MGA: Chapters 323 – 329



8 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 323 – 329

  1. Kinda been holding it in for nearly 300 chapters now, but I have to say it. The word “spiritist” bugs me. Shouldn’t it be Spiritualist?

    Secondly. I find (white, grey, blue etc)”cloak” to be… odd. Maybe because of other stories and such influence me too much, but I feel it should be robe.

    Finally… Thanks for all these chapters :D


    1. Yeah I’ve thought about the “spiritist” thing, but after some researching, and perhaps it’s only me, but I can’t figure out the difference. So, I just stuck with what I join at first and didn’t bother changing it.

      And for the second thing, the reason why I took cloak instead of robe was because cloak kinda “implies” a hoodie whereas robe doesn’t, and the World Spiritist/Spiritualist clothing do have hoodies so I took cloak.


        1. No problem, but just out of curiosity, do you prefer “spiritualist” over “spiritist” because it sounds better, or because you know the difference between the two, and perhaps I’m using it wrong?


          1. Well. Sounds better is one reason. Another is while reading, distinguishing “spirits” and spiritists” is something that sometimes trips me up.

            I think spiritualist is a better word for the same thing. (I am unaware if there is a difference, but don’t think there is) (also. my spell check doesn’t like the word spiritist either lol)

            Anyway. Usually I am fine with whatever choice is made and happily accept it. Just in this case all these things happen to be frequently occuring and all within the same title, so it really sticks out at me.

            I do have a couple other questions, but they would involve spoilers, so I won’t mention them here at least.
            Thanks again for translating this series. I really enjoy it :)


  2. I can’t understand how Jiang Hengyuan still hasn’t noticed that Qin Yu is the Divine Lightning Body after having come in direct contact with him so many times. And seeing how the Grey Cloak World Spiritist girl from the White Tiger tomb also has a Divine Body is very interesting to me considering how special the existence of a Divine Body seems to be. Can’t wait til I find out *-*


  3. See how nice it is when you don’t cliffhanger us? You’ve already gotten us used to clumps of releases, so there’s no need for a timed race schedule.

    It’s like watching a tv show episode, you don’t stop broadcasting in the middle because you’ll have a bunch of raging monkeys yelling at you.


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