MGA: Chapters 471, 472

Ahh the weekend has come


23 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 471, 472

    1. Haha horos, i know your patience has reached the limit.
      Just read some other web novel in the mean time
      The New Gate
      douluo dalu

      i know i’m probably annoy you, but that isn’t what i try to be
      I just read other things while waiting for new chapters, so i hope my rant is usefull to you

      And fbt, thank you for the hard work and take your time, because everyone deserrves (lol did i typed that right? My english grammar is horrible thanks to the fact that i’m dutch and english grammar isn’t really my forte) some time off, so i hope you enjoy your lazy days haha


      1. Dear Nelus4blood if i had anything left to read i would not be here!!!!! WRITING like a little girl whining like a little boy whos toys got taken away :( IF I HAD ANYTHING LEFT TO READ I WOULD BE READING!!!! ARGHHHHH FLOWER READ THAT DAMN IT!! :D

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        1. Then could you guys recomend me sone novels?
          I’m curently reading arifureta becuase i’ve got nothing left to read (that shit is so funny haha)
          And i’ve just got my daily dose of new chapters from wuxia world, so besides arifureta, i’ve got nothing left to read.

          And One Broken Star, you’ve just got yourself a memorial day in my phone agenda
          ‘The day that the late One Broken Star a.k.a. leecher #132.037 died from a chapter underdose!’
          Rest in peace dude, i’ll remember you when i read every new chapter of mga😢

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            1. I haven’t , thank you horos.
              I’ve added it to my favourits.
              Do you have any more recommandations?
              (I’m a reading addict, and reading lightnovels or webnovels on my phone or tablet is what i’m doing when i’m not at work lately haha)
              so having more to read is a big blessing.


                  1. Poor Soul not any of them if u can do than in a month i will be really impressed!!!! Hell i would love if i havent read any of those i could read them all over again NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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                    1. It isn’t something to beimpressed about, really.
                      I only need 3 days to finnish a book with 1184 pages while working 9 hours at 2 of those 3 days.
                      well, it’s normal for a guy with autism with a reading addiction haha



            This site has a list that updates what sites have released a chapter!

            For example releases CSG or other novels then they will be in the list (and it tells how many hours a go was it released!)


  1. maybe too many links O.O i hate that when i write something and it doesnt get posted but when i try again it says its already there :/ duplicate anybody got a solution for that :(


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