MGA: World-wide flooding – 172 – 200

Enjoy~ :D

Pastebin for chap 172


31 thoughts on “MGA: World-wide flooding – 172 – 200

  1. thanks for the chapters!
    out of boredom, I read some of the early chapter, I think i spot a typo on chapter 67 (near the end of the chapter):
    “From his family, he had some connections with elder Wang. That was why he could step onto the stage. But he never would have thought that Chu Feng would know the manger of the Martial Skill Building.”

    i think it manager instead of manger



    lol do you think you could hold off the extra chapters from now on? Honestly i just spent the whole morning reading those 28 chapters… i’d much rather this.. wait a few weeks, and then release like 20-30 chapters altogether….

    it was like i was on a high going from one chapter to the next :) lol … i mean seriously… like when u release just a few extra chapters, it’s like “woot i’m pumped up”… but it’s like only a few… then u have to wait til the next day for the next chapter, and it’s like u’ve come off the high… but man…. that was a whole morning of excitement reading each chapter more exciting than the last :)


    LOL… I seriously holpe u’d consider holding off releasing extra chapters for a few weeks and then BANG!!!


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