MGA: Chapters 159, 160

Cliffhangers galore


11 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 159, 160

  1. you can just copy/paste all chapters into one gigantic word file and use the “search and replace all” function for the changes to make it faster, no?
    anyway thanks for the chapters.


    1. I am both replacing the names (already did that for most of them) and also editing the past chapters for errors since those were the times that I lacked a bit of experience, so I’m just looking back at them and changing them for the better :p


  2. thanks for changing words. but more importantly please translate more, i know it’s asking more of you but once a series started it should be ended soon. otherwise some might loose interest


    1. Do realize that this novel is over 1900 chapters and it is still ongoing, with the author writing one – multiple chapters per day, so it’ll take quite a while before it can be finished, however, I’ll try to translate more during the summer

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