MGA: Chapter 279 – 282

These will be quite controversial chapters


12 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 279 – 282

  1. There’s no excuse for rape. Not even when trying to avenge yourself for attempted rape. Crippling their cultivation would have been more than enough punishment, and would also have been far less likely to result in the creation of an eternal enemy capable of exacting revenge.


    1. No, in his mind he forced her to be his wife and shunned the other one, she would have then become his wife in his eyes, and continued living.. as his wife, just like Su-rue …
      Destroying their cultivation is just too cruel in my opinion, that would’ve made their efforts till then meaningless and he would have subjected them to a life of pain and humiliation also he would have automatically earned the hatred of the Jade School.
      All that girl had to do was tell him she couldn’t have sex and that was why she couldn’t marry him, he might have been even to help her out by marrying and never touching her but NOOOO, she had to do all that


      1. She actually did tell him that, and he agreed to not go through with the wedding. It was only after that that she helped her friend try to rape him. Such a crime deserves very severe punishment, which will engender hatred, therefore, smashing her cultivation is the only way to both punish her severely and still be sure that she won’t be able to come after him for revenge herself, short of killing her. Considering the school’s reaction to him raping her, I doubt they would have done anything about him destroying her cultivation. Though, even if they wanted to do something to him, he’s got enough backing to crush the school and they know it.


  2. True, but I meant from the start before they even left the Jade School, she should have said something instead of doing what she did


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