MGA: Chapters 308 – 313

Finally done! Yeah~


3 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 308 – 313

  1. If the master of the mansion really was from the Lin family, then Fengyang would never have been allowed to trample all over the Lins. I really wish this author would take the time to plan ahead instead of just continuously playing it by ear.

    I wonder why Chu Feng didn’t plant a bomb type spirit formation in the son and then throw him at the ground. If he had, then Lin Moli would have chased after the kid and got caught up in the explosion. The psychological shock from that would have been much much greater and might have bought him a lot more time.

    Also, why didn’t he just place a spirit formation over the mansion and the Lingyun school and hold them hostage too? Assuming that he could remotely control them and crush both locations, it should be fairly easy to force them to let him go. Heck, he could even just put one on the mansion on his way to the execution grounds and pretend he put one up on the school. Yan Yangtian would have no way of confirming. Unless he’s worried about the Qi clan? But they’ve probably all fled, died or been imprisoned, so as long as he’s careful not to destroy the prison/dungeon area, it should be fine.


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