MGA: Chapters 396, 397

Much homework :(


9 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 396, 397

  1. Hi. I am want to tell that this is make me happy. And it scare me you is put chapters out at very fast. I is greatful and say thank you because i feel it make me good inside. Much thank you again, I is hope for long time continue but no feel burn up and hate translate do this in future.


  2. When you’re posting chapters straight to the index, will you still be posting links here so that WP will notify us?

    Also, thanks for all the chapters so far :)
    (and feel free to slow down, 14 chapters a week is a bit much during school unless you have a light class load and no work or extracurricular obligations.)


  3. u know im waiting and you totally need to add a clock here based on your time zone :/
    im looking at my clock every 5 minutes and and and it GETS WORSE cause hell i aint no idea When 8 pm hits me here!!! UR TORTURING MEEE and btw how many chapter u got planned for today ??? D:


  4. though my time stamp here says 4:54 pm does that mean still 3 hours from now :/ or is this clock just trying to anger me and wants me to hit it!!!


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