MGA: Chapters 112 – 114



25 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 112 – 114

    1. You have to manually put the 113 in the link from then on the next chapter link should work. Only works on chapter 112 not


  1. Thank you for the releases. But now I have a question. Some of us(random leechers) were talking about your cooperation with WuxiaWorld yesterday, and while I felt it was a good thing, many of them felt that it was not such a great thing for you or your site. The main argument was that having MGA on WW was benefiting Ren and his site in terms of traffic and revenue, more than it did you. So what exactly are the benefits of you hosting there? I’m not expecting exact figures if that is an issue. Just trying to figure out the facts of the matter.


    1. A fair part of the revenue is shared with me, if that’s all you’re worried about, but naturally, there are other reasons:

      Well, I suppose it’s a personal preference, but I enjoy having a larger collection of novels on a single website rather than it being spread out, so that was one of the reasons why I joined.

      Also, to be honest, the matter about the ads wasn’t the most affecting point since I can get a bit of revenue from ads on WW, but I can also get ads for my own website (just need a while).

      As for the traffic, well, I don’t really care too much about that as long as the chapter can be read, since that’s what me translating is for. If posting it on WW can potentially get more viewers, then why not right?

      As for the other issues, such as WW being down, I don’t think there’s many problems with that now, however, if there is, I’ll post it on my website as well or something.

      If you have any more questions, just slam them right up~


      1. Most of that seemed to be the same points I made talking to them. The only thing I didn’t consider was him sharing ad revenue. Regardless, I appreciate the answer. I know you had no reason to explain yourself. Here’s hoping WW will get more novels, because I agree, turning it into a quality aggregate site would be nice, even if it never breaks more than 30 novels. It just makes it easier to find everything, and I imagine the help provided by the community with all of you working in related genres helps.


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