MGA: Chapters 458 – 467

More to come later if all goes well~


8 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 458 – 467

  1. Thanks for your hard work!
    And don’t worry about time,
    we’re still gratefull for your time uou put in to translating MGA
    So it doesn’t matter if we must wait for some chapters for days.
    Because your studies and rl goes before translating
    (Not that some people will agree with me on this one, but that’s life, which sucks most of the time😒)
    So again, thanls for your hard work ^-^


  2. Dear Flower!

    its been some time since i wrote you so i decided now is a good time! :)

    I wish u had many happy days while i didnt write you but now this happy time will be over :)

    so here to the main point!


    I hope u enjoyed that and i will be writing again!! :)

    Sincere your HOROS


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