MGA: Chapter 237

Other chapters come tomorrow


5 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 237

  1. Thanks for the chapter. I thought the new schedule was already in effect. So I kinda thought I wouldn’t get a chapter yesterday. :)
    Glad to see you’re taking the weekends off, now I just have to try and pace myself Friday-Sunday rather than staying up late binge reading all your releases in one go (which I did last night). <3


  2. “other than his father Chu Yuan, it would be Chu Guyu. They were the two persons that Chu Feng felt any family feelings from.”

    He seems to have forgotten about the girl in his family that he treated like his sister.

    Why would Chu Guyu be afraid of someone in the first level of the Origin realm attacking his brother? He’s seen his brother slaughter groups of them before. He should know that they are no threat to him. Unless this guy has much stronger backing or something?


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