


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