MGA: Chapters 131 – 137



21 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 131 – 137

  1. This makes me think that there will be 9 levels of power (Spirit, Origin, Profound, etc) before he merges completely with the Godly Lightning and unlocks whatever powers he should have had that his parents likely sealed to protect him from people that would want to kill him in his cradle.

    Looking forward to him trouncing the bandits, though it doesn’t seem like he’ll profit much from it since a single Spiritual Bead was such a big deal to them.


  2. I don’t want to sign up for Wuxia world, so can someone do me a favour and tell the translator that Qing *is* green in Chinese, it is only in Japanese that the letter for Blue is the Chinese letter for Green? So it may be that he is correct.


    1. No worries, I read the comments here as well. Yes, I know “Qing” is green in Chinese, but it can also mean blue it seems (I have a Chinese dictionary next to me). I’m doing some more research to see which is more correct, and I think I will also make a poll tomorrow to see the general consensus.


      1. What was the word used? I’m more “familiar” with Lan (藍)/blue while Qing (青) is green. But then I always had a pattern recognition problem with Chinese.


          1. I’m still facepalming about the traffic light power detection system the school had. :)

            Green-Yellow-Red. Black is when the traffic light is broken. lol


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