MGA: Chapters 251 – 264

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27 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 251 – 264

        1. Truthfully, I’m outraged. You said it was for tea, yet you just blatantly told the world that it is not so. YOU REFUSED TO FIVE ME FACE. SHAMELESS! KOWTOW AND CASTRATE YOURSELF OR I’LL SEND YOUR CHICKENS INTO THE HEN HOUSE OF THE QILIN MANSIONS THOUSAND… my arms ache -insert face loss random shouting-


            1. Ah, but you never read the T&C of paypal. Do you know how much jargon is in there? I spent an hour reading the first 90 pages and I understood about 1/9th of a single page :/


  1. I have a problem. Why cant i access wuxia world ? Its been 3 days. Pls help :O i really need to read mga and cd now D:


      1. I use mobile device not pc. I tried 2 browsers but still cant get access to the website. And no error message. It loads half of the loading time then it stays there, loading…


        1. or better yet, have your checked your connection speed? Half loading sounds like it has been timed out by browser. Also sometimes the network chip memory is clogged making it is slow no matter what, try to restart your mobile device.


          1. Nope. Only wuxiaworld gets that half loading time and the other sites are working very fine. I tried to use my neighbors pc and still cant get access to wuxiaworld. Maybe they blocked our ip or something ?


  2. Thanks for the chapter deluge :)

    The majority of that army is in the origin realm, very few at low levels of the profound realm. The audience is almost entirely comprised of people in the profound realm, many of them in the middle tiers. Why would they fear the army? How could they not slaughter that army with minimal casualties? The only one they had to fear was Lin Ran, but in the state that he was in, they could have, at the very least, managed mutual annhilation.

    Also, if the backbone of the most powerful clan is all rank 7 and rank 7 is all it takes to make a school first rate, then I must ask again, why was that rank 8 disciple still a disciple and not an elder or the head of his own school?


  3. Nnnuuuooooohh!!! Damn Author! This is clearly a cruel and tyrranical yet the most brilliant cliffhanger so far!! Gawddammit, I already feel the symptoms of withdrawal already! ヽ(`Д´)ノ *goes crazy*

    Gonna have to replace binge reading w/ binge eating for awhile… Thanks for the apocalyptic tsunami, FBT. *runs off to buy lots of ice cream*


  4. Are you still alive flower ? If you are when will I jump from the cliff and master the profound laws of sucking … xD


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