MGA: Chapters 273, 274, 275

A release that’s exactly on time :O


10 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 273, 274, 275

  1. I was totally expecting his new wife candidate to be that Grey-cloak from White-Tiger Villa.

    If the author really wants to keep introducing people at the 8th rank and above, he should just take the story out of the Azure Province. It just feels like a massive plot hole when he does it within the AP.


    1. Yah me 2, I also wanted him to just not associate with the female school at all. I Mean if they are gonna be rude like that, the Chu Feng should have been rude too.


      1. He was rude though. Leering at all of them openly clearly offended them, he knew it would, he did it anyway. In fact, he was even more aggressive about it after they complained. Honestly, he’s a bit of an a**hole.


        1. lol we are reading about an asshole anyway, so might as well go all the way right xD. Also you earlier point about the girl being the one in the secret dungeon, i was thinking the same thing, but there was no mention of her having spirit power so I didn’t think about it too much haha


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