MGA: Chapters 495 – 500

Phew finally done


10 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 495 – 500

  1. Ooh thanks and congrats!

    I’d hope you could reconsider the name for 残夜魔宗 though, I think Night Destroying/Ruining/Crippling Demon Sect would sound much better, the current one makes them out as being crippled…


  2. Wow, you’re plowing through those! Please make sure you take a rest once in a while, we don’t want you to burn out after all. RL > Internet fame!


      1. thats right :D

        what does it mean well Ill leave that to your Imagination!!!


        btw: Story is getting good again seems like a power up is coming along the way or am i wrong ?


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