MGA: Chapters 283, 284, 285

Here we go again


10 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 283, 284, 285

  1. I often wonder what logic, if any, the author uses to justify Chu Feng’s strength in his own mind. Every objective measure this world holds seems to state clearly that what he’s doing is impossible but the author just hand waves it as “battle power” with no explanation of where its coming from or how it works or why Chu Feng has so much of it. I mean sure, he has a super strong body, but what does that have to do with using a wet noodle to win a fencing competition? (metaphorically speaking) Its not like he’s punching them to death or anything. Its always head-on collisions of his weak-ass mystical power versus their super-awesome mystical power that he somehow manages to win without trying.


    1. i think your reading the wrong kind of novel here with ur statement :/ if he can turn himself into a turtle who cares its an unreal story :/ still awesome


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