MGA: Chapters 220 – 236

I’m going to go back to sleep


21 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 220 – 236

  1. Like seriously? I was never going to bother even hoping for another tsunami ever again. Thank you so much for the chapters! Enjoy your rest!


  2. thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fbt is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \O/
    respect for the author and translator to deliver the daily dose of awesomeness to the world! ;)


  3. I told you… FBT is the second overlord… in presented time, FBT going to supassed the first overlord, Overlord Ren.. anyways, thanks for the second wave of tsunami chapter, Overlord FBT. *Salute~~*


  4. Thanks for all the chapters :D

    So, the #1 of the younger generation is at the 8th level of the profound realm, and the man recognized as a monster Lin Ran is also at the 8th level of the profound realm (unless that was a typo and he’s at the 9th). Isn’t there something wrong with that? Shouldn’t that kid be an elder by now? Why aren’t there more Heaven Realm experts in this province if he’s their standard of excellence? Especially when they definitely have enough Profound Medicines to allow peak experts to breakthrough more easily?

    Anyone else botherd by the MC killing and eating sentient beings all the time? Assuming that the profound medicines are sentient of course.

    Why did he feel the need to do that to that guy? He’d done nothing to the MC and this guarntees that they’ll be lifelong enemies. Wasn’t he trying to make friends? Or does he only want weak, useless friends like the pockmarked kid who’s so unimportant that he’s never even given a name?

    Why is Eggy still at the the 1st level? Hasn’t he been absorbign people left and right?


  5. Im really thankful to you. I love the feeling of reading, reading and more reading as the story gets more and more interesting ^^. But please take care of your health! No matter how great it is for us to have this many chapters to read, its not worth if you exaust yourself in the process ;)
    Thanks for all your hardwork!


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